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Sound The Alarm: Call for the Mailbag

It's Florida-Miami week (Sep. 7 @ noon, ESPN) and lots of people are jazzed.

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No doubt, you have questions, I have answers.

Post your inquiries in the comments section, via email (see side link) or tweet me @JesseReSimonton.



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Guck The Fators and their hilldwelling fanbase.

Cant wait for the beat down the disappearing act that will be had by JLO, I mean Suicyco, I mean gatordumb, I mean just plain old dumb arsss.

Save some for me Hurricanes

smh @ jesse with the Justin Timberlake shades on

Jesse - have you made your prediction? Any update on Matt Jones - it seems his status has changed a bit.

As always - thanks for doing a great job and GO GATORS!!

Anything new about the injury to Humphries, is he scheduled to start?

Of the 12,500 allotted tickets the gaytors have only 1,000 of those are in the lower deck. The place is going to be rockin.

Posted by: Gaytor poacher
Some syntax please.

Check out this great article:

By the way "Gator Chomp," you seem pretty obsessed with me. I saw you mentioned my name in two different comment sections. Get a life dude. It's obvious that you're scared to death of this game. You'll be back on this blog after Sept. 7th, but with a new name, like you always do. Gators will DOMINATE Miami one last time. Can't wait.

Good article SUICYCO, more of what we all knew already. We don't need UM at all, our in state rival is FSU and we have plenty of SEC foes that are more important and much better.
They sure need us though, this will be the only sell out for them this year, all because of us. Their trolls will spout how we are "afraid" to play them and so on, as if anyone would be afraid to play a team that has been mediocre for a decade with no signs of getting better.
We will kick their butts one more time and leave them and their empty rent a stadium to wallow in their mediocrity.

Geez, some UF alumni had to buy cane season tix just for this game?

JLO and Suicyco, same guy, talking to himself again. Very funny. Jesse unfortunately there will be no gator fans posting after 4PM Saturday after the canes whip that arsss.

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