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Tall boys

GAINESVILLE -- For the second time in as many weeks, No. 22 Florida’s deep and talented secondary will square off against a group of NFL-caliber receivers.

Last weekend, LSU wideouts Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. showcased well in limited chances versus UF’s cornerbacks Loucheiz Purifoy, Marcus Roberson and Vernon Hargreaves III, but No. 14 Missouri’s trio of wideouts -- Dorial Green-Beckham, L’Damian Washington and Marcus Lucas -- present a different challenge this Saturday in Columbia: Size.

(L’Damian Washington | courtesy zimbo.com)

“I think the first thing you look at is their stature. They're long guys. They're big guys. They run well. You know it's kind of like they've got a prototype they recruit to,” UF defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin said. “Their staff has done a great job. They've been there a while together, so you know, they recruit to what they do, their system. Those guys are all rangy guys. They can run. They're obviously a tough matchup for anyone."

Green-Beckham, the top-rated recruit in the country two years ago, is the biggest of the bunch at 6-foot-6, 220-pounds. The sophomore is second on the Tigers in yards (399), receptions (27) and touchdowns (4) and a deadly target in the red zone.

Washington -- a 6-foot-5 playmaking senior with lightening speed -- is tied with Landry for the most touchdowns (7) in the SEC, while Lucas (6'5") leads the Tigers in receptions (30).  

In all, it’s another tall task for Florida’s secondary -- even despite facing an inexperienced quarterback, redshirt freshman Maty Mauk.

“It’s nothing we haven’t gone against,” safety Cody Riggs said.  “I remember Kentucky my sophomore year, even this year, all the Kentucky receivers are pretty big. It’s nothing we’re not used to. We’ve gone against big receivers before.”

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Lack of morons who keep talking smack after getting skinned yet again is refreshing.

What is really needed is an old man preying on young women for favors of a sexual nature for money, maybe this name changing UM troll will fit the bill;


C'mon down old boy!


Right on cue Robert. You're such an easy wind up for an old panderer who moved to Georgia where aliens didn't crash.

I'm surprised you cane fans are still talking trash when your team needed a last second td to beat a 1 win team. The sooner you realize the canes aren't good, the less pain you'll feel when a real team like fsu makes you guys look like the high school teams you've been playing.

This blog is beginning to deteriorate with a bunch of trolls insulting each other. I have gathered a "fan club" of Morons who routinely call me names which for the most part I continue to ignore. I find that if we spend our time answering each Moron attack we stop talking about our team and what really matters.
This is a must win game coming up since Mizzou is in the East. we already have one SEC loss and we can't afford one inside our division.
Hope that Taylor can elevate the running game now that he will get his chance and that the line can protect Murph a little better. The D is soild, even if they gave up a bunch of running yards to LSU. Even the best D will bend when the O is going no where.
About time this team gets it's sheet together and the O wakes up.
Go Gators!
Atlanta is still in the crosshairs, let's go kick some Tiger tail!

U better kick something or ucf can pass u in the polls with a win tonight....lmao! I was hoping beating the gators would be a good win but yall proved tbat to be wrong. U better win saturday, U are making us look bad.

We "gifted" Carolina the game but the mighty Canes still won. Our QB was hurt. Our star RB is out. Our star WR is out. The black unis bothered us. It was raining.

Sound familiar, Gatr Trash? UFailure is now known as excuse U and the King Delusional Gatr maggot, Jlo, is still dreaming of Atlanta. BWWWAHAHAHHA.

Poor sid The Moron cane, after last nights performance you will surely drop in the polls. Baylor, Texas tech and Stanford may all pass you. For sure the loser of the FSU-Clemson game will still be ranked higher than you.
Keep mouthing off Moron, you will get your due soon enough.
And know this as fact, you will not be in play for the NC at all. Not this year that Driskel gifted you some notoriety. Not next year in a playoff system. Not until you play some real teams week in and week out, like we do every single year.

Ahhh, jblow, you have proven my point better than I could only you, being a UFailure grad, don't know it.

Of course, when you suck like the Gatr Trash does, playing Toledo, UKak, the worst Tennessee team in 20 years, and an Arky team that lost to Rutgers, you consider that playing "real teams week in week out."

Unfortunately for the Gatr Trash, the two good teams they played spanked them. In fact, the last 3 times you have played a good team you have been spanked.

So while no serious Miami fan expects a National Championship this year, the serious Gatr Trash fan knows the UFraud is irrelevant. Outside of 3 Timmy Yahweh years, you are irrelevant. An afterthought. Get your SEC signs ready. But they should really read Bama and LSU. What kind of a maggot school roots for its rivals? Only at UFraud where you are desperate for any measure of respect. Pure comedy.

The Canes have surpassed you in every metric that matters except felony arrests.

No sid The Moron cane it is the canes that have been irrelevant for a decade and continue to be today. The only reason you are ranked today is due to Jeff Driskel's gifts.
You slow learning, poor comprehension, delusional Moron, playing real teams week in and out is playing LSU, Mizzou, Georgia, So Carolina, and FSU this year and TAM, LSU, UGA, USC, FSU last year. That is 5 ranked and good teams every year for the past 2. Compare that to your puny schedule of UNC, Wake, Duke, USF, Virginia and other assorted losers.
Next year we play Bama and LSU as well while you cowardly ran away from playing LSU.
The canes have done nothing and will soon fade away.
Cowards and Idiots.

