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Notebook: Depth at tailback presents challenge for Gators

GAINESVILLE -- LSU is just ninth in the Southeastern Conference in rushing (197.33 y/g), but Jeremy Hill -- the Tigers’ physical load at tailback -- trails only South Carolina’s Mike Davis in total yards in the conference.

LSU’s four-headed monster in the backfield includes Hill, Kenny Hilliard, Alfred Blue and Terrence Magee -- with Hill as the lead workhorse.

(Jeremy Hill | Courtesy SI.com)

The 6-foot-2, 238-pound sophomore tailback is averaging 7.52 yards per carry and nearly 120 yards per game.
Florida defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin called it a “real challenge” to stop any of the Tigers’ backs.

“They’re all talented, all those guys do a great job. When you watch the cut-ups from the tape, it’s not like the offense is changing much when [a different guy is] in there,” Durkin said. “They’re running their offense because all those guys can do it. They can all put a foot in the ground, they can break tackles, they can hit the big ones, and they’ve all had big plays. And they can all catch out of the backfield. The challenge is you’ve got a fresh guy in there running the ball and you’ve got to wrap him up and tackle.”


Durkin said freshman defensive tackle Jay-nard Bostwick would be the first player off the bench if the Gators run into depth issues at tackle this weekend.

Bostwick has yet to play this season and remains a likely redshirt candidate if he’s not needed over the next several weeks.

“Jay-nard is doing well. He’s continued to progress like a normal freshman would,” Durkin said. “He hasn’t had a lot of game time thus far, but he is ready if needed and if he has to go in there and do it. He’s practicing really well. He has made great improvements since day one until now, like most of our freshmen have. We’re going to keep prepping him and getting him ready every week and see what happens.”


Florida’s all-conference cornerback Marcus Roberson -- sidelined for three games -- is expected to return from a knee injury this weekend at LSU, but Durkin wouldn’t tip his hand if the junior defensive back would regain his starting job.

““We’ll see. We always determine that stuff at the end of the week,” Durkin said. “We keep our practices competitive at all spots, not just there. We play the guys or start the guys that practice the best and are playing the best.”

Freshman cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III has played terrific in Roberson’s absence and has rapidly developed into one of the nation’s top underclassmen.

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Gator will win out... go 12-1 after winning the SEC 'Ship Game and play Ohio State and win 55-3 in the National Championship !

GO GATORS !!! 3 SHIPS in 6 YEARS !!!

u ? 1 the last 22 years.

Posted by: TITLETOWN G'TOWN | October 11, 2013 at 06:08 AM

Actually we should have 3 National Championships in the last 22 years....Ohio State game we won and got screwed out of the game against Oklahoma in 2000....they took Florida State (whom we beat that season) instead of us, which was bullshyt!!!! We would of smoked down Oklahoma that year!!!!!!!!

You guys are lucky to have 2 NC, you shouldn't of been even playing in those games. Luckily for you guys, both teams ahead of you turds lost the last week of the season!

Posted by: Gaytor, taste like chicken!!! | October 11, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Yeah and one of those losses we proved was a fluke by destroying FSU for the title, the other two we handily beat the clear #1 teams in the country. To say we should't have been in games we won easily, is idiotic. Almost as idiotic as saying the canes should have 3 more titles. Last I checked, you lost to OSU. The fact that you guys still blame that loss on 1 call in overtime, is hilarious! If you were good enough, you shouldn't have been in overtime to begin with. To say you would've won games you weren't in, is about as dumb as us saying we should've been champs in 83 because we beat the canes that year.

Gatordumb whats even funnier is that you guys think you actually have a shot to win a NC! The canes handed your arss to you but hey lets not let facts get in the way, your probably a republican too.

What do you expect from a Moron?

Are you hearing voices or something, or just putting words in my mouth? Nowhere in any of my posts have I said the Gators are going to win a NC. Just because the person that posted first is acting like you, doesn't mean I think we're going to win a NC. I leave those delusions to cane fans. Do I think we have a better team than the canes? yes 100%. Do I think the canes got lucky that 1 game and if we played 5 more times we'd win every time? Yes 100% Do I think we'll win a title this year? No, I think there are several teams that are better than the Gators this year. By the way, the canes handed our arss to us?? You obviously didn't watch the game, or your moronic delusions are blinding you to what actually happened in that game. 200 yards of offense is an absolute joke! The Gators had 229 in the first half. The canes had 5 different drives that totaled -20 yards. Again, not sure what game you were watching, but it certainly wasn't the one everyone else was watching!

Lzol , you got depths concerns at all offensive positions . Soon defense too.

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