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Saturday Selections: Florida-Missouri thread

It's another Gators and Tigers affair (12:21 p.m, ET; SEC Network). 

ICYMI: The No. 18 Gators still control their destiny in the SEC East.

A tease...

GAINESVILLE -- The bumpy road to Atlanta -- technically -- runs through Gainesville.

No. 22 Florida -- down five starters with a daunting schedule ahead -- hasn’t lost hope of winning the Southeastern Conference’s Eastern Division title for the first time since 2009.

Despite all the season-ending injuries, ugly warts on offense and special teams snafus, the Gators (4-2, 3-1 SEC) control their own destiny.


“All of our goals are still in front of us,” senior guard Jon Halapio said. “But if we don't handle business and play like how we usually play, then those goals don't mean nothing.”

Truly.  …

Also…  a short piece on Florida’s theoretical high standards for both the defense and offense. Go ahead, giggle.


4-2 last week.

Scoreboard: 24-16-1 ATS, 2-4 selecting Florida games

This week's six-pack:

Oklahoma State (7.5) vs. TCU

Ohio State (-16) vs. Iowa

Alabama (-28) vs. Arkansas

LSU (-7) at Ole Miss

Clemson (+3.5) vs. FSU

And finally… Mizzou (+3.5) vs. Florida. Earlier in the week I was pretty sure I’d pick the Gators with the Tigers starting a redshirt freshman quarterback against a vulturous (yea I made up a word) UF secondary. Remember Nathan Peterman? But then I woke up and remembered Florida’s own offensive issues.


This is UF’s biggest game of the season -- and not just because it’s the next game. If the Gators -- even with brutal injury luck -- fall in Columbia, the ship will start sinking faster than the Titanic in Gainesville. Only an upset win over Georgia (possible) or FSU (unlikely) could “salvage” a season with so many lofty preseason expectations.

Florida will be without defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (injury unknown) and starting strong-side linebacker/end Ronald Powell (ankle) today, so an already beleaguered front must overcome even more adversity.

It’s chilly up in Columbia -- with a game-high temperature of 44 degrees.

With Florida’s offense already frozen though, I’m not so sure the weather actually matters.

Meanwhile, the Tigers are without star cornerback E.J. Gaines.

Enjoy the game, everybody.

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LMAO@ muschump....he siad" we stink" at halftime. Yall gonna bash him too?

We do stink this year! Reality has set in real quickly, and unlike cane fans, I'm not afraid to admit it. I hate to say it, but the offense might be worse than 2 years ago. You can have a great defense, but they're going to get tired real quickly when the offense goes 3 and out on every series.

And he was right!

But " defense wins championships"?

Hey JLO, hows that trip to Atlanta looking for your gatahs? Great Defense that gave up 500 yards to Missouri? Really? Shows just how weak the SEC is because Missouri was a doormat in the Big 12. Yea your 3 star QB is great, right?

I have an idea.....just reload! Isnt that what yall said yall do?

THANKS! Woohoo!

UF's D is not just tired GatorAlum, they're hurt bad. I cannot remember seeing so many injuries to a Florida D-1 school on one side of the ball in my life. And the fact that it's happening to Georgia on the other side of the ball is unreal. And I also think that many within both schools fan bases who are calling for their coaches to be fired is a joke and is borderline delusional. Texas would gladly take Muschamp off your hands if he became available.
On a side note UM is not as bad as you claim. We're right where I thought we would be if the ball bounced our way a few times. FSU looms large but I will reserve that they are unstoppable until after tonight's game against Clemson.

Go 'canes!

The floodgates......... have swung open.

Sarasota, there's a lot of injuries throughout the entire team not just the defense. They've lost like 7 starters total. I don't want Muschamp fired, I think he's a great coach. The offensive coordinator I'm not a big fan of. The guy calls rinky dink plays every game and never calls a play longer than 10 yards. UM is better than years past, but they are nowhere near a championship caliber team and that includes the ACC. Championship teams don't need last second TDs to beat 1 win teams and don't allow a sorry offense like the Gators to get over 400 yards against them. I never said FSU was unstoppable, just that they are going to destroy the canes. Until the canes play a good team, that they don't need 5 turnovers to win the game and win convincingly, then I won't consider them a great team or even as being back as most cane fans will claim. They've done absolutely nothing yet to warrant being considered back or even be ranked in the top 10. There's a lot of teams in the NCAA that'd be undefeated right now playing the canes schedule.

