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Poll Position: Jumping backwards

The Gators -- following Saturday's 21-16 foot-shooting upset loss to Miami -- plummeted in the polls Sunday. 

Florida dropped six spots to No. 18 in the latest AP Top 25 poll, while UF tumbled to No. 20 -- from No. 9 -- in the USA Today Coaches poll.  

Meanwhile, Miami is ranked for the first time in the Al Golden era, coming in a No. 15 in the AP poll. The 'Canes slide rank No. 20 in the coaches poll.  

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Shall I get a nice block of cheese for you Gator fans? Think it will go well with all your whine today.

I want an apology from gatorlum and jls17 whatever. Im waiting. I told you our oline sucked. We let their 117 th defense get to Driskel all day. They had him rattled from the second series. We still dont know what ball protection means. Do u now agree that pease has to go? We scored 1/3 the points against them than Duke did. DUKE! Our offense sucks and it starts at the top. We should have never let Brisset go. I said the same about Newton and that was our downfall. What is the use of getting all these recruits if our coaches cant coach. I will be looking for that apology

U STILL LOST NO MATTER WHAT WAY U SPIN IT. Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha. Espn gators is what u are. Lmao. This just goes to prove defense doesn't win championships! Cause y'all sure ain't pointin'at Miami's D. Funny as heck. My gator friends won't even answer their phone.lmao

Looked more like a defensive beatdown to me. Foot shooting,LOL! Miamis D is who shot that O in the foot. They shot better than Hernandez. Miami's D is better than ufelons o , period. Accept it. Quit watchin ESPNSEC and watch the replay of the game. I did. Those were UM takeaways and not ufelon giveaways! Sec was exposed and next year thy will go to a 9 game schedule to cover their tracks. They say they cant play big ooc games but they add more suspossed tough sec games. Keep it in house and noone knows the facts ,right! I have a guy starting an online petition to send to the state to have UM play every year. If you are so tough U will sign too! Loosers!

Day two and we still feel the pain emanating from gator county. Feels good! Keeps it warm along the coast. Got two middle fingers in public for wearing a CANE shirt.lol. Walmart has a halfprice sale on gator junk....i mean stuff,lmao. And u can get a job while U are there. It pays more than those government checks U trailer donkey's get! Loosers!

Jesse, still cant admit the U owns the gator. Wins the last 7 of 8 games says THE U owns the gator! Miami took what was theirs and send you necks back to the worlds largest trailer park


Where is my apology !? Jls and gatorlummy? I told you guys. Our offensive talent isnt there. How did they get to driskel so many times with the 117 th ranked defense? Our oline sucks ,thats how! Why do you not show up, i thought you were fans! If toledo got to driskel that many times i knew miami would too and you guys said i was crazy. Apologize now!

So after all the BS, all the "we sell-out," all the (ALLEGED) 5-stars, all the "rented stadium," "Can't wait till Sep. 7 to shut you up, it has come down to this.


Not a word from our favorite effeminate BMW 3-series driving jlo. What happened, jlo? Cat got your tiny ballsack?

You are what I have said you are all along: a coward and a maggot.

Begin the excuses and cheering for the NCAA to penalize Miami. You know you have sunk to a level lower than Gatr Trash when you are on the side of the NCAA.

BWWWWAHAAHAHAHAHA. Canes own you lil' Gatr b*tches.

Gooooo, NCAA.... This is what a sore loser who has to spend 7 years of undergrad in the toxic waste dump in Alachua County says.

Jlo, you feel me?

swamp troll stop asking for apologies everyone that is rational knows that the Gators are loaded with talent of both sides of the ball. Driskel is the answer, he is the one who lost the game. The o line play may not have been great but it was good enough for a win.
Miami Moron of the many different names, the 5 star kids played well especially on D, Driskel stunk it up though.
You do play in a rent a stadium and it was sold out thanks to us, that is still true.
I have not seen anyone here cheering for the NCAA to punish you fools, you are still delusional even after your gift victory.
Move on fools.

Awwwww, lil fem maggot. Blame one player? How cavalier of you. Maybe one of your 8 "First-round NFL DB's" should have covered Waters or Dorsett.

Maybe, your All-universe RB should not have coughed the ball up.

"Loaded" teams do not lose to ALLEGED inferior competition in huge games. You are not loaded. It is your ridiculously arrogant perception. UL - LAff had you last year. Some one else will again.

Blame Driskel? Typical loser maggot Gatr fan.

I recall, however, that you thought he was the best QB in the nation. Just like you though Brantley was.

