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"The freaks come out at night"

Michael Taylor loves to talk … even to the media.

"I’m gonna let you know what I’m [fixing] to do, and I’m gonna do it," Taylor said."That's just how I play."

Florida’s redshirt junior linebacker has emerged as a quality replacement for NFL rookies (and ex-Gators) Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic. Taylor is second on the team in tackles (20) and has positioned himself as an every down linebacker.  

Taylor, one of UF’s more spirited characters, has also surfaced as the defense’s vocal leader after star defensive tackle Dominique Easley was lost for the season last Tuesday.

This week, Taylor dished on why he writes: “4 U 2 NANA” on his wrist tape, facing Razorback tailback Alex Collins, taking advantage of increased playing time this season, talking trash, playing a night game in The Swamp and more. 



This nugget didn't make the video but is well worth sharing. Taylor's reaction to UF quarterbacks going on a nature walk before the Kentucky game:

Would the defense ever doing anything like that?

"No. Uh, uh. We ain’t taking no risk of running into any bears. We’re good."

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Damn man they lost to Rutgers

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Arkansas, UK, Toledo and UT are much better than FAU, SSU, and USF, jsut look up the records, rankings and SOS.
But don't bother, facts never slowed down a Moron.
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Posted by: jls14234 | October 02, 2013 at 04:38 PM


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Hawgs win by 10, yea buddy.

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