We SUCK badly. End of story. I'll be surprised if we beat Vanderbilt for homecoming. That's how bad it looks. Good luck fixing this, Coach Muschamp.

Anybody who still thinks we can win the SEC East... I want whatever the hell you're smoking!

We're far enough down the road now to see where a team should be ranked or not. With the losses ahead of and behind UM this week they will likely still be close to #10 tomorrow. Trust me if the pollsters had a "better" team to put ahead of UM they would. I suspect Baylor and Mizz will jump us, but with USC and Louisville losing we will probably stay where we are.
I know you hate the canes, but UM created opportunities that allowed them to win that game. And your total yards argument is a little weak since our last TD drive started on your 6 yard line after UM stripped the ball. UM turned away 5 redzone opps for UF in the game.
The Gator team we played that day was ten times better than the team that has taken the field the last two weeks so please don't try to double back and marginalize our win now that your season is lost. UM put up 21 points on what was arguably the best defense in the country that day.
I don't have championship aspirations, but UM has the best shot from our division of playing in the ACC CG. That was the goal that I wanted and it's still out in front of us. If was in front of had your team won, and it's in front of us regardless of whether FSU beats us. It's the same thing you'd be saying about UF if given the opportunity.

Go 'canes!

Lol...the experts said last week that ufelony did not belong in the top 25.....looks like they were right. The thing about Miami is , we overcame 4 turnovers and UNC is a talented team. Butch davis recruited those players. Now if U have to win with a last second blocked punt at home against the rajin cajuns, then thats a different story.

Also, i noticed U didnt mention how many teams would be undefeated playing bamas schedule. They have an easier schedule than we do.....#64 to be exact.

How about how many teams would be undefeated playing ufelons schedule?

All U have to do is "reload" guys....

Jimmy Carr, don't try and play nice now you bankrupt, non-UM degree holding troll. Robert James Carr, how does a self described sugar daddy attract women half his age when he's a chapter 7 filing loser? They don't want anything to do with old creeps who have no money to spend on them, but you already knew that before you couldn't add and subtract well enough to keep yourself in the black. Just pretend to play nice with the gator fans here exclusively going forward instead of trashing up UM's blog from now on or it's going to get just as bad as the season for the reptiles is for you on there too Sarastoa, "RJ, Five Titles, 21-16, etc, etc," Cane.

Play it smart and close to the vest now James, or else don't say you weren't warned . . .

Maybe yall can still win the sec championship game and slide into the NC game with 4-5 loses. What do U think jlo....? Will wait for a response until after you wake up from your alcohol coma. Man, FSU is looking good. They are gonna beatU down in the sinkhole.

Play nice Captain...err Chris Alexander.

Can't wait to hear about how they gave this game to Missouri. Floriduh never loses they just give the game to their opponent! So let's hear all the excuses Gator fans, I can't wait to hear them!

Three losses and counting.......lol, can't think of any fans who deserve it more than the arrogant Gator fans!

Sarasota, if just getting to the ACC CG was your goal this year, then hey more power to you. Had they not self imposed a penalty on themselves, they would've been there last year as a 7 win team, so I'm not sure how you view that as a big accomplishment. I'd have no problem with the canes if their fans weren't delusional idiots who talk just as much trash as a 7 win team as a national title team, then turn around and act like gator fans are the worst fans in the world because they talk trash when they actually have a right to. Imagine if I actually started talking trash like we were the best team in the world after we're clearly a terrible team this year. That's exactly what cane fans have been doing for the last 10 years. So I don't dislike the canes as a team, I dislike a lot of the delusional canes like SID who never leaves Gator clause. You I actually have some respect for, because you know a little something about college football. And to Sid, your argument about Alabama's schedule is ridiculous! Alabama is destroying pretty much every team they faced, including VT who in my opinion, is going to beat the canes. The canes have struggled against a couple of pretty bad teams, including almost getting beat by one of the worst ACC teams there is. Destroying bad teams is what great teams do, and the Canes aren't a great team.

