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Poll Position: One spot drop

The Gators fell one spot in both national polls after this weekend's 31-17 victory over Tennessee. 

Florida (2-1, 1-0 SEC) dropped to No. 20 in the Associated Press top 25 rankings. The Gators now sit at No. 19 in the USA Today coaches poll


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Not meaningful at all.

Winning will take care of things.

well u better get ready for a long season

20th and falling fast, end of year equals 5 - 7 and muschump going to Texas. BAWAHHHAAA

U beat an " sec " team and dropped in the polls? Bwahahahaha....maybe foley can call the ncaa and make some of the coaches change their votes lol. Winning and falling , now thats funny. Does this mean ssu is better than Tennessee ?

Agree with Johnny, all we need to do is keep winning and the polls will take care of themselves.
Let's take care of UK next and continue our march to Atlanta, one game at a time.
Go Gators!

jlo and his orange and blue thong must be a Steelers fan. They are all crying that they "gifted" the game to the Bears. Typical gutless fans.

Tennessee gifted you that game, gatr Trash. Just being consistent.

Jesse, from a fan of your writing but not of your team, can you explain why you said that the Gators "forced" three first-half Tennessee turnovers when in the Miami game these were implied to be gifts?

How was Peterman's Garo Yepremium impersonation which gave Cummings his INT a "force?" Of any turnover I have ever seen, that was a gift. But when Miami forces a turnover on downs, that is also a gift?

Maybe jlo needs to reevaluate his logic. Maybe jlo needs to be a man.

So, Gatr Trash wins a "every week is a battle in the SEC" game and they drop. Next week, the worst team in the SEC, which may be the worst team in college football after Tennessee, and a win should secure the Gatr Trash a # 23 ranking.

FAce it, GatrDum, when you cheer "SEC," you really mean "BAMA - LSU." No more, no less.

Gatrs suck. Face it. All your facilities, money, top-five (allegedly) recruiting classes amount to squat.

Good solid win and great come back after Driskel gifted UT an easy TD, similar to the gifts at Miami last week. Now we have Murphy in charge who is not in a gift giving mood, coupled with our tough D this bodes well for us.
The resident troll is upset about the definition of a gift turnover and a forced one, if he would take his head out of his arse and watch the games he would clearly see the difference.
On to UK and then to Atlanta.
Go Gators!

If you would take your head out of your arse and watch the games jlo, U would have seen murphy "gift" Tennessee right after he was put in lol.

Jlo on his way to ticket master like the gatah football team to buy tickets to watch SC and Bama in the sec CG. Funny how he keeps hyping up the real teams in the sec.

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