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Saturday Selections: Bye Week Blues

GAINESVILLE -- I don't imagine Will Muschamp can sing, but if he could, this would be the perfect ballad considering how the season's played out thus far.


Onto the Saturday Selections... 


3-3 last week.

Scoreboard: 27-18-1 ATS, 3-4 selecting Florida games

This week's six-pack:

Oklahoma (-7) vs. Texas Tech

Vandy (+18) at Texas A&M

N.C. State (+30) at Florida State

Baylor (-35) at Kansas

Missouri (-2.5) vs. South Carolina

Louisville (-19.5) at South Florida 

Enjoy the games, all. 

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GO Noles!

There's nothing funnier than seeing Jim Gallo and other Cane fans just bashing their own team and criticizing the coaches and making all kinds of excuses in the book while getting manhandled by powerhouse WF. I refuse to be like them and post something on a cane blog, so I'll post here since I know it won't be long before they're here. Then they'll come on here and criticize gator fans for doing the same thing. Exactly why cane fans are the biggest hypocrites in college football. They'll probably squeak out another win against a joke of a team, then come on here and act like world beaters again. Pure comedy coming from the loser cane fans!

UFailures lost to your own bye week.

Going to cheer for the higher ranked team next week aren't you? Might finally get one right at that rate, that would make you what, 1-8 on the year? That's a career season picking games of your betters for you tools.

Who picked against the canes? I said you'll squeak out another win against a joke team, which is exactly what happened. #7? Hilarious! Most over-ranked team in the history of college football! Watching cane fans bash their team the entire game was pure comedy, Thanks!

Gatordumb...how do U k.ow Cane fans were bashing the team if U NEVER go to cane blogs? Cause U were there posting as gallo?

Gatordumb = FOOT IN MOUTH, to funny, you show that diploma mill at the truck stop in Gville puts out top people, BAWAhhhaaa

No I just watched cane fans do exactly what they criticize gator fans for doing and enjoyed the great comedy. I didn't post, because I'm not a loser like you. And when your buddy Jim sees you saying I'm him, I'm sure he'll take great offense to that. Unless of course Jim is you, which would make way more sense. It really was fun to watch reality and not the dreamworld you guys live in when you post on here. Your team sucks and you know it. Now go back to the cane blogs and continue bashing your extremely over-rated team. HILARIOUS!!!

By the way UNC and Wake Forest hahahahahahahah!!! Thank god you don't play anybody, because you would've been out of the top 25 a long time ago!

Great to see this off week has turned into discussing the Hurricanes on here. You guys are obsessed with them for good reason obviously but try and focus on the second best team in Florid--, ok, third best, no, fourth, no fifth best team, in the weakest division in the most overrated conference in the nation.

That would be the SEC lEast, for you slow on the uptake lizards. Which is all of you.

The funny thing is, that joke team Miami played, would smoke down the turds!!!!!

Sorry, the Gators only lose to ranked teams. Something the canes would do as well, if they actually played one. And the Gators actually beat unranked teams with ease, unlike the canes. By the way Bye weeks, the off week has turned into discussing the hurricanes on here?? Is this your first time in here? Your fellow loser cane fans never leave gator clause, so I think you're a little confused about who's obsessed. Like I said, go back to the cane blogs and continue speaking the truth about your extremely over-rated team! Because on Gator Clause you guys live in a dreamworld.

"You guys are obsessed with them for good reason "

Says the loser cane fan posting 24/7 on a Gator blog
Have you ever heard of projecting?

"fifth best team, in the weakest division in the most overrated conference in the nation."

It is widely known that the ACC is one of the weakest conferences in college football. The most top heavy conference with only FSU and Clemson thought of as powerhouse teams. Only the Atlantic division amounts to anything with the Coastal comprised of a bunch of mediocre at best teams with no chance at achieving anything nationally.
We know all that already, everyone knows. Why do you keep posting it here?
Duke beats VaTech
Navy beats Pitt
The ACC in action for you.


6-6 season coming for you ya...


JLO, you are hilarious, the ACC owns the sec this year head to head but hey don't let facts get in the way. By the way Duke, WF and UNC would smoke the gatahs and oh yea, its funny how you now think Mizzou is a powerful team and then they lose to USC, very funny.

jlo, count the number of ACC teams in the top 10 this week.

Now count the teams from the strong half of the most overrated conference in the nation.

Even you're rere tail knows that 3 is more than 2, which is the only thing you can wag at nole fans.

Once a tool always a tool, that's you, as long as you don't look between your legs, because then you're missing a tool.

Gator dummy....canes were unranked when we beat ufelons....U guys are ignorant!

Gatordumb sounds like a guy i talked to at mudmuckers yesterday....he claimed to be a gator and asked me who the gators were playing yesterday...when i said nobody he said , we will win for sure then. Then i had to inform him it was a bye week. Typical gator fan.

Hi guise....there will be only 1 overrated sec team in the top 10 today

Man must you be such a dolt. there are 9 SEC teams in the BCS top 25 and only 3 ACC teams. FSU and Clemson like I said ACC extremely top heavy. The other ranked ACC team will be dropping out of the rankings soon.

"its funny how you now think Mizzou is a powerful team and then they lose to USC, very funny."

No it is normal because USC is a ranked and very good team and Mizzou remains a very good team as well.
That is what happens when the best conference in the land has about 9 strong very good teams and they play each other, they will beat each other up.
Clemson lost to FSU and Clemson remains a strong team, only idiot cane fans call Clemson over rated.

Amazing how blind to reality the MiamiMorons are.
Baylor and one loss Stanford just passed your sorry canes in the rankings. While one loss Auburn, Clemson and Mizzou( the same team you laugh at) are all close behind.
All these teams and more will pass you in the rankings after your loss to FSU, you will drop out of the top 10 for sure maybe to the level of Louisville.

"Hi guise....there will be only 1 overrated sec team in the top 10 today"

it is Miami an ACC team

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