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Garcia talks OL & LSU

In recent weeks, Gators left guard Max Garcia has been singled out as Florida's most consistent offensive lineman by coach Will Muschamp. 

After sitting out a season due to NCAA transfer rules, the former Maryland guard had an up-and-down first two games before really settling in the win over Tennessee. 

The junior spoke about how the game has slowed down for him, the offensive line's performance against Arkansas, the team's recent offensive continuity and the looming trip to LSU.


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Funny as heck how your most consistent offensive player is an ACC player.lmao.

You guys could definitely use a few more ACC transfers. Maybe even a big easy qb transfer,and a few pac 12 recievers.that gotta sting....Maryland of all places.

Keep winning Gaytor's......your making The U look better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, a bunch of high school teams are making the canes look better than they are. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Here we go again with the resident Miami Moron posting early and often. The article says that Garcia has been singled out as the most consistent offensive LINEMEN in recent weeks. To Garcia's advantage he sat out of live action last season while participating in every practice and training session. Nothing like a year of top SEC coaching to bring out the best out of the player.

The O line should get better, they have only been playing together for the past 3 games, it takes time to gel.

There are a few very good players in the ACC for sure, it is the teams that suck. Except for FSU, and Clemson this year, the ACC teams suck.
At the end of the season, after the bowl games have been played we will find the same thing as previous years. FSU is the lone ACC team worth anything. Every other year or so another team becomes good for a while. Clemson this year. Before that it was Va Tech. Same old.
In the meantime the SEC keeps winning with multiple top ranked teams, year in and out.

"Funny as heck how your most consistent offensive player is an ACC player.lmao."

Garcia is certainly not Florida's most consistent offensive player. He has been the team's most steady linemen the past two weeks, but for the season, that honor would actually go to center Jon Harrison.

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