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They Said It: Florida-Kentucky


On his team’s performance…

“Very proud of our football team, it’s been a long week for us, psychologically and mentally as much as anything. When you go through Jeff’s (Driskel) situation and then Domonique’s (Easley) situation on Tuesday night, they are very frustrating but you can’t always control your circumstances in life but you can control your vision. I told our players, ‘no excuses and no regrets.’ That’s just who we are, we have an expectation level here at the University of Florida in what we’re going to do and where we’re headed with our program. I’m very pleased with how our guys pulled together and the Gator Nation pulled together and came up here and did what we did.”

On Tyler Murphy’s first start…

“Outstanding, I mean really good. Again, he’s a very cerebral kid and he’s very smart, he gets the game. I think we’ve done a good job, I think (offensive coordinator) Brent (Pease) did a really good job of putting him in some good situations. We checked everything at the run game based on the look that they were a three-down and four-down team. Just really proud of his performance, he continues to improve and gain confidence in his play.”

On Matt Jones’ career-day…

“Well I think it just takes some time, I think we all knew that a little bit and you don’t ever want to admit it because Matt is a good football player and a guy we were really counting on coming into the season but when you miss four weeks, maybe a little over a month of exercise and activity, I don’t care how old you are, it’s going to shut your body down a little bit, it takes some time to respond, especially with some of the physicality, holding on to the ball and doing some of that stuff. Real proud of Matt, I pulled Matt in Monday and I said, ‘man, you need to cut it loose and play. You’re very tentative when you run it, you look like last year at the beginning of the year. If you make a mistake, put it on me, I don’t care, everybody else does. So just run the ball hard, run the ball hard, cut it loose and go play.’”


On his comfort level going into the game…

“I had a few nerves just like every game. I was able to hand off the ball to Matt Jones and throw a swing route to get the offense going. I was then able to settle down. I felt really calm as I had the support of my teammates. They made my job real easy.”

On his interception and tackle…

“The defense made a nice play, but I tried to force it. I will get in the film room to evaluate the play. He made a good play, and I made a bad decision. I just need to learn from that. I can’t make mistakes like that against Arkansas. It was a big tackle for me and it prevented them for scoring. We have a great defense and they stopped them after I threw that interception.”


On dealing with adversity this week…

“Extremely tough. It would have been worse if we would have came out with a loss. So we knew we had to go take care of business and get a win for those guys.”

On Florida’s opening drive (13 plays, 93 yards and a touchdown)…

“Yeah it was a good start for us. (Tyler) Murphy did a good job running the ship. It felt like we had the ball forever. I don’t know how many minutes (it was) but it felt like we had it forever and that it was our job to keep the ball and keep the defense off the field and ready to go.”

(All quotes courtesy UF Sports & Information)


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Oh snap, marble mouth Kosar is back on the sauce and speeding around town. Better shut that dump of a program down in the gables. Funny thing is that U are so last century they say former Brown QB and not Cane. That means the Browns are more relevant than U. How sad!


That clap U do with your hands looks like mentally challenged people applauding lol

Your ex layers are killing people randomly and yall wanna pick on kosar? Lmao at your morals...

Lol. Yall lost to the best team by far that yall have played this season and yall wanna knock us? Guess thats what losers do!.

Amazing how many gator fans were at the jaguars game today and noone had a comeback when i threw up the U at them....guess yall need time to think.

There were some gators there in a bus that was converted into either a mobile home or a party vehi le....

I'm not a big advocate of suggesting "Spell-Check" for a sports blog, BUT----------. "21-16", I trust you as a man of honesty and integrity, I will trust your answer. Did you ever attend a university? Hell, I'll even count these junior colleges that they now refer to as "universities", even one day of attendance will be suffice.

Gators complaining about spelling? Now thats some funny stuff!

Lou, dont know what " will be suffice" means . Will be sufficient or will suffice is what you are looking for! Sorry my phone didnt pick up a letter or two. Your mistake however is way off. Lol at a gator trying to correct spelling.

Is lou by chance lou holtz? That may explain you trying to correct a mistake with a worse mistake than U were trying to correct.lmao....Dumb gator!

Oh, by the way, yes i did ,and no it wasnt a junior college. " Will that be suffice" enough fo U?lol!

Oh, he forgot his r in for.....he forgot his r! Lets get him on spelling!

That bus was funny at the jags game today. Wish i could post a pic of it on here,lol. It even had some of the side and back walls cut out of it and appeared to be a back porch. That was the confusion on party bus or mobile home.

21 - 16 = desperate gators = sid the Moron cane
11 posts in a row
Gator obsessed to the max.
Funny story this sid the Moron lives in Bunnel and it seems he developed a hatred and obsession with the Gators while growing up and being turned down by all the local girls in town while at the same time having his secret crush run off with several UF students who stopped in town to gas up on their way to Flagler Beach.
He never recovered and is known locally today as the 43 year old virgin, a loser who has never been with a woman.
To make things worse he is in the midst of Gator Country in NE Florida and runs into successful Gator grads every time he goes for a "day of fun" in Jacksonville. Just like this past weekend when he was given free tickets to the Jags game and was rudely reminded of his lost love amid the many happy Gator couples who support the Jags.
Poor lonely loser sid the Moron cane, had to run to his computer and start posting here, can't help himself.

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