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Torched: Anatomy of a play

Each week, I’ll breakdown (in a simplified manner, hopefully) a pivotal play in Florida’s game. I decided against lots of arrows and pointers so as not to distract from the overall picture, but if you’d prefer that in the future, let me know.

Today's play is Stephen Morris' 52-yard touchdown strike to the speedy Phillip Dorsett. The Canes went up 14-6 on the long completion, and despite doing next to nothing offensively the rest of the game, never looked back. 


Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.01.00 AM

The Gators actually played lots of 4-3 defense against the Hurricanes, but here UF is aligned in a 3-4 set, with Dante Fowler Jr. (top of the screen) as the fourth rusher. Note: Starters (DT) Dominique Easley and (DE) Jon Bullard are not in the game. Redshirt freshman Bryan Cox Jr. is the left end, while Damien Jacobs is the nose tackle. 

# 2

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.01.16 AM

Off the snap, Dorsett (the blur) has a free release -- track speed engaged. Meanwhile, Jacobs -- 1-on-1 with the center -- has already beaten Shane Mcdermott to the inside. Florida's linebackers didn't bite on the play action fake, but Cox (No. 94) did. He's frozen. Look what happens just a split-second later... 


Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.01.30 AM

Cox's indecisiveness allowed Miami's right guard (No. 75) to recover from double-teaming UF's nose tackle Leon Orr and give Morris a clean drop-back. Jacobs -- despite whipping McDermott -- also hesitated, allowing Morris to step up and throw a bomb just before getting walloped. 


Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.06.10 AM

On the back-end, UF has perfect coverage everywhere except where Morris wants to throw the ball. Marcus Maye, the free safety, is already toast. Maye is desperately trying to get his hips turned fast enough to at least hold Dorsett, but ...

# 5

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.06.24 AM

It's too late. Maye whiffs on the attempted pass inference and Dorsett cruises behind him. Morris take a shot, but the ball is already in the air. UM's quarterback didn't have a particularly strong game, but this was a man's throw and ultimately the touchdown that changed the game. 

Again, here's the pre-snap look...

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.05.52 AM

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Nice job Jesse. I was at the game, and before Morris threw the ball, it was obvious Dorsette was going to be open deep. The Gator safety even hit / nudged him in a last second attempt to slow him down, but he was toast, as you said. Great play by the Canes.

The previous touchdown play by the Canes was maybe even nicer. It was such a perfect throw and catch that it was practically undefendable. The coverage was there, but the play was perfect.

Love these dissections bro. Keep'em coming.

Concur with SUICYCO. Very insightful. I wish we got this on the Canes blog.

Jesse, I agree as well.

You know you are just killing jlo with your fair analysis and insight. He is crying in his Shirley Temple.

There should of been a flag thrown on that play for pass interference.....also there were a couple times where Florida had 12 men on the field that wasn't called. The holding call was BS on Clements run...you guys should of lost 21-6

Miami totally changed there style of play after the first quarter.....Why, who knows!!! I wasn't happy with Coley's play calling. They never got Duke in open space....throw a screen pass or something next time Coley. Morris is doing a terrible job seeing the field, Miami had open receivers open all day in the middle of the field. He had a terrible throw to a wide open Dorsett, which would of been a easy first down but was picked.

If Morris was on his game, this game would have been a blow out!!!!!

Good job Jesse, that was one of maybe only 3 good drives the canes had all day. Maye is a freshman and that is what happens to freshmen every now and then.
This brings me to the next point: "If Morris was on his game, this game would have been a blow out!!!!!"
Not even close, it is more accurate to say that if Driskel had played just an average game the Gators would have won easily. You just cannot get to the red zone 8 times and come out with just 16 points.
Either way we should start talking about the UT game and beyond. I know the Miami Morons want to keep talking about this game probably the whole year but its time to move on.
Go Gators!
BTW Morons, Jesse IS the best blogger, even real cane fans like Sunny Dee agree.

Jlo now you want to talk about other games but you have been obsessing about Miami since last season. Now you will have to take the beatings since you mouthed off for a year about how the gators will win easy, blah blah blah, biatch.

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