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High praise

GAINESVILLE -- The Old Ball Coach knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, and now South Carolina’s coach is among those impressed with Gators quarterback Tyler Murphy.

“He’s a dang good player,” Steve Spurrier said Wednesday on the SEC teleconference. “His throwing motion is beautiful. Throws a nice, catchable ball. He can move around in the pocket. You’d never think the young man hadn’t played but what two or three games?”

USC travels to Arkansas this weekend -- a team Murphy shredded for 240 yards and three touchdowns last Saturday.

“We’re watching Florida’s offense against Arkansas -- who we play this week,” Spurrier continued. “We’re watching Tyler, and he just throws the ball beautifully. Fundamentally, he’s very sound. … He’s a very good quarterback. …

“He must’ve looked good in practice down there, but he finally got his chance. Sometimes that’s the way it works out. You get your change and make the most of it.”

High praise. 

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The injury to Driskel is the best thing that happened to the Gators this year. Again not wishing ill to anyone, but can't argue with the truth.
Go Murph, Go Gators!

lol at gators happy about their best qb going down....Now that says alot about their fans. you lost a five star for a two star and now your happy? 2 star U!

What a vulgar, but typical, post for jlo. Celebrating a player breaking his leg. That is why you are a middle-management maggot driving a fem 3 series beemer and that is all you will ever be.


Listen Moron sid the Moron cane, no one is celebrating an injury to Driskel.
The injury happened you can't take it away.
Good thing is that injury paved the way for Murph to come in and play much much better than Driskel was doing.
I'm just pointing out the obvious.
You are a sick and despicable troll.

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