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November 06, 2013

Gators talk Dolphins controversy

GAINESVILLE -- As the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying story has mushroomed into a national conversion, several UF players dished on the Miami Dolphins harassment story, locker room hazing and more…

On first impressions of the story…

"Yeah, I've seen it. … For Richie Incognito, there's no excuse to do what he's doing. There's hazing and stuff, but some of the things he said, there's no excuse."

-- Tyler Moore, offensive tackle

“Yeah, I’ve seen that, I seen what he said too.”

-- Michael Taylor, linebacker

“Yeah I have. Don’t really pay it much mind.”

-- Trenton Brown, offensive tackle

On balancing locker room fodder versus going too far…

"I'll say good-natured hazing, if you can even say good-natured hazing, but just little things like what they used to do. You tape them to goal post, just little fun stuff. Smack them with some baby powder or something like that. But once you start using some terms that should not be said by certain people, you've gone way too far. … We'll make fun of guys if they do certain things, did something stupid or said something a little fun or something like that. But we don't go that far, not even close to that far.”

-- Moore 

“You gotta know who you can push and who you can mess with like that. I’m a guy people can say pretty much almost anything to as long as it’s not really disrespectful. I’m all for the jokes, all for playing you’ve just gotta know the personality of a player and you’ve just gotta know what you can do what you can say to a person and treat everybody with respect. Everybody’s got a different level of comfort-ability about what you can say about them and how to approach them, you’ve just gotta know your teammates. That’s my main thing with me, just respecting your teammates and knowing what you can do and what you can say to who.”

-- Taylor

“I mean, we play, but I think everybody knows there’s a fine line. … [What that is,] I don’t know, but I guess you know when you cross it.”

-- Brown

On handling problems “internally…”

“Yeah, I mean usually if you’ve got a problem like that it’s usually handled or solved in the locker room through verbally or physically. However you gotta handle it’s handled it and it’s nipped in the bud quick. I’m surprised to see it’s gotten this far, I thought it would be handled by now, I didn’t know anything about it until it came out big. … I mean usually we can talk most of our problems out. We’re old enough where we don’t have to fight all the time. Sometimes there are issues, you handle ‘em, that’s how it is with a team that’s how it is with a family. Every team has issues, you handle ‘em and you move on ‘cause you have to see these people every day you can’t be beefin’ with ‘em every day.”

-- Taylor

Decimated: Injury bug strikes again

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s M.A.S.H. unit is running out of space.

Left tackle Tyler Moore is the latest UF player sidelined for the season after the sophomore Nebraska-transfer fractured his right elbow in a scooter accident Tuesday night.

“It’s unfortunate, but somebody else needs to step up and play productive football,” coach Will Muschamp said. “In all these situations, I feel for the player.”

Moore -- UF’s ninth player and sixth starter to suffer a season-ending injury in 2013 -- had surgery to repair a gruesome compound fracture Wednesday morning.

“Tyler was riding home on a scooter, and he came around a curve there and the back tire came out from underneath him,” Muschamp said.

Moore, who started six games this season, struggled mightily in a dismal performance against Missouri and the right tackle was actually benched early last week. But after starting left tackle D.J. Humphries sprained his left MCL in practice, Moore reentered the starting lineup and rebounded with his best performance of the season against Georgia.

(Tyler Moore | Courtsey media.247sports.com)

“I felt pretty good, especially playing a new position I haven’t played in I don’t know how long,” Moore said Tuesday before practice. “I havent played that in a long time. In a new position and only having a few days to get ready, I felt good.”

Muschamp said starting left guard Max Garcia -- UF’s most consistent linemen all season -- would shift to tackle, while veteran reserve Kyle Koehne (a senior) would play left guard.  

Florida hosts Vanderbilt on Saturday at noon. 

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 12.23.29 PM

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While Robinson fades, Fulwood factors into mix

GAINESVILLE -- As Florida’s anemic offense desperately seeks any explosive playmaking ability, one of the more interesting developments this season has been the Houdini-act played by freshman wideout Demarcus Robinson. 

A legitimate star during spring and summer training camp, the hotshot recruit has all but disappeared during the regular season.

It’s simple, according to offensive coordinator Brent Pease.

“Demarcus has to be more consistent with what he does,” Pease said.

Robinson has just three catches for 11 yards this season, leaving many confused as to how the freshman could dominate practice -- beating highly-regarded cornerbacks Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Robinson -- yet see minimal live action.

Pease, who said Robinson was "ready to pop” just a month ago, admitted he’s surprised at the freshman's slow start.  

"I mean, I am a little bit because I think he's got up and downs in practice,” he said. “But you can't get them all on the field at once, so it's got to be the two, three or four most consistent guys depending on what you're using. And right now, he's a good kid and he's got a lot of ability, but you've got to continue to compete."

Robinson has actually been leapfrogged on the depth chart by fellow freshman Ahmad Fulwood -- a former four-star prospect from Bishop Kenny.

Fullwood orlandosentinel.com
(Ahmad Fulwood | courtsey orlandosentinel.com)

Fulwood -- who has moved into the X receiver position -- caught two passes for 22 yards in the loss to Georgia and played a career-high “28-30 snaps.”

“He's going to be a good football player,” coach Will Muschamp said. “He's got to continue to play fast and block well on the perimeter. Did a nice job for us. He's going to be a really good player. … He’s continuing to get more snaps as we move forward.”

Asked about Fulwood’s emergence, Pease said, “Ahmad has just been more consistent. He has been in the flow. By him being more consistent, he’s put in that spot in the X position more when he go to four wides.” 

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