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GAINESVILLE -- In 2012, Kyle Christy was an All-American and Ray Guy Award finalist. Now he’s No. 22 Florida’s second-string punter.

Following weeks of poor production, the junior has been officially benched in favor of freshman Johnny Townsend.

“We need to make a change there,” coach Will Muschamp said, who attributed Christy’s issues to mental fatigue.

“It's very frustrating, as much for him as it is for as it is anyone,” Muschamp said. “It's not from a lack of work or a lack of trying to get things right. There's no question about that. It's just a matter of him working through this and us continuing to try and search for answers. If you continue to do the same things, you're going to get the same results."


It’s been a mystifying fall from grace for Christy, who averaged nearly 46 yards per kick with 27 punts inside opponents’ 20-yard line as the nation’s No. 5 punter last season. 

This year, the junior is 13th in the SEC in net punting at just 39.6 yards per kick. In Saturday’s loss to LSU, Christy failed to pin LSU deep twice inside its 20-yard line -- the final straw for Muschamp.

Townsend was a late edition to Florida’s 2013 recruiting class, flipping his commitment from Ohio State on National Signing Day.


“We've looked at his swing and different things and we've tried to continue to, we've looked at all those things. We've tried to make some corrections as far as his drop is concerned, as far as the placement is concerned, as far as the swing is concerned. And you know, it comes to a point where we've got to see some production, and right now we're just not getting it. I think Kyle's going to be fine. We just need to work through this time.”


Muschamp is uncertain about redshirt junior linebacker Ronald Powell’s (ankle) status for the Missouri game. Powell was hurt late in the loss to LSU and Muschamp said he “hopes to get him back for Wednesday’s practice.”

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lmao...when all else fails BLAME THE PUNTER!!! BWAHAHAHAHA dumb TURDS.

It worked for the place kicker so why not the punter too. Start who ever will play better at any position, no favoritism.
I expect we will see more of Taylor the rest of the season.

on that premise....change out the head coach, NO FAVORITISM.

We have the best oline in the country
pease is the best OC in football
we dont need Easley(relaoded)
Our 2 * qb is better than our5* qb
We will win the sec
We have more trophies than some schools
Gainesville is a tourist destination
our rbs are deep
Our receivers dont drop passes
Muschamp is the best thing to happen to uf
Tebow will be an nfl legend
We gift more games than anyone in state
Our oline backups can start any div11 teams
We will travel anywhere
Bama is overrated
we are number 23
We average 11 ppg in loses
.666 not counting Louisville

^^^^^^^that just about covers everything I was thinking....IN A NUTSHELL

A much practice as he gets punting in a game you'd think UF would have a top punter.

Can you guys please win this saturday? J fing C, you guys are making the top 3 teams in the state look bad. A 3-0 shutout would be nice. Its gonna ne cold up there.

UFelony is officially the 4th best team in the state behind Miami, FSU and UCF. Sad, sad, sad.

ACC has 4 ranked teams (Louisville included) and the might sec has 3, guess the truth about the overrated sec is showing itself.

LMAO @UCF ....hilarious!

Can I have the Texas job in waiting for me again please???

jlo, it is like Christmas in October. Look at all the excuses you have at your disposal to whine about the losses.

- Our rB is out for the year;
- Powell is hurt;
- Christy is having a bad year;
- Our O-line (didn't someone say this was supposed to be one of the strengths of the team) is awful;
- our alleged five-stars have not panned out.

Plus, all of the others you have listed over the past month. It is great, to be, a Floriduh Gatr.

Make all the fun you want. We will just reload and start winning.

I thought you were reloading this year? Last year? The year before? What do you mean "start reloading?" Seems that you maggot Gatr Fans are so full of alleged five stars that reloading is the constant. There should never be a lull.

But then, reality sets in and you have to eat your meth cake.

This teams best moments are behind them...reload?? I think not my friend...Start winning??? Look at that schedule as opposed to that rag tag team BEFORE the injuries.

Gallo, why wait. Start winning now. Oh, wait.....doesn't work that way.

Let lil' fembot jlo tell you how easy it will be to get to Atlanta. Sheeesh, delusional.

Amazing, Sid the Moron talking to his multiple personalities. You are on sick disgusting puppy sidcane.

So Rich nice of you to come in with a dig, you all exited your sorry canes finally got a top 10 ranking?
Lots of first time in a decade stuff happening to your sorry canes. Thank Driskel for most of it, he put you idiots on the map. Thing is once you play a real team you will come crashing down again.
Never seem a bunch of Morons get so exited when a team beats patsey after patsey every week. You are only doing what any mediocre team would. Enjoy it now it wont last.

Jlo, projecting again, tisk, tisk. Keep thinking I am sid if that makes your multiple personalities feel better right (D)

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