"playing real teams week in and out is playing LSU, Mizzou, Georgia, So Carolina and FSU."

REALLY? ARE WE LOOKING AT THE SAME SCHEDULE BECAUSE OTHER THAN LSU, UFRAUD HAS NOT PLAYED ANY OF THOSE TEAMS YET. You conveniently left UT, UKak, Vandy, Toledo, and Arky out of your list. And FSU is an ACC team. And now all of a sudden, Mizzou is tough? With roughly the same roster 2 years ago, they were not tough simply because they were in the Big 12?

Wow, this delirious Gatr maggot is all over the map. He or she can't keep his story straight.

And, regardless of your schedule, Gatr maggot, you will get pounded in each and every one of those games. So please, feel free to rant about your "tough" schedule. We will all laugh when the 7-2 Gatr Trash is cheering SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC!

Why don't you cut out the middle man and just chant BAMA! LSU! BAMA! LSU! BAMA! LSU!

UFraud. Where pride left the day Timmy left.

Gatr Trash can't even beat Miami in something as simple as sexiest campus. That is what happens when you have 17K students per class, but most are buck-toothed varmints and the mongrel class of this white-trash state of Florida.

Jlo, you really are a loser holding a worthless diploma.


C'mon losers. This is what we really mean when we cheer.

Why did it take joining the sec to make t a&m and Missouri ranked teams when they couldnt do it before? Sec is overrated!21-16 jlo lmao at your anger

2011 - "ATM is awful. Weak. "

2012 - "ATM is tough. Solid. Top 10."

See the hypocrisy of your ways, maggot? Beating up on Missy, Missy ST., Vandy and UKak, then getting pounded by Bama and LSU does not make you tough, or give you a tough schedule. It just makes you po' white trash.

Keep it classy, Gatr Trash.

Rice hung with ta&m....tenn almost beat georgia thanks to the refs and reply officials clemson beat a couple of those teams u brag about ,uf lost to Louisville that has beaten noone including uf. Fsu lost to nc state, and we didnt run from lsu...they wont do a home and home but want a "neutral site" close to their home? That is a home game for them and they are scared to return the favor. Ufelons decade of mediocrity is closing in. It happens to every team. Ask bama where they were when we were playing in just about every nc game for 2 decades. Heck ask all the sec teams.Oklahoma ,Nebraska,Notre dame, pennstate were all there....where was the sec then? Bottom of the barrel, thats where. Kindof where yall are headed.lol. heck even muschump knows, he was losing at texasand about to be fired before ufelony hired him. Missouri and texas a&m couldnt sniff the big 12 championship game and they dominate the sec...lmao. i was pulling for ufelons for our soc.....buuuuut, now im pulling for Missouri .

Answer: "A tough game."

Question: "What is playing Arkansas, who is 3-4, lost to Rutgers and scraped by SAMFORD in the 4th Q?"

Welcome to Dumb 'Neck Jeopardy. Grand Prize? A week in a meth trailer parked in downtown Gainesville.

I think if we chant SEC! enough times, any game we play will be considered a "tough" game.

Just ask Jlo the h-mo. He loves him some Gatr Trash.

Whew floriduh....i thought u said" a week in math"....! That would scare the heck out of the esecpn.
They did a piece on ranked teams by conference and had 28 teams in the top 25. How can that be?
=28 lmao

Virgin, get a life bro.

Must have hit a nerve with the resident Moron, 9 posts in a row, must be some type of record.

Thing is, I watched some ESPN college football show this PM. They had a panel of 6 different writers/analysts from around the country. All said, of course, the SEC is the top conference, followed by the PAC 12 and they put in the ACC 3rd. With a qualifier. That the ACC is top heavy, after FSU and Clemson there is a big drop off. No team from the Coastal stands out, none is given a chance to do anything. Everyone said that UM is not a top 10 team. Several had votes in the AP poll and said they will knock down the canes. All said that UM is #10 only because they are undefeated and look good on paper. All said that once they watch UM play a game they are un impressed and don't see anything special.

So while the resident Moron rants about how the SEC is over rated and top heavy, how the Gator schedule is weak, and talks about trash and maggots, the whole nation knows that the Moron is projecting all the deficiencies of UM and the ACC onto the Gators and the SEC.
There we have it gents, a psychologically diseased 43 year old virgin of a Moron.
We understand you Sid, and we pity you.

UCF just took down Louisville....yall better beat Missouri......if not there will be 3 ranked florida teams ahead of U!

Blah blah blah jlo....Louisville is out of the top 10....miami will still be there at 10 unless someone else in the top 10 loses. They will have no choice but to move us up.Missouri wasnt top 50 material until they entered and easier conferense and they may take ufelons to the ropes. Its teams like U that make our schedule look weaker!

Stay delusional sid The Moron cane, and keep projecting.
You just barely beat a 1 - 5 team, whose only victory is over Middle Tenn. Some accomplishment. There will be several one loss teams ranked ahead of you. For a Moron like you that means more than one. You are not and will not be in play for the NC. So keep running your trap, it's all you know how to do. Loser.

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