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"We're usually winning, so it's pretty much an insult to them"

Florida's outspoken linebacker Michael Taylor was once committed to Tennessee until he “found a better school.”

While some of Taylor’s teammates -- Dominique Easley, Trey Burton and Hunter Joyer -- admitted to liking and/or singing the Volunteers’ fight song, “Rocky Top,” Taylor, a redshirt junior, had a much different take on the matter.


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Tennessee is gonna smack that mouth.lol.

That's good stuff. Taylor's only speaking the truth. Most of these guys were in Elementary school the last time Tenn beat the gators.

Hey pathetic cane fan loser, why don't you go find a life and a girlfriend. It's quite obvious you don't have either as you spend your time here day and night posting on gator clause and humping a blow up doll.

And if I had to guess, you’re probably 19 years old. No other self-respecting human being would behave in the manner as you do. Fantastic, the school you never attended, stepped foot on campus to and jerk off to on TV won a football game. Great, now what? We don’t play you again in the foreseable future so are you going to hold onto that for the next how many years? Does that make you feel complete? All cane fans should be embarrassed that you exist.


here comes tha BOOM!!!

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boogers must taste like gatah meat...21-16 LOSERS

Not going anywhere for 1 year and then U are done with me! U guys have polluted the CANE blogs for the last year and now it time to " eat crow" ! The other names aren't me so y'all have pissed off more than one cane fan. J knows why we are here. Thank him for canetrash among other names.

Oh yea , booger eater. U come on here with a screenname like that and talk about masturbating to a football game and have the nerve to ask if im 19? Im 43 and dont use words like that. Havent in 24-25 years. Shows the intelligence difference between a CANE and a trash gator fan.

Booger Eater = Jlo, grow up please, you are embarrassing every gator fan with your childish rants.

Jesse, why not ask the olinmen why they cant protect driskell? Or how about pease , he called a two point conversion when he was down by 1 in the first half and put a big dent into the momentum they had going. That was the play that lost that game. Or ask foley what is the real reason they wont play miami. Reporters are too scared to ask the hard questions these days.

"The other names aren't me." Now that's hilarious! I guess we were all born yesterday!

21-16, that inbred hillbilly retard can't count that's why he went for 2.


Do U tbink if I go to gville this weekend they will "gift" me some tickets to watch yet another upset? Lol.

Look at the bright side...if they lose to Tennessee,the UM game wont be considered an upset anymore

How would Gators fans really feel if Muschamp left UF for Texas? Just curious. In my opinion he has had some good wins but he was clearly outcoached against Miami. I also think his "in your face" act is wearing thin. I'm not sure he is the long term answer at UF. I feel like UF could do much better. Charlie Strong would be great - it's a shame Meyer's wavering cost UF the opportunity to hire him. What do you guys think?

sunny dee these inbred local yokels will not stand for a random black guy who is not married to one of his own to coach that disaster of a program.

let's ask "uncle" Jesse Simonton what he thinks about Charlie Strong as head coach.

"The other names aren't me." Now that's hilarious! I guess we were all born yesterday!

Posted by: GatorAlum | September 19, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Actually they are not him!!!....I've been posting and I can't stand you turds....You are the most hated team in the country! If only Miami opened up their playbook against you guys, the score probably would of been 41-10.....Miami felt bad for you guys and kept the game close.

Who's doing Mr. Two Bits this week, Richard Simons?

Of Driskel's 300 Yards of passing, most of that was in garbage time when Miami was playing prevent and the other time, the receiver made a amazing long catch.....props to the receiver that caught that.

Even Al Golden said a few days after the game that they played conservative and didn't want to force Morris into bad situations. He knows if you turnover the ball, you'll LOSE the game!!! Miami should of poured it on!!!! Al knew he had the game won after the 1st qt......If you watched the game, Miami's offense (too conservative for me) totally changed after that their first 2 touchdowns.

This Miami Moron with multiple names is Sidcane, a big time douche and coward afraid to post under his real name.
Let's keep ignoring these idiots.
Hey Sunny if coach Mus would leave for Texas that would be a surprise but not a disaster. After all Texas is one of the top 3 jobs in the nation, some claim it is the best with all the $ coming in from their network and the huge recruiting base. It's not as if he would leave for Miami, that would make no sense. This is not a slight to your program, it is just not at the same level as UF and UT right now.
So if he were to leave we can always find another top coach to come here without any problem at all.
Now all this talk is assuming Brown will be canned at the end of this year but if that happens the AD will probably go with him and that is the end of the relationship with Muschamp.
Glad to have you on board.

He's an angry elf.....bet he wishes he was Cane though.




I think Muschamp is an EXCELLENT coach and I hope he stays at Florida for a long time. Muschamp knows football, he's tough as nails, he's blunt, and he keeps it real. I don't see Muschamp going anywhere, though I wouldn't be suprised if Texas offers him a crapload of money. He's actually better prepared to lead Texas now than when he was a coach for Texas. Plus, the Longhorns are desperate for a defensive mastermind, which is exactly what Muschamp is. That being said, obviously, if ever Muschamp where to leave, his replacement would most likely be Charlie Strong.


I am sidcane, thats the only thing jlo has gotten right. . He is stil a " looser". Dont correct my spelling, jlo knows what i mean( canetrash;) ). No , i am not the other posters here. U pissed off more than 1 Cane with your summer rants. Lie in the bed U made! I use 21-16 now to rub a little salt into the gaping wound to your egos. Thank yourself,gallo,72, harriett and all the other names you guys trolled us with this past offseason. GOT UNDEFEATED?. Lmao!

You guys are stupid if U think Texas wants muschamp. They were about to fire him when uf called. They are after saban and have the cash to get him. Texas wants muschamp,lmao!

Cane fans are angels right Thirsty? You guys are the biggest hypocrites in college football. Newsflash, you're in a Gator forum talking trash day after day. You're a hypocrite! There's nothing more delusional than a cane fan saying they purposely played conservative and closed the playbook in a game that was within a TD and 2 pt conversion the entire game. What a joke! If they could've run the score up, they would have, so don't fool yourself Thirsty. Even your own QB said it was the most dominant d-line he's ever seen. It's amazing how you guys think the canes are great after watching that game. It's almost as if you guys were watching a totally different game.


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