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Poll Position: Movin' on up

Florida rolled past Arkansas 30-10 on Saturday night in The Swamp, and for the second week in a row UF was rewarded with a slight bump in the national polls. 

The Gators (4-1, 3-0 SEC) jumped one spot the Associated Press top 25 (No. 17) and two spots in the USA Today coaches poll (No. 17). 

Florida travels to Baton Rouge this weekend for a SEC showdown with No. 10/11 LSU (3:30 p.m. ET, CBS).

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Keep winning and the rankings will take care of themselves. Especially when 5 out of the next 7 opponents are in the Top 25, and if we make it to Atlanta we will face the #1 team in the nation.
Good thing we got Murph at the helm.
Go Gators!!


whoa, jlo. One thing at a time. SEC LEast title, then SEC, then AFC Divisional playoffs, then AFC Championship game then the Super Bowl. I mean, really. What can stop the Gatr train in your eyes.

Yea, but it's not a gang sign. Miami is a third world dumping ground and is infested with 95% of the scum that makes up your fair weather fan base. I mean really, how imaginative a U. Doesn't every major division I school have the word "University" in their name? Yup, that's right Julio, let's call ourselves the "U". That's the MDCC education at its best. Funny thing is, the real UM is in Michigan. I even bet you have that stupid Ibis on the back window of your truck or tattooed on your leg.


Uhhh, maggot. Careful what you say. 95% of Miami is made up of Gatr Trash trailer trash like yerself. So if you are going to make that claim, admit that 95% of gatr maggots are scum. Only logical.

As for all the bad, let me know the next time ANYONE ANYWHERE wants to visit Trailerville. Unless they are looking for meth or studying the ill long-term health effects of living in a trailerpark, the answer would be no one.

Resume being angry. Oh, yeah. Forgot one thing.

21 - 16.

Never forget, Canes own you maggots 7 out of the last 8.


Cane Nation, trailer donkeys.

trailer trash
trailer donkey

The beat-down loometh, denizens of the world's largest trailerpark and meth lab.

"I mean really, how imaginative a U. Doesn't every major division I school have the word "University" in their name?"

BWWWHAHA. ANGRY Gatr Trash. Love it.

P.S. Gomer? Ummm, Gomer? The Miami "U" is a top-10 logo according to Bleacher Report.

UFraud? Nowhere to be found. Sucks to be you. Angry. Stuck in middle-management. Basially, the product of a worthless diploma from the state's largest public diploma mill.

Wow, your reading comprehension is atrocious. I know, atrocious is a big word coming from a Middle Manager but how valuable is that so called U degree worth if mine is worthless? Oh yea, you didn't get one from there 42 virgin because you couldn't afford it. You follow a school that you can't afford to go to then you are jealous that you could actually go to a better school for half the price but then couldn't get into it.

Anyway MDCC drop out, I said 95% of your fan base, not 95% of Miami. However, I did say Miami is a third world dumping ground but what does that have to do with the rest of the people that live there? That's why I know you are a MDCC drop out. U Can't comprehend so that's another reason why you couldn't get into a public U. Your reading SAT is south of 700. That's fine, running your mouth is a great way to make up for your inadequacies.

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