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Nasty Hogs

Arkansas center Travis Swanson was a preseason all-conference pick and has conducted the SEC's second-leading rushing attack. 

The senior's play -- both before and after the whistle -- is ever-present on tape according to one Gators defensive lineman.

UF nose tackle Damien Jacobs spoke highly of the Razorbacks' physicality before quickly adding, "I think they're a little chippy. They're a little dirty. So we're going to have to be ready for it all this week.

(Courtsey ESPN.com)

"I just see, from film, a lot of stuff after the play, especially with the center, No. 64 [Swanson]," Jacobs said. "He’s a good athlete after the play. He makes you want to do something to him. We’re gonna have to try to keep our temper and keep cool on that.”


"Just him in the mouth, first. Just keep hitting him until he quit. That’s how we do it.”

Behind Swanson and underclassmen tailback duo Alex Collins (FR) and Jonathan Williams (SO), Arkansas is No. 21 nationally in rushing offense, averging 237.0 yards per game.

However, the Gators lead the nation in rushing defense, surrendering just 53.50 y/g. The Razorbacks average more yards per contest than Florida has allowed all season (214).

Something's got to give Saturday night. 

“They gonna be physical. They gonna definitely try to come out and establish their will," Jacbos said. "They’re a team just like our offense. They gonna line up there and run it there and they gonna run it there until you stop them. We’ve gotta strap it up this week. It’s gonna be fun.”

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The competition starts to heat up, each week we play a better team. Rushing defense is the strength of our team so I expect the Hogs to be slowed down. We need to score first and score often and it will be no contest.

Really,? U gonna use everyteams best stat to make them look better? Arkansas SUCKS! Almost as bad as kentucky . UCF scored 25 on s carolina and only allowed 28 in a loss. What stat are U gonna use for them? Lol

Virgin, to your dumb logic and in your prepubescent brain, you think we suck. Funny thing is though we pasted you for 400 yards and yet allowed your high powered offense to around 200. Let me reiterate that, JD, yes J f'ing D had a career day in passing against you. He maybe threw for 200 yards a game a few times his entire collegiate career but yet had a career day against U.

Keep coming on here posting your nonsense and we just laugh at your stupidity. Yes we lost that game more than U one, but competition shows when you finally play a team with D1 talent, U will be exposed. Ur cream puff schedule will keep you thinking otherwise though. This is the only year that you guys might get north of 7 wins so enjoy it virgin and remember, FSU and Clemson won't gift you a game.

Virgin. Too funny.
Sid you can't hide anymore, the cat's out of the bag. Even if you change your name yet again everyone knows who you are by the crap you post.


Anyone seen Canetrash??

Actually miss his slobbering blabbling mouth....slurp, slurp,slurp.....

Pathetic loser!!!!

You did not gift us anything....our defense TOOK it from you on more then one occasion. We scored three times in the redzone against your D....had Golden not screwed up on the last kickoff it would have been 21-9.

I am happy you all are winning though....glad to see The U is better then Kentucky & Tennessee as well as you all.

Lol...i already said i am sidcane.and you act as if U figured something out. That stupid thing U guys do with your hands looks like mentally challenged people claping while barking like seals.lmao! I wish you guys would manup to your other screennames. We already know canetrash is jlo! No excuses is right lol! They pasted 400 yards yet still lost lmao...tell jim swallow i said hi.

Gifting games....now thats a new excuse for losers lol!

no excuses....you had a full team!! = 21- 16 = sidcane = 43 year old virgin = big time loser

If losers bet the gators...what does that=? Lol.

You meant to say "beat" the Gators. Again your poor reading comprehension gives you away for the fool you are. It is clear he called you a loser, not the cane team. You are the loser Sid, that is the point.

Sidcane, Arkansas is a tough opponent... so was Kentucky. Even Toledo was not to be taken lightly.

What is your point? That school you root for schedules Savannah State and USF.

Dude, do you have a wife or kids? I didn't think so. You're the epitome of a loser. Go home and shoot yourself.

Really? Toledo? Kentucky ? Tennessee ? Lmao.....

Blah blah blah.....kentucky said the same crap about western kentucky....lol

Is the ufelony rule, only one gift game a year an that is the reason y' all cant go undefeated...? Lmao at gift giving....

Hurricanes excel in the classroom: student-athletes post 3.01 semester GPA (women's tennis is tops)


.....and we are smarter than you Turds

Damn man they lost to Rutgers

12 posts by 5:30 PM, the loser 43 year old virgin has not slowed down. Thought he would take the good advise given by SUICYCO but he can't help himself.
Arkansas, UK, Toledo and UT are much better than FAU, SSU, and USF, jsut look up the records, rankings and SOS.
But don't bother, facts never slowed down a Moron.
6 more Moron posts likely before the end of the day.

Oh, more than 6.... look , all im sayin is the rajin cajuns, bowling green and toledo competed with florida, lmao. That was a win for the cajuns...lol.

I guess U would say the " rajin' cajuns" gifted florida that game...they had the W and just gifted it to ufelons on their last play. Maybe axle foley offered them another 500 k to let ufelony win...lol!

21 is the amount of posts and 16 is the amount of times you mount your plastic girlfriend a day. Yea, I'm a loser. 21-16 baby.

Really....plastic girlfriend? Is that all U have? Virgin? Really? Are U 14? That would explain alot.

Go Hawgs

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