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ICYMI: More shootout talk, agression vs. discipline & Pease on Leak

A pair of pieces some may have missed on the sister page...

* Florida's defense set to clash with LSU's potent offense

* UF's defense shows agression 

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Gator will win out... go 12-1 after winning the SEC 'Ship Game and play Ohio State and win 55-3 in the National Championship !

GO GATORS !!! 3 SHIPS in 6 YEARS !!!

u ? 1 the last 22 years.

Actually we should have 3 National Championships in the last 22 years....Ohio State game we won and got screwed out of the game against Oklahoma in 2000....they took Florida State (whom we beat that season) instead of us, which was bullshyt!!!! We would of smoked down Oklahoma that year!!!!!!!!

You guys are lucky to have 2 NC, you shouldn't of been even playing in those games. Luckily for you guys, both teams ahead of you turds lost the last week of the season!

No national championship is true unless U go undefeated....if not it leaves questions on the table if U should have even been there in the first place....
Gaytor,tastes like chicken....U forgot the penn st game we were cheated on also.that was a clear td.

Love how JLO changes her name and post complete bullshyt. The Tigers are going to stomp that arss.

dummy talking to himself

Gators taste like chicken?! We're playig LSU today and every year. Canes ran from an offer to play them next year. Ibis tastes like chicken!

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