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Riggs talks Razorbacks (& more)

Gators safety Cody Riggs is buddies with Wisconsin tailback James White -- a former St. Thomas Aquinas High teammate -- so Riggs said he's plenty familiar with Bret Bielema -- Arkansas' new coach -- and his physical style of offense.

Riggs also spoke of his chemistry and rapport with senior safety Jaylen Watkins, Jabari Gorman's emergence, Vernon Hargreaves III and a comical moment when he confused who Alex Collins -- the Hogs' prolific freshman tailback -- was.


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Jabari Gorman had a really good game last week, seems like the safety position is well manned. No need to start the freshman Marcus Mayes anymore, better to have him come off the bench and get his experience that way. He will be a better player next year. Muschamp has recruited really well especially on the defensive side.

how bout y'all score some points against a quality defense...

Lol....they cant score on a good defense....well maybe 16....bwahahaha.... I personally think MIAMI is the best defense they will have played this year.

They did score 3 tds and a field goal onthe same team that western kentucky scored 5 tds on.lol. I have been noticing that esecpn has been talking about how the sec is " flipping" to an offensive conference. Maybe thats a way of covering for all the points these ooc teams are scoring? All these years of being a defensive conference and all of a sudden they are an offensive conference? If that is the case how did UM hold the gators to 16(1 1/2 tds and a field goal)? Are they the only defensive team in the sec? If so, how did UM scoretwice as many tds(3)? Man, y'all need to get your stories straight and get back to us!

I sure hope my gators can score some points this week...this is getting hard to watch

Hey gallo, when are U gonna add da gatahs to goldens casualty list? Lmao!

Miami the best defense?? By far the funniest thing you've said yet! Thank you for making me laugh really hard, I needed that! To answer your question, it's simple Sid. The Gators gave you the ball 5 times, 4 times in the redzone, that's how they only scored 16pts. If not for a turnover on the canes 4 yard line, they would've been held to 2 tds. My grandmother could've run it in from the 2 yard line. It's common sense, I know it's really hard for you to comprehend. I can't wait till the canes play a decent team that doesn't hand the game over on a silver platter, b/c I'm really looking forward to rubbing it in your face when reality sets in. You guys have done nothing but inflate your egos by playing a couple of teams that St Thomas Aquinas could've beaten.

gators have played 4 games and only 1 top 25 team, the other 3 crème puffs Toledo, Tennessee and Kentucky could not beat Wake Forest in the ACC. SEC is a joke.

The canes have played 1 top 25 team and 3 high school teams, so what's your point. Just another uneducated comment you're throwing out there? Here's the funniest thing of all about your hypocritical comment. The canes have 1, yes 1 top 25 team remaining on their schedule while the gators have 4. All of which are in the top 15. The Gators 3 opponents thus far, would've destroyed the canes 3 opponents. So again, what is the stupid hypocritical point you're trying to make? If you're going to come on here everyday and talk trash, at least make it an informed educated comment that doesn't make you look like a hypocritical loser.

GatorAlum why waste your breath, this Moron can't help himself. There is no way he can make an informed or educated comment. He is ignorant thus has no information, and he is an imbecile with no education.
I was about to comment on what a loser he was talking to himself when you answered his post.
Bottom line is that we are playing better now, the D continues to be strong, the O is coming along with continuity in the line, better play from Jones and we have a QB who doesn't make stupid mistakes and has the offense moving along.
It's all good.
Go Gators!!

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