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Two steps forward, one step back

Why, hello again. 

After an unusually early off week -- Florida's earliest idle date since 2008 -- the Gators resume action preparing for Tennessee this weekend (3:30 p.m., CBS). 

Despite not turning the ball over once Saturday, UF dropped one spot (No. 19) in the latest Associated Press top 25 rankings. 

And yet -- after all the craziness in college football over the past week -- the Gators actually climbed two spots (No. 18) in the USA Today coaches poll

The blog will be back in full swing this week, so be sure to check it out often. 

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21-16 thought yout recruiting classes were so much better ?!? If Driskel sucks that's bad coaching

You cane fans are hilarious! No one cares anymore. We all know you guys are extremely obsessed about the Gators, but the game's over and the matchup is over. Time to move on and worry about your next opponent. You guys have a lot more things to worry about than the Gators!

21-16 still isn't a fluke

If you say so!


Last game of the series that you Gators are cowardly running away from...


All time series 29-26

We own you, now live with it...

Not really. If you guys dominated and won the game, then yes it would hurt, but knowing we should've won, makes it a lot easier to handle. It must really suck being so obsessed with the gators though, doesn't it? To be so consumed with everything the gators do and the fact that we aren't playing you guys anymore, it must be really hard for you to move on with your life. Pretty sad!!

what more do you need?? UF can't compete with us...they recruited Driskel and so now they will have to live with the results! Enjoy!! HAHAHA.

The Vols coming to town is just what we nee to right the ship and take on the SEC. Looking forward to seeing how the O bounces back, eliminates turnovers and puts some decent points on the board.
Go Gators!

The beatdown is coming, Gatr Trash. You think UT sucks because of the Oregon game? We are going to show you just how bad UFirstdegreemurder sucks.

Dear SEC LEast:

Please leave the conference immediately. You are awful. UK, Vandy, UGA, and especially you, UFailure.

Get off our jocks.


The Real SEC

One loser posting under five or six different names. Wow. Gator Alum, please freaking ignore this guy. The only Gators that routinely post here are you, jls, and I. Let's just refrain from any reference to this moron, or to the Canes. Please. I swear, look at the writing style. It's one freaking lonely guy posting all this crap. Make it a resolution to refrain from replying to this guy, and refrain from making any comments related to the Hurricanes. By the way, this same lonely loser has been doing this for years!

yes, then me, you, and GatorAlum can have a three-way. It will be just us in our orange and blue panties and pasties loving our football team.

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