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Gators Grades: Three in a row

GAINESVILLE -- Before I re-watch the tape (later in the week) of No. 18 Florida’s ho-hum 30-10 win over Arkansas, here are some rapid reaction grades.


Tyler Murphy had some early jitters, but he settled down and otherwise was excellent. Solomon Patton did most of the legwork on both long touchdowns, but Murphy was accurate, elusive and efficient once again. UF’s running game though, was anything but. The Gators ran for just 142 yards on 41 attempts -- a 2.8 average yards per carry. It was Florida’s lowest (355) offensive output of the season thanks to its poor rushing attack. Zero turnovers were a plus, however. You could talk me into a slightly better grade, but it's late. 


Arkansas gained just seven yards on the ground after halftime. UF actually struggled containing Alex Collins and Jon Williams in the first half -- lots of over-perusing -- but once the gaps and assignments were straightened out its defensive line dominated. Brandon Allen was beaten and battered all night, completing just 17-of-41 attempts. Loucheiz Purifoy (pick-six, sack-fumble) was a gangbuster, as was Dante Fowler Jr. (two sacks). The unit again lacked discipline, committing three personal foul penalties to extend drives. Overall, it was a very commanding performance against a physical Razorbacks offense. 


Punt returns: excellent. The coverage units: sublime. Everything else? Yuck. Austin Hardin was benched following another miss -- this time a low blocked kick -- but his senior replacement (Brad Phillips) shanked an extra point. All-American punter Kyle Christy remains an enigma (A 15-yard punt with no pressure???), while Purifoy was fortunate an (odd) technicality negated a muffed punt return.

Thoughts? Comments?

Have at it.

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They look a lot like last years team. Dominant defense, especially in the 2nd half, and an avg offense, which seems to have a few more playmakers. Thankfully we no longer have to watch Jeff I complete balls to the other team more than my own Driskell anymore. Murphy seems to be getting better every game. Lets see how he does in Death Valley against a great team. Now we get to see what kind've team we actually have playing against a good team for the first time this year.

I'd like to see Kelvin Taylor get a shot at RB.

Matt Jones seems to run straight into the pile instead of looking for the hole

SEC is absolutely awful!!!!

LOlGatordumb, you have already played a good team, MIAMI, and U lost. LSU is overrated. U will not win at LSU but have a shot at Georgia, which are overrated too. FSU is gonna deliver a beatdown. Your rb's are stinking up the scene . What happened to "reloading"? Al E. Gator could rush for more yards than your current backs,lmao!

Jesse, agree with you about the D. Arky got most of its yards in the first qtr and once Coach Mus made the proper adjustments they were shut out.

The O deserves a better grade since Murph played really well and so did Patton.
The running game needs to improve for sure, and fast, like for next week.

The return and coverage teams are great. The kickers suck, all 3 of them. What happened to Johnny Townsend?
He needs to push Christy. Phillips and Hardin are in competition to see who sucks more.

The road to Atlanta goes through Death Valley next Saturday. Put on your running shoes and let's go get some Tiger meat.
Go Gators!!

SEC is absolutely awful!!!!

Nahh piggy,
East Carolina 55 UNC 31
Ball State 48 UVA 27
La Monroe 21 Wake 19

Now that is awful.

Good analysis Jesse. The D made some good adjustments, too bad they waited so late to make them. I believe we are fomenting enough balance with this team (as flawed as it is) to make a run in the eastern division. The one area that has proven a huge disappointment however is the O-line. Don't know if it is personnel or schematic but this O-line is inconsistent at best and simply over matched at worst week in and week out. Seems like Lawing and the other D-coaches get darts and laurels when appropriate but there is never mention of the O-line position coach(es). Do you smell changes with the O-line this season? I don't see any hope in beating the heavies this year with a soft O-line.

Jesse - since the caffeine is kicking in now, perhaps you can fill me in on Jaylen Watkins and why the coaches give him a pass each week. Seems the guy gives up 2 or 3 bad ones each game. Am I the only one that sees this?

Like I said, we'll be facing a good team for the first time this season next week!

Well if you cant win against a bad team. How do U expect to win against a good one? We have the 117th ranked defense and you could only score 16 points. Couldnt even get 2 full tds,lol.

Maybe if pease can get thatoline patched up yall can average ove 3 yards per carry...maybe! Look at the bright side , Georgia was almost beaten by Tennessee and s carolina was exposed by UCF. UCF for your gods sake,lol.

Oh man, I'm icing my arm down in advance of that Miami of Florida game. If the 109th ranked QB can torch that defense for 300 yds, I'm putting up a shat-load. Even Nevin's taint took the over at 550.

Does Savannah State even give out scholarships to their players?

Whats gonna happenwhen yall hit a real offensive defensive team like FSU? Even if they beat us and ufelons U will be the third best teamin the state,maybe 4th behind UCF if U lose to s carolina.

If Murphy was playing, we would've destroyed the canes! Instead, we were stuck with a QB that might as well have been wearing orange and green. Looking forward to getting a really good laugh, when the canes actually play somebody decent. I was enjoying watching unranked GT almost take it to that sorry excuse of a D!

Hows that reloading going ?lol...I like the Savannah st comments.....thats how U beat a team U are supposed to beat...not a last second punt block to save your ases. Lmao. Do yall think before u type?

