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The faintest of hopes

After Missouri's heart-breaking loss to South Carolina on Saturday night, Florida fans be like...


Technically, the Gators [and this week's opponent Georgia] can still win the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division.

There's tons of (potentially) wild scenarios but basically, UF must win out (vs. UGA in Jacksonville, home vs. Vanderbilt, at South Carolina) and have Mizzou lose (at least) twice (vs. Tennessee, at Ole Miss, vs. Texas A&M).

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But sadly everyone knows that won't happen

Missouri must be estatic....going from noone in the big12 to being a champ in the sec....how many teams in cfb history has actually had to hope they loose several game along with their teams wins to get somewhere from other than the bottom of a conference...sec's biggest mistake was adding big 12 teams to their conference. They dance around the sec like champions.

Another Gatah in trouble Mike Pouncey, center for the Miami Dolphins served a subpoena while in NE from the grand jury regarding the UFirst Degree Murderer Tight end. Wow do the convicts ever end coming from UFelony?

This blog title is about Pouncy's chance of getting off on the interstate gun trafficking indictment, right?

No? It's about the chance of getting to a bowl this year?

No? It's about the chance of jlo waking up with a pair of testicles between her legs?

No? So it's a blog about nothing then?


Its a darn good thing yall didnt add teams like FSU or Clenson.....just sayin'

Heck even furman for that matter...they can hang with most sec teams too...lmao at lsu!

Gatah3....everyone knew that was coming....he was there when they tried to assassinate those guys in gville.

Miami stays at #7 in the BCS, what are the gatahs ranked? This article is really like saying if Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are proven to be real then the gatahs are going to the SEC CG. BAWAHHHHHH

Pouncy twins are gonna sell out to keep from getting the eletric chair.lol.

However jesse, this would be an interesting scenario ...7-5 gators beat bama would expose the sec. Then 6-6 ufelony can play in the nc game.lol. btw , like the carey piece ...nice touch!


Now that there is a little skin in the game, let's see if those dumba** Pouncey twins will put their money where their mouth is on the "Free Hernandez."

Easy to laugh and joke when you are 1500 miles away in some South Beach club acting like the brain-dead UFraud grads you are.

Now, with the glare of grand jury testimony smacking you in the face, it's all of a sudden not so funny, is it Gatr Trash Pounceys?

Stick up for your homeboy, get caught lying, charged with obstruction of justice and spend 5 years in the can. Hmmmmm, which way will the Pouncey 'tards go?

11 garbage posts to start the day by the resident Miami Moron. Another record.
Hey Jesse forget about it man, all we have left is to go beat our rivals starting with Georgia this weekend. Play some freshmen to give them game time experience.
Is it official that Taylor will start at RB yet?

JLS: We'll find out in about hr. The blog will be back up and humming this week.

JloL The blog idiot.

This blog is always humming. Even in a down year all the envious Morons want to be here with the Gators captivated by the best blog writer and the best fan base.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator!

jlo, in the midst of a depression, is a raving lunatic ranting about the years gone by. Only last week, in the post-Mizzou beatdown, this blog was littered with venom from the Gatr Trash fan. Now, all of a sudden, it is great to be a FloriDUH Gatard. Wow, nothing much to say except scoreboard, and records, and drunk president.....oh, and

The Georgia Beatdown looms. Only jlo, with his silk orange and blue delicates, doesn't realize it.

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