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Gator Grades: Beatdown in the Bayou

BATON ROUGE, La -- Before I re-watch the tape (later in the week) of No. 17 Florida’s 17-6 defeat to No. 10 LSU, here are some rapid reaction grades.


Woof. That was ugly. Brent Pease, UF’s offensive coordinator, didn’t have a great day, but the unit’s demise was mainly due to porous offensive line play. Quarterback Tyler Murphy was inaccurate and sluggish in his decision-making, but really, the redshirt junior never had a chance. The Tigers’ ferocious front-seven beat Florida at its own game in a reverse déjà vu performance from UF’s 14-6 win in The Swamp last season. 

Anthony Johnson and the rest of LSU’s relentless front harassed UF’s leaky offensive line to the tune of four sacks and eight tackles for loss. UF had 60 yards on its opening drive, but totaled just 34 yards the rest of the first half and struggled to run with ball with any real effectiveness (111 yards on 40 carries) all afternoon. Murphy is not the miracle man, as the Gators proved they still have plenty of issues on murderball offense.


Florida’s defense didn’t play that poorly -- all things considered. The nation’s No. 2 ranked unit held LSU’s excellent attack under 400 yards, while Zach Mettenberger was a pedestrian 9-of-17 for 152 yards and zero touchdowns. But key penalties (roughing the passer, pass interference, offsides) and inconsistent rush defense plagued the Gators all afternoon.

LSU had just four first downs after halftime, but it was another little-to-late adjustments by Muschamp’s defense. Jeremy Hill gashed UF for 121 yards on 19 carries -- the first 100+ yard rushing performance since Todd Gurley of Georgia in 2012.


Why hey there, Frankie Valdez. Florida just may have found its newest kicker in the most unlikely of people. The redshirt junior walk-on was a perfect 2-for-2 and displayed none of the jitters of his predessors (Austin Hardin and Brad Phillips). Coverage: both punt and kick were solid, and the fake-punt pass was well designed and executed. All-American punter Kyle Christy continues to be an enigma bad though. Seriously, what is wrong with the former Ray Guy Award runner-up?

Thoughts? Comments?

Have at it.

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Seegatorlum...even jesse see's its the oline.... I have been saying that since game 1. The big uglies get no credit and accept no blame.

Lets review, the gators have played 2 teams in the top 13 and lost both but beat the crème puffs Toledo, Tenn. & Ark. sounds about right. Enjoy watching the SEC CG on TV losers.

Yes sid, the gator o-line played extremely poorly, but a lot of blame has to be placed on Pease as well. When you're down by 11 and call plays as if you are up by 20, you aren't showing any urgency to try and win the game. He basically called the same 4 or 5 plays all game long till late in the 4th qtr when it was already too late. It's not hard to defend a team when the defense knows you're going to run the ball on every play, and when you don't run it's going to be a screen to the rb or a wr screen. I don't think they passed the ball 1 time on 1st down. I'm not an offensive coordinator, but even I know when I see them stack 9 or 10 guys in the box every time, a play action pass on 1st down will do some serious damage, but apparently Pease doesn't. LSU's defense isn't the strength of their team, but pease certainly made them look like they were by not mixing it up at all.

Yea, your right....pease and the oline suck...

What happened to swamp fever? He was saying pease needed to go the whole time. Maybe he was right? I guess he is the one evaluating talent. Thats the last thing U need is more coaching turnover.

fever is another of your multiple personalities

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