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Poll Position: A slow climb

Florida cruised to a 24-6 victory over Kentucky in Lexington on Saturday and was rewarded with a slight bump in one national poll. 

The Gators (3-1, 2-0 SEC) jumped two spots in the Associated Press top 25 and now sit at No. 18. 

However, Florida remained ranked at No. 19 in the USA Today coaches poll

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Western Kentucky scored more on Kentucky than Ufelony did,lol. U call that cruising to a victory?!!!

Sounds like the coaches know more than the AP. I bet UCF could beat the gators. Did U see them manhandle s carolina? Tough sec schedule,huh? Lmao at overrated!

Jesse, can U write an article on how the sec has been doing against ooc div l schools? W vs l and how well teams like ucf played? Sec cant even cover the spread in the games they barley win!

Y'all are gonna have to start chanting " sec,ACC,AAC". Maybe even throw in a " pac 12"?

The gators may only have to chant ACC if FSU and famous Jameis beat them down.

Good win, impressive performance from Murphy, who continues to impress and clearly playing better tan most of Gator staff likely thought he was capable of doing.

This looks set to be a wild year in college football, just keep right on, Florida. It'll work out.

Impressive performance from Murphy? Dude, they played frickin Kentucky! LMAO

Arkansas is up next... yet another pushover. They scored less on ta&m than Rice.lol. Ucf had s carolina on the ropes in the fourth quater. Thought the seceasy was tough?

I tell you, Murph looks 100% better than Driskel ever did. One game at a time, Murph getting more experience, Jone coming back from his illness, the O line finally having all the starters playing together and the D hasn't missed a beat. It all looks very good for the Gators going forward.
All we need is to clean up the kicking game.
We continue the long road to Atlanta, let's go get them hogs next.
Go Gators!!

Jesse, 24-7. 24-6 was the Toledo score. Same deal, feel free to remove this comment.

Five Titles you forgot to change your ID to Gator Logic for this post. Hard to keep track when you post under so many different aliases hey? Just like sid the Moron cane, two of a kind.

Wow, you cracked the code, jls. I decided that since the Gator Logic ID was no longer needed, I could go to my regular ID, and make it clear that it was me.

For the record, I didn't post ANY taunting or bragging here after the game, despite your lies that I did. Jesse can back that claim up.

Bye Jesse, I see that jls has the attack dog mentality intact even after the Gator's loss.

Jesse, Matt Jones carried the load. He stepped his game up. Much respect to him. Tyler Murphy was outstanding, all things considered. We're a different team with him under center. He's no Heisman candidate, but he makes all the difference in the world in our (once) lethargic offense. When was the last time we had 21 points in the first half? Plus, our offense is CONSTANTLY on the field, exhausting the opponent's defense and keeping the opponent's offense out of rhythm. We are a championship caliber team. We have the best defense in the country, and a decent offense now as well. Trey Burton and Quinton Dunbar also shouldered the load, as did Dante Fowler and Ronald Powell. But that Dunbar tackle on Matt Jones was embarassing, this one week after Dominique Easley tackled Jerome Cunningham. C'mon guys. Get it together.

Sidcane, I shall address you this one time. Dude, you live in Orlando or Jacksonville or somewhere in between. You are obviously not from South Florida. Perhaps "UM" represents a fantasy to you... some tough guy / outlaw persona you want to exude. Maybe "Miami" seems more exotic and tough a locale than wherever you grew up. Perhaps you hate where you're from.
I was born and bred in Miami, Hialeah to be exact. In fact, I live in Hialeah. I'm as Miami as they come. Nevertheless, all of your trailer trash comments are absurd, as Miami is full of Gator alumni... alumni who are from the 305. The reason you hate the Gators so much is because you probably are surrounded by them. I can understand that. But you seem to be somewhat of a misanthrope. I laugh at some of your posts (the jorts, the professor with the pen camera, etc.). You're obviously an intelligent guy with a lot of passion for college football. Nevertheless, it can't be healthy to post dozens of times per day on a Gator blog, and you obviously keep up with the Gators. Dude, for your own health, give it a rest. I understand you razzing the Gators. Smack talk is what makes college football rivalries so much fun. I laugh at some of your posts, but dude, the quantity of your posts are disturbing. Seriously, try posting every other day or something. Man. Is Gator Nation really that important to you? I don't hate UM. I respect the Canes. Many of my friends are Canes, and we enjoyed the UF-UM game together. You guys beat us. It's over. Enjoy your victory and move on, dude. I'm no psychologist, but it can't be healthy to continue doing what you're doing. Best of luck to you dude.

Good post SUICYCO, Jones did surprise me with his break out game. I was calling for Brown to start, guess i was wrong. Wrong and tired of all the fumbling and stupid mistakes. Guess his mysterious illness really took a toll and it took him all these games to recover fully.
One thing for sure, Tyler Murphy is playing way better than Driskel and that is good.
BTW, Easly tackled Darius Cummings, Cunningham is with the Pats.

Hey Five Titles I'm not attacking anyone, I'm defending my turf from those who attack us like sid the Moron cane. Lumping you together with that loser is not an attack, maybe you feel insulted and if so I understand. Go on and post under your real name we welcome decent cane fans, like SunnyDee. But if you start any of the moronic garbage like The Moron does you will be called out.

We continue the long road to Atlanta, let's go get them hogs next.
Go Gators!!

JLS, thanks for the correction. I got confused. Enjoy reading your posts as well.

Peace brother.

Classy response, jls. I will likely not have much reason to post here outside of recruiting season, but I appreciate the offer. I will admit to being a fan of Jesse's work though, so I will be a lurker.

Trust me, I know what it is like to have outsiders attack in our blog, and I do hope that you are not subjected to five years of what we have had to tolerate on the Canes blog.

As SUICYCO said, Peace.

I only remove derogatory comments, five titles.

Feel free to discuss Florida, Miami, college football, basketball, etc.

Hi Jesse, I was just letting you know that your article says 24-6 instead of 24-7. And I was offering to have the comment removed just to reduce any tension.

No big deal, have a great day.

I really liked Driskel last year, save for the Georgia debacle. While only a few games had been played this year, it was quite evident he had regressed. Had the trend continued, a QB switch would have been inevitable.

Despite the painful loss to Miami, and despite the poor displays up until this past game, the season is still there to be had. The Gators still control their own conference destiny, and if all falls the right way, UF will have the ultimate poll punh at the end of the year - FSU & (presumably) Bama back to back.

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