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Changes looming, but Muschamp not going anywhere

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s historic defeat to Georgia Southern -- a middling and mediocre Football Championship Subdivision team with double-digit losses to Samford, Wofford and Appalachian State -- ignited a wildfire in an-already toxic environment. 

A seething Gator Nation hoped (and presumed) a seismic coaching shakeup was looming. One week prior to Saturday’s embarrassing loss, Florida fans were told to “get a grip,” and then the Gators dropped a home game to a FCS foe winless in 20 tries against FBS competition.

But to the dismay of a disgruntled fan base, embattled head coach Will Muschamp isn’t going anywhere.

“It’s all disappointing. It’s hard to really measure it,” Muschamp said following Florida’s sixth straight loss. “It’s my job to get it fixed. We will get it fixed.”

Muschamp will presumably get that chance.

Boom(Courtesy bleacherreport.com)

Despite presiding over one of the worst defeats in school-history -- the Gators paid the Eagles $550,000 to come into The Swamp and humiliate a team that won 11 games just last season -- UF’s third-year coach is all-but-assured to return in 2014.

UF’s 4-7 campaign, its first losing season since Jimmy Carter was president, has been effectively written off by the school’s administration because of the team’s crippling injury situation, losing 10 players to season-ending surgeries including quarterback Jeff Driskel, star defensive tackle Dominique Easley and three offense tackles.

Two weeks ago, following a then-momentous home loss to Vanderbilt, athletics director Jeremy Foley released a public vote of confidence, saying he’s “a thousand percent convinced” in Muschamp’s leadership. Despite Saturday’s harrowing defeat, the administration’s sentiment hasn’t changed, according to UF spokesperson Steve McClain.

On Sunday, McClain told ESPN’s Joe Schad that Foley’s position remains resolute. 

But while Muschamp will survive the tidal wave of criticism, Florida’s program remains seemingly directionless and answerless.

UF’s defense -- Muschamp’s brainchild -- surrendered 429 yards rushing, but for the first time all season, Muschamp lashed out at UF’s incompetent offense.

Florida’s coach called their struggles “infectious,” while distancing himself from beleaguered coordinator Brent Pease. ..."

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ICYMI: Here's the gamer, notebook and grades from Florida's embarressing loss to Georgia Southern. 

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"Nobody tops us" in the injury department, said Monken, who noted that his team has suffered 19 season-ending injuries since preseason camp. That didn't stop the Eagles -- which employ the triple-option (Monken is a protégé of Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson) -- from running the ball down the Gators' throats."

So much for your excuses, Jlo, you maggot. Injuries, penaltie, turnovers, excuse after excuse after excuse

Keep the excuse bag handy. You will nee it next year when Driskel and Murphy are your quadddabacks.

BBWWWWAHAHAHA. This is going to be fun ride. You are reverting to your historic mean of mediocrity. It's ok. You are Gatr Trash. Get used to it.

can someone pleaseinterview those two players blocking each other?

Gtr Trash Nation is a laughingstock nationally. Every blog, website and poster is talking about the spit-machine lunatic head coach and the two players blocking each other.

If it were not the UFraud, people would laugh it off and move on. But because it is the most disgusting fanbase in all of college sports, and entitled arrogant group of hill-snakes, the nation is pouring it on.

And every SEC coach is hoping Muscrap comes back next year. Their jobs and recruiting can only be made easier.

This is your destiny, trailer donkeys. Live with it. Embrace it. We join a nation in laughing at your demise.

Nice Gallo...

Here is the pathetic S.O.B. "Gallo" posting the same crap again. Talk about "the most disgusting fanbase" must be looking in a mirror. It doesn't get more disgusting than this S.O.B. "Gallo". If the real Jim Gallo knew you were using his ID he would be embarrassed.

The injury deal is not an excuse so if Foley wants to bring in Muschamp one more year so be it. He will need to change his offensive philosophy. I would assume Joker Phillips would be promoted to OC.
Let's Go Gators!!

"Here is the pathetic S.O.B. "Gallo" posting the same
crap again."

Hey, cupcake, the only think pathetic is your UFraud skewwwl and its foosball team, lunatic plumber coach and buck-toothed varmint AD. Quit losing in embarrassing ways and it won't be "the same crap again."

When your team plays like crap and loses, well, you know, I have to post the "same crap again." I call it as I see it.

Duuuuuhhhh, let's go dem' dar' Gatrs. Uh-huh.

Trailer donkeys.

How quickly cane fans forget that Duke just dropped 48 on them!

No doubt, but Duke would be in first place in the SEC LEast.

Tell us again how the 2-9 Kentucky vs. 4-7 Tennessee is a "tough SEC game. You know, every week is tough in the SEC."

How soon you forget that Georgia Southern pasted you at home. And you have to think about having a crap team with a horrible coach for the next 13 months.

Driskel in 2014, baby! We just need a kicker, right Jlo, you maggot.

How quickly cane fans forget that Duke just dropped 48 on them!
Posted by: GatorAlum | November 25, 2013 at 02:49 PM

At least Duke is ranked...who is Ga Southern again?

Maybe they told the line to grab the first person and block...Lmao....at least one of those guys should have figured out they were blocking a teammate. GREAT COACHING!

"No doubt, but Duke would be in first place in the SEC LEast."

No they would not, as is evident by the rankings, W L records and SOS. However, Vandy would easily be on top of the ACC coastal for the past 3 years.

"Tell us again how the 2-9 Kentucky vs. 4-7 Tennessee is a "tough SEC game. You know, every week is tough in the SEC."

Just like Virginia, Wake and NC State are tough ACC games you idiot.
Any idiot, like you, can pick the 3 worst conference teams to make a point. A stupid point. You are still a pathetic S.O.B.

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