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ICYMI: A slow death

Links from last night...

* Murphy, bewhildered Gators overwhemled by LSU's constant attack

(Courtesy Naplesnews.com)

* The Tigers dominated both lines of scrimmage, sending the Gators home limping from another Bayou beatdown with notes on freshman tailback Kelvin Taylor, Florida's newest kicker, Kyle Christy's continued mysterious downward spiral and more. 

* Gator Grades

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I can hear it now...."LSU was lucky, we didn't play well and gave them the game, we had injuries and weren't full strength." Excuses it's what Gator fans are good at still believing that they are better than the U, 21-16 folks, now 17-6, who's next? LOL

Two Losses and counting........

Anonymous? That's funny! No, I said it already, we got beat by the better team last night. We didn't dominate them in every facet of the game like we did the canes. I have no problem admitting it when we lose to a better team, but on Sept 7th we definitely didn't lose to the better team.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.

@GatorAlum: you clearly lost to the better team on Sept. 7. Morris and his receivers were terrible with their timing way, way off. Only recently have they gotten on the same page. (UM's offense now would light up a full strength UF squad like a Christmas tree). Our D forced fumbles and beat UF down. UM scored 21, two drives which were all too easy. UF had a nice blocked punt which took advantage of a breakdown in basic blocking (which UM schemes for all the time), of course, UF fan never admits that. Since 2000 UM has beaten UF 5 out of 6. I don't blame UF for wanting to avoid UM in the future since the outcome is almost preordained...

Gatorlum. We played a better uf team than lsu and score more on them. Some of your starters were gone for that game. I think UM is a better team than lsu. We scored more poi.ts on your better D and yes we did gie up 10 more points on a better O but that was a better O when we played them.. you played them without your best qb and rb...think about it.

Yall gotta fix that oline...get some w's and make us look better. If we go undefeated and yall win the sec, no way yall jump us with 2-3 loses...lol

I have noticed how you sec reporters and espn are keeping everyting in conference to make the sec teams look better. In another story they say" uf has held conference opponent's under 20 points a game for 20 games" if you take the word conference out of that statment, they dont look so tough. They dont hold ooc opponents to less than 20 points. They do this word game to benifit the teams. I love it when they use terms like" 8th in conference" when its actually 89th in the country...but 8th looks better....smoke and mirrors....

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