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At least they’re consistent

GAINESVILLE -- Friendly reminder: Offensive coordinator Brent Pease received a $100,000 raise, a one-year extension (to 2015) and a future longevity bonus ($100,000 if he is still at Florida in January 2016) last offseason.

Florida finished No. 104 nationally (334.0 y/g) a year ago. The Gators currently rank 111th in the country in total offense. 

2013 Gators offensive rankings in the Southeastern Conference…

* Scoring – No. 13 (21.0 p/g) 

* Total – No. 14 (334.6 y/g)

* Rushing – No. 13 (159.4 y/g)

* Passing – No. 13 (175.2 y/g)

* Yards per play – No. 14 (4.89 y/p)

* Sacks allowed – No. 13 (21 total)

* Long scrimmage plays (10+ yards) – No. 14 (91 total)

* Time of possession – No. 1 (35.39 m/g)

* Red zone conversions – No. 14 (70.97 scoring percentage)

* Third down conversions – No. 8 (42.62 percent conversion rate)

To recap: The Gators rank last or next to last in 8-of-10 offensive categories. They lead the conference in time of possession and rank in the middle of the pack converting third downs.

Florida is the only team in the league averaging less than five yards per play (next closest: Tennessee at 5.34 y/p). Texas A&M has more than than twice as many long scrimmage plays as UF (191 vs. 91). 

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"They lead the conference in time of possession."

Look, jlo. This to you is the most important statistic, far moreso than, you know, the score.

Typical. GAtr. Trash.

Jim I think he is making the point about the lack of points considering the ranking in TOP.

understood. Jlo, like all geeks, thinks this is an important statistic.

LOL AT GALLO....he is right though...

What a Moron you are sid, Gallo is another of your fake IDs. Loser.

It is obvious this offense is pathetic and worse than last year.
At least we had Gilly and Sturgis to score some points, now we have a freshman RB who barely gets a chance and 3 kickers none of which are any good. Plus we still need a QB.
Not sure what Pease or any one else can do with this bunch.

4 -4 lil jlo, you sound depressed. Get out of your moms clothing and off of your sister loser, moron, delusional projecting lil freak.

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