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ICYMI: Bullard's move inside, Collins impressing Muschamp

A teaser to a feature on Gators sophomore Jon Bullard and his transition to defensive tackle in place of the injuried Dominique Easley

GAINESVILLE -- In 2012, Jon Bullard came to UF as the nation’s top defensive end prospect and the sixth-ranked player in the country.

In Saturday’s 24-7 win over Kentucky, the sophomore recorded his first sacks of the season, and coach Will Muschamp called it “the best game Bullard has played at Florida.”

It happened to be Bullard’s most challenging game, too.

After star defensive tackle Dominique Ealsey was lost for the season with a torn ACL last Tuesday, the coaching staff moved Bullard -- a 6-foot-3, 270-pound lineman -- inside.

It’s not a permanent move but one that suits Florida’s impenetrable defense best for now.

“I'm not going to say I enjoy it, but it's what I've gotta do,” Bullard said who had 1 ½ sacks against Kentucky. “At the time being, it's what we need, so I've got to step in and do it the best I can.”

Also: a notebook on Arkansas freshman running back Alex Collins -- a South Plantation High star -- and Gators offensive coordinator Brent Pease calling UF's nation-leading average time of possession "an overrated statistic."

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Lol at " pease his pants" . Its only an overrated statistic if u cant score!

Gallo, gallo, where is your updated golden casualty list? Cant wait til U have to put the gators on there....i know it hurts, but U can do it. It will be 1 of only a few facts on it.lol. hola gallo!

Muschump is 1/2 game over .500 for 2013 according to gator math....dont forget the Louisville slugging,lol.

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21-16, think you touched a nerve, gatoralum seems to be really getting upset, but hey if I were a gator fan I guess I would be really mad knowing my team will finish 3rd in the sec least.

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listen to jenney from the block talking....

"This must be thirsty, right? Not upset at all. I actually feel sad for you 2 losers going by 15 different names and having conversations with yourselves and trying to convince every gator fan on here that it's not the same 2 people"....


BLAH BLAH BLAH you sound butt hurt!

As a Cane fan, just how many times a day do you log into this Gator Blog ? 20, 30, 50 times a day ? Congrats Cane fan, you finally have something to pop off about (one lucky win and 3 cupcakes wins) after the last brutal 8 Cane Seasons, No Conference 'Ships and just 1 National Championship in over 20 years. The mere fact that this is your only form of gratification, because we all know there's no woman in your life, tells us all we need to know anout a typical success starved Cane fan, so enjoy.

U still only have 2 Wins out of the last 22 Cane verses Gators games in Football, Baseball and Basketball.

Were... Are... And will still be owned.


Butt hurt?? Wow, another mature comment from the resident loser!

That's the 42 resident virgin loser sir.

U are U.....why not go back all time? Doesnt fit your agenda? Cant type lucky that many times? Whydo y'all stop at 2-22? Why is it luck when teams beat U and its not luck when U beat div ll teams on last second punt blocks? Lmao! Y'all sure do lean on luck alot when its convenient.

If that thing we do is a gang sign we must be the largest gang in the country....what is that mentally challenged clap y'all do with your hands? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocxQhBgsjX4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

I have an idea to put a stop to all this hate. Why dont y'all start a petition and send it to axle foley to do a 10 game home and home with Miami? Maybe y'all can get the series then( with a little "luck" ). September7th was the reason y'all dont do home and away games,lol. Heck, even the rajin cajuns could take ufelons at their house.

After FSU pummels MOF and Jimbo poops the bed in G-ville, September 7th will explain itself to the pollsters.

Gators all day...but not everyday. U must not be watching famous jameis...he is the best qb U will face all season. That guy is sharp. Whoever uses " ACC sucks and the Canes cant compete" will have tochange their screenname to ACC rocks and the gators cant compete. Also remember the Louisville slugging earlier in the year....yea, the ACC owns them too. If FSU wins the ufelon game , U will be 0-3 with the ACC,lol. U better hope U dont get an ACC team in a bowl at the end of this season. Or UCF for that matter. Even the AAC can compete with the bigboys.

Oh g all day...sept 7th already explained itself to the pollsters.thats why ufelons dropped in the polls remember? Then they dropped again after a W, remember?

Hey 5, if the 109th worst QB can torch your d for 300 yds what do you think JW will do? FSU will roll a better team into town in g-ville and Jimbo will find a way to lose. How's SM's ankle BTW?

Arguing with an idiot gets you no where. Morons never let facts get in their way.
sidcane is the 43 year old loser virgin, that is why he is here every day with several posts on every single story, no life.

So how about Bullard moving inside? Did not miss a beat on D even with our best player out. Good recruitng by Coach Mus.
Now with Murph at QB we are looking better than when JD was acting like St Nick.
Good things lie ahead.
Go Gators!!

Virgin, since you have no life, no job, and a plastic girlfriend, I thought you 'd enjoy this


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