Spoken like a true loser gatordumb...jlo rants on our blogs for years and im the bad guy? Lol...gotta admit ,its fun. Just think, U lost to us so what does that say? We have the talent to play with anyone. And to boot, U still have to play fsu too. 2 acc(athletically challenged conference as yous guys say)loses in one year will be detrimental to recruiting forU! Might as well have scholarship reductions.

Ahhhh, Gatoralum. You use that ID as if it were a badge of honor when in fact you should be ashamed and not just from a football perspective. That dump skwwwl and worthless diploma are a joke. But to humor your, let's break down your last post:

1. "I'm not sure how you view that as a big accomplishment." Really? When all you hear out of idiot arrogant Gatr Trash fans is "get to Atlanta. That is our goal?" So, it's accomplishment to get to a conference championship game if you wear ugly blue and orange but not if you are the Canes? Seems logical from a worthless diploma point of view.

2. "because they talk trash when they actually have a right to." Why, exactly, does the Gatr Trash fan have a right to trash talk? 4-3, lost to the Canes head to head, in recruiting and academics. Explain that, gatrdum.

3. Alabama is destroying pretty much every team they face"d, including VT who in my opinion, is going to beat the canes. The canes have struggled against a couple of pretty bad teams, including almost getting beat by one of the worst ACC teams there is."

Every year, good teams almost lose to teams they should beat handily. It happens every year. Go back and look at the BCS national champions' schedules. I remember Auburn had to go to OT with UKak the year they won. So, it's easy when you are a miserable Gatr maggot to play the result, but facts have a way of disrupting your Cane envy and hatred.

Sucks to be you. T-minus 13 days till the UGA BEATDOWN. This is a fun ride. Please, don't let it end.

Jlo, you h-mo, I am compiling a list of excuses to be released this week but wanted to perhaps compare notes so we are on the same page as far as the piss poor Gatr Trash.

I mean, with all the alleged 5 stars, recruiting, facilities, money, "we sell out", "reload," blah, blah, blah, there are a lot of excuses out there.

Just a rough draft:

- Mizzou was not tough 2 years ago. Now, because they changed conferences, they are tough even though it is the same group of players. Funny, OU, Nebraska and Texas never had a tough time playing in Columbia.

- Riggs was DQ'd.

- It rained.

- It was windy.

- It was sunny.

- Quitters.

- Pease.

- DJ Durkin.

- Injuries.

- Underwear.

- Glare.

- Bus was full.
- Pregame meal of Oppossum stew did not taste enough like the roadkill we are accustomed to.

C'mon, Jlo. Take off your 2 sizes-too-small Affliction shirt and start working on your LOOOOOOOSER excuses.

Canes own you, maggot.

Jlo, please tell me how UFraud plays a tough schedule "week in, week out." I mean, is UKak tough? Tennessee that was blown out by Oregon by 50?

Arky? Lose-to-Rutgers Arky? Been outscored 134 - 32 Arky?

Tough? Yaaaahhhhhhhhh. What will Gatr Trash do when the selection committee looks at tough OOC opponents and the Gatr Trash serve up..........Furman?

You have played 3 good teams this year and were pasted. Miami pounded your top 10 team and #2 defense.

You are now out of the top 25 never to return. Back to the mediocrity of the 80's, you sick maggots.

Gallo....i like U better on this thread....more blunt and to the point but we wont lose to vt!

Clearly another ignorant cane fan who doesn't actually comprehend what is being said, and goes on a 3 novel long comments rant about something stupid. I didn't say the gators have a right to talk trash at 4-3, I said think about how stupid it'd be if we talked trash now. Kind've like the canes have for the last 10 years now as a perennial 7 win team. I'll say it again, the canes are a fake 6-0. They've beaten no one, and aren't in the same league as every team ranked above them. You've got 2 more weeks of pansies, and then we'll see what everyone but the cane fans already know. fsu's going to drop 80 for sure. And yes, I know they're going to destroy us too. We're terrible this year, and I'm not too delusional to realize it.



Gallo...U forgot. "Sec is so tough,we keep beating each other up". They used that one in the 90's and early2000's.

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