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Appreciative of administration’s support

GAINESVILLE -- Embroiled in swirling negativity as Florida suffers through its worst season since 1979, coach Will Muschamp received a public vote of confidence from UF’s administration last week.

In Muschamp’s two media appearances since athletic director Jeremy Foley and school president Bernie Machen said they were "1000 percent" behind the embattled coach, Muschamp acknowledged his gratitude in Foley and Dr. Machen for “seeing the big picture” and “willing to stand up for what’s right.” 

“I’m very appreciative of Jeremy and Dr. Machen. Thank goodness I have two guys that see the big picture and understand where we’re headed with the program, where we were, in a two-year period what we’ve accomplished and understand the circumstances we’re in right now. And more than anything, where we’re headed. They’re in the day-to-day operation, so it’s very rewarding to have a strong athletic director and a strong president that’s willing to stand up and fight for what’s right. And I appreciate that very much.”

-- Muschamp after Florida’s demoralizing 19-14 defeat to No. 11 South Carolina. 

 “It says a lot about Jeremy and Dr. Machen from a standpoint of seeing where we were three years ago and understanding, making good decision within our program to see the day-to-day operation and understand the steps you made in year two and why we are where we are right now. And nobody’s happy with that. Absolutely nobody is happy. The expectation level here is to win championships, and we haven’t done it. But I think it’s seeing the big picture, too, and understanding where we are with the program and feeling good, not necessarily where we are right now, but understanding why we are where we are and where it’s headed. We’ve got a bunch of good young players in this program, a bunch of good kids in this program. We’re recruiting extremely well. Things are heading in the right direction, it’s just been a frustrating time for us this season.”

-- Muschamp on Monday during his weekly press conference.

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Lost in all the drama/reasons behind this disappointing season is the transfer of Jacoby Brissett. We couldn't get a 2 star kid let alone a 4 or 5 star prospect to look our way with both Driskel AND Brissett in house. His transfer set us back a good 3 years at the position, maybe 4. 9 months later does anyone know the story? Either he (and his advisors) could see this slow motion train wreck of an offense happening or he was extraordinarily overrated coming out of HS. 9 months ago I believed the latter, however, several losses later I'm not so sure.

Further muddling the picture is his choice of schools. I was certain he would go to UM or stay somewhat closer to home. NC State isn't exactly a world-beater or in his backyard. His performance next year as starter will tell us (Gator nation) a lot about the quality of our offensive regime.

Is Brisset starting at NC State right now? I don't think he is. If so it appears he made a mistake by transferring since he would have been our starter now and in line for next year as well. Assuming he played well that is.
The few times I saw him play I didn't see anything special. But those were very few times indeed.
Either way that chapter is closed. Here's to hoping that Wil Grier turns out to be all he is hyped up to be.
We need a freaking QB, period.

He is sitting out his mandatory transfer year.

And since we are on the topic of transfers perhaps Jesse can fill us in on the whole Matt Patchan story. I remember a few months back making a comment about Patchan and his injuries. Jesse, you made a point (in response) to underscore the fact that it wasn't his choice to leave necessarily -- granted I was reading between the lines of your cryptic response.

Gator Mike is correct. Brissett cannot play this season due to transferring.

As for Patchan, it was a complicated but mutual decision to part ways from Florida. He wasn't a great fit in the lockerroom and needed a fresh start. He's playing well up at BC, so it worked out well for him.

The two transfers (in a vacuum - ala discounting injuries) Florida most regrets/needs: OL Jessamen Dunker (Tennessee State) and TE Gerald Christian (Louisville)

Dunker transferred after he was punished due to getting in trouble on at least 2 separate occasions within a short period because of the stolen moped deal. Seems to me he did not want to put up with whatever punishment Muschamp dealt and decided to go.
Don't remember what was the deal with Christian.

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