Until you turn on your own. It truly is great, to be ,a FloriDUH Gatr Trash.

Now, take your Gatr plate off your fem 3-series Beemer you maggot.

The only positive you can take from this loss is that it was out of conference and early. Hopefully it will be a wake up call for Pease, Driskel and the offense that they need to get much better. If Driskel doesn't show marked improvement in the next few games then we should think of working someone else in at QB.
This must come from Muschamp, not sure why he singled out the defense in the post game comments when it is obvious to all that the offense , or lack of, is what lost this game and in particular the play of the QB.

Hurricanes D played SEC-type defense and the Gatr offense couldn't handle it. You gave nothing away. The Canes took it.

If you insist on that "gave it away" nonsense, I want the same logic applied to every game the Gatr Trash played where the opponent turned the ball over more than once.

Not sure the Gatr Trash wants to do that. Gatr maggots lost. All the talk; all the BS and what?

Driskel lost the game????????

I thought the Gators were going to run the ball down Miami's throat? Who's fault is it that UM's defense stuffed the run and forced them into third and long?

UF knew Driskell was terrible, their game plan WAS NOT to have him throwing the ball.

He HAD to throw it because MIAMI shut down the Gators running game.

Driskel didn't lose that game, MIAMI beat Florida.

Reality, you shouldn't use facts with jlo, he of the orange and blue panties.

He is not man enough to admit the Gatrs were beat at their own game. I wonder if the Gatrs had pulled out a victory if he would have said, "aww, Gatrs didn't deserve it because of their 5 turnovers."

Of course he wouldn't. He is a coward.

Jls, still waiting. I know you there. I told you guys our offensive line was terrible. Miami won that game. They beat our run with their D and they kept getting to driskel on passing plays. If our oline was better we would have had a chance. Pease cannot recruit or coach up. These players are pumped up with stars and they think stars win games. Miami proved them wrong. Apologize bandwagoner!

Momma said gators is so honoury because they gots all them teeth and no toothbrush.

Giveaways= botched snap, muffed punt, bad handoff exchange, etc.

Takeaway= fumble caused by a hard hit, interceptions!

How many giveaways did you turds have?....That's what I thought, zero!!!! So don't say you gave us that game, we physically destroyed you guys. I told you Perryman is better than all 3 of your linebackers put together. I said this 2 weeks ago, that he will be the 2nd best linebacker in history to come out of the U....you all know who #1 is!!!!

any Gatr maggots out there have spare ones?

My mullet is matted and dry with tears.

Bottom line....our defense played lights out. I was actually IMPRESSED with your offense to be honest. Your QB made some great throws....unfortunately the turnovers were costly. The two picks were us jumping routes.....the fumbles were caused by us hitting your guys and forcing the fumbles. The sack fumble was icing on the cake.

I think the "Coach O No" jokes can come to an end at this point.

2008 was so long ago you're now irrelevant.

Sucks to be U-Fucs.

Even if you take away those interceptions, there is no way you guys are scoring touchdowns. Both of those int. were in 3rd and long situations.

Score should of ended 21-9....the holding call that took away the 20 yard rush for a first down was BS!!!

Denzel Perryman makes my shorts tight.


Jlo the loser cowardly maggot.

LOOSERS! Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha sorry about the spelling but thats how gators spell losers.

Even if you take away those interceptions, there is no way you guys are scoring touchdowns. Both of those int. were in 3rd and long situations.

Then it would have been a 22 - 21 Gator victory. Throw in the stupid 4th down failed conversion, the Driskel fumble inside his own 5 that led to a TD and so on, a different game.
The commonality here is Driskel's bad play and bad decision making, yes I can say comfortably this loss is on Driskel and is a gift to you.
You want to say your defense played "lights out" and that now you have an SEC type defense, go ahead and fool yourselves
I am still waiting for just one intelligent cane fan who wants to discuss the game. I will not respond to the typical Miami Morons any more, time to move on.

Jls14234 you are running scared and making excuses as I said you would. You are exactly who I thought you were, a gutless, PC tough guy. No one cares about your thoughts because they are so delUsional that they only make sense to you. Now stop projecting and go to your room for the evening and no dinner!

Let me make sure I got this right. Since 2000, Miami has won the last 5 of 6 contests. With that track record, I don't blame UF for running for the hills rather than consistently play UM.

So Gator fan says that if UF had played better and not shot themselves in the foot they would have won. Never mind the fact that if Miami had played better and not shot themselves in the foot they would have really throttled UF.

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