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They Said It – Florida-LSU

BATON ROUGE, La -- Postgame soundbites following Florida's 17-6 loss to LSU. 

First, Gators quarterback Tyler Murphy on LSU's pressure, the offense "shooting themselves in the foot" and a little more.


Right guard Jon Halapio

On the playcalling…

“I mean, Tyler didn’t have enough time. You know, he can’t pass the ball if we can’t protect, and that’s all on our shoulders.”

On the team’s 4-2 record and moving forward…

“Yeah, the East is still wide open. But right now we got to focus on us. We got to fix what we got – we got issues ourselves, so we got to fix our issues, or all those goals don’t mean anything.

Coach Will Muschamp 

On quarterback Tyler Murphy’s performance…

“I think we’ve gotta protect better. We had too many free runners at the quarterback. They did a nice job of pressuring us. We had too many times that he had too many guys in his face. We’ve gotta get him more time. I want to watch the film, but my initial thought is there was too much pressure.”

On kicker Frankie Velez…

“Frankie’s been a guy that-- We just open competition. We play the best players, regardless of who they are, if they’re a walk-on or whoever it is. He kicked the best this past week in practice. We traveled him for the first time for an away game and he did a fantastic job.”

On his post-game message to the team…

“Still everything’s sitting on the table as far as Atlanta is concerned. We need to take care of the SEC East. It’s wide open. It’s all in our hands. We just need to watch the tape and improve from this Saturday.”

Linebacker Michael Taylor

On the loss…

“Like after we lost to Miami, we said all of our goals was in front of us. This is an SEC team, a rivalry team, a team that we damn sure wanted to beat. But they’re not in the East, luckily. We’ve got all our East opponents ahead of us. I know we’re capable to beat all of them, so that’s what we’ll have to do.”

On Jeremy Hills’ 121 yards rushing… 

“We got beat in the front seven. They beat us at the line of scrimmage, at the point of attack, and that’s how you run the ball. Getting leverage on the other team, beating them at the point of attack, that’s what they did on a lot of plays.”

Quarterback Tyler Murphy

On so many short throws…

“They were kind of forcing us to go there because they were pressuring and then when they didn’t pressure, they tried to keep everything in front of them. We tried to nickel and dime them.”

On the defense’s performance…

“The defense did a great job. To only give up 17 points to an explosive offense like that and there were a few calls here and there where they might have even held them to less points. As an offense, we just need to get better and find ways to get the ball in the end zone.”

Quarterback Zach Mettenberger

On LSU’s offense…

We were so dominant up front running the ball. … Our offensive line is pretty outstanding.”

On the win…

“There was a lot of talking leading up to this game. We just wanted to remind Florida who we were, and I think the offensive line really played great. If we can keep playing like this week in and week out and execute a little better in the passing game, we’re going to be very tough to beat.”

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Where are all the gator fans? Disappear just liked your hopes for the SEC CG.

Gator fan here. Not hiding. Where is the 30 points LSU was gonn put up easily? I guess they disappeared.

Everone knows its the oline except for gatorlum and jlo?

They decided they didn't need 30 points.....All they needed was 7. They felt bad for your offense so they decided to only score 17.

Retard, I know the o-line is playing poorly. And if you idiot cane fans can read, we're still totally in the running for the SEC CG. Keep running your mouths, because your reality will be setting in very soon. You've got one more week of playing a joke team, then you'll see what kind of team you actually have.

Lol at these quotes....! Everything from bad grammar to common sense ... my personal favorite..." we just wanted to remind florida who we were". Doesnt he mean , who we are? And " like after we lost to Miami we said all our goals was in front of us".

Sid, let me explain something to you, because I know common sense isn't part of the cane fan repertoire. When a defense knows a team is going to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down and stacks 9 or 10 guys in the box every time, even the best 5 offensive linemen in the world are going to have a hard time blocking 9 guys. Then when 3rd down rolls along, I think it's pretty obvious what's coming next, so an offensive coordinator can make an avg offensive line look really bad, by being so obvious with his play calling. It's common sense.

You guys gifted them too many points....bwahahahaha!

Soooooo....gatorlum, are U saying muschamps quote was wrong? I have been saying that since game 1 and now muschamp confirmed it. It only took him 6 games to figure it out. Keep watching and U will soon figure it out too.

Also gatorlum, wouldnt you try to change things up a little andsuprise the defense? When UM comes out, U never know what is coming. Even on a fourth and inches. Thats how we beat U. I wont call U gatordumb anymore because U are the only loyal fan on this blog. Well, unless U say somthing dumb again.

U still have Georgia and Missouri in Missouri and FSU. Thats 3 L's along with the 2 U have. It could be a long second half of the season.However, Georgia isn't looking very good.

No, I'm not arguing with you about the fact that the offensive line was porous, I'm saying even the best offensive line in the nation will look bad, when the defense knows what's coming on every play. I think Murphy's comment was spot on. They tried to nickel and dime them, and you aren't going to beat a good team doing that. No you beat us because we turned the ball over 5 times, plain and simple. Your offense only had a total of 212 yards. Besides 1 or 2 plays on offense, nothing surprised the defense.

Nobody should be criticizing Tyler Murphy. If it wasn't for his pocket awareness and escapability, he would have been sacked several more times. The kid missed some throws and didn't play his best, but he hung in there the entire game. The guy has really good instincts in the pocket. His first move is almost always away from trouble. Some quarterbacks head directly into trouble when things break down.

It's not on Murph, it's on the line and the RBs missing their blocks.
So we lost to a real good team on the road while making tons of mistakes. Clean up those mistakes and move on.
Lots of football to be played yet.
On the bright side it looks like we found our kicker.
Where did this guy come from and why didn't we use him before.

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