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ICYMI: Changes afoot

GAINESVILLE -- News and notes from the last couple days...

Changes are coming for Florida’s hopeless and "inept" offense.

The Gators (4-3, 3-2 Southeastern Conference) enter their second bye week this year coming off another miserable road defeat, and following Saturday’s 36-17 loss to Missouri, coach Will Muschamp vented his frustrations with the struggling unit.

“We’re inept offensively right now, and we need to make some changes as we move forward,” he said Saturday in Columbia.

The Gators rank dead last in the conference in total offense (336.9 y/g), yards per play (4.94) and explosive plays from scrimmage (defined as 20-plus yards). 

“If you continue to do the same things, you're going to get the same results,” Muschamp said. “We have an awful lot to work on in the open week. We need to work on Florida, get better, do some things offensively where we feel like we can consistently move the ball, find out what our kids can do, regain our confidence on defense and continue to improve on special teams.”


Florida -- unranked for the first time since October 2011 -- was without three key defensive contributors against the Tigers and the players’ return dates are uncertain.

Strong-side linebacker Ronald Powell (ankle), defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (head) and linebacker Darrin Kitchens (shoulder) all missed Saturday’s game, while reserve linebacker Jeremi Powell (knee) and starting safety Jaylen Watkins (hand) were banged up in the loss.   


As unranked Florida -- hamstrung by injuries and inconsistencies -- searches for answers during its second bye week of the 2013 season, a rare bright spot did emerge in the two humiliating losses: freshman tailback Kelvin Taylor.

Taylor rushed for a career-high 74 yards on 12 carries in UF’s 36-17 loss to Missouri, displaying solid vision and sublime cutback ability.

“Kelvin’s a natural, instinctive runner,” Muschamp said Saturday.

The freshman’s 20-yard touchdown sprint late in the third quarter capped a 70-yard drive and made it a one-score game (23-17) -- with Taylor accounting for 52 yards on the ground.

Puzzlingly, Taylor tallied just a single carry the rest of the day.

In the loss to LSU on Oct. 12, the freshman rushed for 52 yards on 10 carries. With starting tailback Matt Jones sidelined for the season with a knee-injury, Taylor’s role should continue to expand as the Gators are in desperate need for playmaking talent.


The NCAA’s new ejection penalty for targeting was a popular and controversial topic across the college football landscape last weekend.

Three Southeastern Conference players were ejected in the first half of three different league games, including Gators safety Cody Riggs, who was dismissed on the first play against Missouri for leading with his helmet on a sideline tackle against Tigers wideout L’Damian Washington.

Muschamp, who has voiced his displeasure with the new rule several times this season, called Riggs’ ejection “ridiculous.”

“I don't disagree with the call,” Muschamp said Saturday. “I disagree with kicking a kid out of the game in that situation. He wasn't maliciously trying to hurt anybody.”

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Welp nothing to say about any of that, Jesse has said it all. INEPT OFFENSE!!

The first change must be to start Kelvin Taylor.

Wrong jlo....they need to fix the offensive line! Put someone in who wants to be a starter. Qb and rb are worthless with no oline.

With the current O line Taylor has shown he can move the ball and score. The O line will play better when we are not in a hole and become one dimensional and when the play calling improves. The pig headed coaches have not given Taylor a fair shake even with the injury to Jones and the lack of production by Brown.

You see sid when you post something reasonable without insults you can get a decent response. However it would be better if you did not post at all.

Go Gators!

My bad for the f bombs Jesse. Won't happen again.

Appreciate it, SUICYCO.

Taylor needs to start. If you got a running game you can pass. Don't say the O-line can't block, Barry Saunders didn't have an O-line that couldn't block. Look what it did for the Lions. They need to rework the pass game route tree, because what they are doing aint workin'. Everybody knows what the Gators gonna do on first and second downs is run 80% of the time, they should make it 50/50 or as close as possible. They are not making the other teams defence think. When the Defence gives you turn overs, take a shot down field. I ony played in H.S. and can tell you this. I'm quite sure most of you can as well. This will all help out the QB and the O-line. Put them in position that they have the advantage.

Think about it... U said didn't have an oline that couldn't block... That means the same as did have an oline that could block??? Gat ors DO have an oline that CAN't

I doubt Muschamp and Pease can fix anything. The offense has been inept for four years, so if they knew what to do, it would have been done. It was inept last year, and it's still inept... actually, it's worse.

I would be surprised and impressed if the Gator offense manages to score 3 touchdowns against Georgia. If they do score that much, it will probably be the result of the defense handing them a turnover close to the endzone (as always).

I agree that Kelvin Taylor should start (even if Matt Jones weren't injured).

I think any starter who is not pulling his weight should be benched and replaced by the next in line, even if it's a freshman.

A good example of us not developing talent: we have two highly rated Tight Ends (four / five star recruits) in Kent Taylor and Colin Thompson. How come those clowns never see the field? Only Clay Burton, who sucks, ever sees the field.

Prove me wrong Muschamp. Light up the scoreboard for once, because right now, we straight up SUCK!

Jesse runnin thangs round here!

Think about it... U said didn't have an oline that couldn't block... That means the same as did have an oline that could block??? Gat ors DO have an oline that CAN't

Maybe I should say block well. If Taylor could run 70 yards behind this line, that would give defenses something more to think about. That leads to opening up other avenues of the play book.

Hey Jesse, I just read on ESPN that Jeremi Powell is now out for the season with a torn ACL. This is an alarming amount of players out with torn ACL's. Is it just a coincidence, or is Jeff Dillman's olympic style approach not correlating well to football? I don't think I've ever seen a team have so many season ending injuries in 1 year.

I thought about it!!!!
And my response is.....THE TURDS SUCK!!!

GatorAlum, it's also strange that everybody has the same injury: ACL tear.

That Dillman dude is definitely suspect.

Start Kelvin Taylor.
That is the minimum change you need but the main one.
But don't stop there, call some more passing plays on first down, get more aggressive.
Have a WR lead the team in receptions for a change.

Think about it, don't explain yourself to a Moron, we understand what you are trying to say.

Let's go Gators, a W against Georgia will easy the sting some what.

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