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ICYMI: Lunchtime buffet of hot links

Several reads from the last two days...

* Gators vow to fix offensive breakdowns. Drink every team you read (or hear) the word "communication."

BONUS VIDEOS!!! Murphy and Humphries talk the LSU debacle, Kelvin Taylor's "spark" and more...



* Florida moving forward with walk-on kicker Francisco Velez -- for now

* Defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin expects Missouri's offense to remain the same despite the change at quarterback

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The lack of gator baiting trolling on this blog is disturbing. They talked all that empty trash for years and now come off a loss that make them completely useless to Miami's championship aspirations this season and an obsessed drug addict fan isn't here to rub it in already?

Take another shot of steroids and get back on the job old boy.

It is a typical characteristic of a coward. Talk big, then disappear when things get tough. Jlo is the poster-child of the UFraud fan.

The beatdown in Columbia looooooooooms, UFirstdegreemurder.


For my next trick I'm going to say jump. You know what to do then, don't you old boy with major reading comprehension problems? Of course you do . . .

Championship aspirations?? That's by far the funniest thing I've heard from a cane fan yet. You needed 5 turnovers to beat one decent team, and then beat a bunch of high school teams and you talk about championship aspirations? Hilarious!! You guys won't even win the ACC!

"They talked all that empty trash for years"

You sure did Morons, and you talking it up today. Yet still you haven't accomplished a thing. Jeff Driskel gave you a gift and put you on the map for a few weeks. On your own you won't be able to do much with that gift, its shine is starting to wear off already.
Stop projecting, talking about cowards and fraud, you who hide behind multiple names.

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