Oooooooboy, that ice on my arm sure is cold. Gonna need alot more after I throw for 600. Can you believe Driskell torched MoF for 300 yards?????

Canes couldn't schedule Savannah State for a re-visit so they got us on their schedule in 2014.

So tell me, how do you beat Pop Warner Teams?

U beat pop warner teams by 70... not letting them gift U a blocked punt to save face...how much extra did yall have to pay for them to let U block it?

Lol...have yall even covered a spread yet?

300 yrds and only a td and 1/2 to show for a career day.....and an L. Lmao

Gatordumb...if murphy was qb in the UM game he would have been rattled too. Our D line was all over your offense. Lmao at U for not remembering. Guess the brain automatically suppresses memories sometimes. Maybe with some therapy you could remember if not i have it on dvr, just send me your email and i will vet it right to U.
And if any of u see gallo, tell him we are waiting on his " Golden casualty lit" with ufelony at the bottom.lmao

Yall need to work on that"deep stable "of backs before FSU comes to town....yall gonna need all the help U can get. What are they averaging now....still 2.8 yrds a game? Its the oline......they suck.

By the way, how are yall liking that crow.....little chewy isnt it?lol...

Mr Delusional, if Murphy was in there he would've scrambled a hell of a lot better than Mr Turnover ever has, and he certainly would've thrown the ball away instead of right between the defenders numbers. Don't worry, since your schedule is such a joke, you'll have a couple more patsies to mask the fact that your team isn't as good as a bunch of high school teams make them look. Enjoy it while it lasts, because there's a lot of people on here waiting to throw salt in the wound that comes when reality smacks you across the face.

Are U saying ufelony is a high school team? Georgia tech could probably beat yall. Man, U sure turned on driskel quick,lol! When is it gonna be that U turn on your running backs? They are stinking up the scene too.

The only salt will be form ufelons if we meet in a bowl game, lol. Cant run from that one....well, i guess U could if U declined the bowl bid. Thats a high posibility.

Careful there Virgin, tread lightly about knocking UCF, they are leaps and bounds better than USF. Speaking of which, didn't U loose to da bulls, at f 'ing home none the less Right there, U will always be considered 4th best in the state. That stink still lingers. See the difference is U win those games not loose them. See, We still managed to win, U well, we know what happened there.

Man that ufelony math is extra ordinarily bad....4th best? Did U mean to say that about ufelony? Chic fila bowl is already putting bids on a ufelon/UM rematch. They predict ufelony ending up 5th best in the sec and UM 2nd best in the ACC.....will ufraid decline? I bet huntley can get U out of it!

2nd best in the ACC? Man you really are delusional! FSU is going to drop 50 on the canes, then the following week will be the canes 2nd loss to an ACC team, and if you actually played a decent schedule and had to face Clemson, they'd probably drop 70 on the canes. GT would beat us? Thats' even funnier. Almost as funny as saying Kentucky and Arkansas is going to destroy us and collins is going to run all over us. Sorry, we actually have a D. 4th best ACC team at best and the funniest thing of all is, you still won't win a conference championship. Keep living in that delusional dreamworld. That's what blowing out a bunch of high school teams will do to you!

Virgin, good job on deflecting the fact that U lost to da bulls. Enough said. Yes the USF bulls, the bottom dwellers of the state, beat Ur beloved Canes. Remember that every time you blast S. Carolina for eking out a win or UF over the cajun's. Cause U see dummy, against lesser talent, U win those games no matter how bad U play. Except for U guys of course. Btw, U and FSU lost to them. At least the noles played them when they were half ways decent for a span of the Grothe years. U guys, not so much.

Yea, you may be right about beating ufelons.....but no way FSU scores 50 on us...or clemson for that matter. Lol at your pathetic try though. We arent the only one playing FSU this year...too bad the state Forced foley to play them year in and year out. Chalk that one up to a L for felons. As for clemson, they would beat ufelony worse than they beat georgia.
My prediction is , georgia beats U and FSU ALSO...maybe s carolina if spurrier isnt drinking that day. If U lose to FSU , there is no way foley will play another ACC team in a bowl. Yall better hope U get more than 1 bowl offer....may be Louisville again?lol

Speaking of weak schedule every year...how does ufelons get out of playing Bama every year.....? Is that why they have been avoiding the sec championship game since tebow left?

First of all, a cane fan talking about strength of schedule is about as funny as it gets! I'd take the canes schedule every year if I could get it. Unfortunately it won't carry much weight at the end of the year for top bowl consideration. No way they score 50? Again, the delusions about how good the canes are are through the roof! You were dominated in every aspect of the game but turnovers against the Gators, you just barely beat an unranked GT team, yet somehow you believe you are better than the 2 top teams in the ACC. It really is hilarious what playing a bunch of high school teams does to the confidence of a delusional cane fan! But then again, you were the best team in the nation when you were a perennial 7 win team, so I'd expect nothing less.

This is the most fun the Miami Moron has had in years, he has a few of you guys talking to him and answering his posts. I remind you again, there is no use arguing with an imbecile. Facts and common sense never get in the way of a delusional Moron.
I find it funny that he is pumping up FSU now, go figure.

Good thing we have Murph as our QB. No more unforced INTs, no more if-you-touch-me-I-fumble crap. We have the best chance to win now. The schedule keeps getting gradually more difficult with LSU up next. Let's go get them Tigers and continue on the long road to Atlanta.
Go Gators!

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