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Keepin' it 100 with Mr. Taylor

GAINESVILLE -- Michael Taylor leads the Gators with 41 tackles, but the redshirt junior is also the team's top talker. 

On Wednesday, the linebacker dished on Florida's disheartening loss to Missouri and the defense's poor performance against the Tigers, his motivation for beating Georgia and on why Bulldogs tailback Todd Gurley will definitely play this weekend.



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waddup Jesse? I see how you rollin man?!? lol

Gurley and Murray? Oh no!...42-17 Georgia! BOOK IT!

Unless of course yall reload this week.

Lol...just heard on the radio muschamp should dress up as spurrier for halloween.....they also said he should change his name to Will Neverbeachamp....cant make this stuff up.

What good is your new qb recruit for 2014 going to do? Driskel will be back and get the nod. No oline and it will be the same ole stuff. 4-4 after saturday? Doesn't look promising.

Gerrgia Southern17....ufelons 10....u saw it here first!

my god. This is the flagship school? Well, Florida is a white trash dump so it makes sense. Hang your heads in shame, Gatr maggots. You are a collective disgrace.

"Coach Billy Donovan says big men Dorian Finney-Smith and Damontre Harris have been suspended indefinitely, joining point guard Scottie Wilbekin on the sideline.

All three players are being punished for an undisclosed violation of team rules."

22 pt dogs!!!!!

Gatahs 35 pt dogs to the noles, what say eh

We know we're losing to FSU. We're not the so called #7 team in the country playing a team a few spots above us and 22 point underdogs! Never have been and never will be, because it's the first time in history that's ever happened. Apparently everyone but cane fans know what kind of team you have.

These Morons are good at setting those type of records. Last year it was a record setting pathetic defense. Now they are the biggest dogs in history for a top 10 team.
You nailed it on the head, everyone outside of Delusional Gables knows that sorry team does not belong in the top 10.

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