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"C'mon"... Florida's lowlight gets laughs

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s dreadful season has been no joke, but everyone -- offensive coordinator Brent Pease included -- got a chuckle out a mind-blowing play that seemed to epitomize UF’s struggles on the offensive side of the ball.

In a (low)light that’s circled the Internet and been featured on ESPN Monday Night Football’s “C’mon Man” segment, two Florida players -- center Jon Harrison and receiver Quinton Dunbar -- blocked each other on a reverse during the second quarter of Saturday’s 26-20 loss to Georgia Southern.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” right guard Jon Halapio said. “I thought it was comical. We’re all in the locker room joking around about it. I don’t even know what happened on that play. I honestly don’t know. [Harrison] was supposed to pull to the right and I think Solomon [Patton] had the ball or something. I guess Quinton got in his way.”

Pease, who caught the play during film study Sunday, said, “Sometimes you just have to laugh, I mean, I’m just like that is … C’mon.”

“I know what Jon was doing,” Pease added. “He’s trying to get around. I guess I’d tell Quinton to keep his eyes open a little bit.”

Halapio thought Harrison “had perfect technique,” but should’ve pancaked his teammate too.

“He got in his way,” Halapio quipped.


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That's hilarious... and awful... and pathetic.

The worst part about it is that it lasted for a long time. It wasn't an instantaneous sort of accidental block.

Let's not forget that Quinton Dunbar "tackled" Matt Jones earlier in the year when he had that 50 yard run that should've been a touchdown.

And of course, that came AFTER Dominique Easley "tackled" the big fat dude (forgot his name) who had made an interception.

What a year it has been. Hey, at least it's given us a few laughs.


Harrison OWNED Dunbar, by the way. He totally blocked the crap outta him... which you would expect!

Too bad he wouldn't block Ga Southerns defense like that....but, of course he could block another Gator, WE ALL KNOW THAT'S EASY TO DO. TURDS!!!!

Grambling State wanna know when can they get their chance to make a cool 550K against this easy TURDS opponent....

one loss against Ga Southern...FSU is next losers!!

Cant believe they were laughing about it in the locker room. Pease is funny. Viral baby!

gators are the laughing stock of the college football world, love it. Now if Jlo and Gatordumb would just fall in line with the other uf dummies everything would be as it should be.

Hot seat rating: Nuclear habanero inferno

Will Muschamp, Florida

Last week: Lost 26-20 to Georgia Southern
Record: 4-7 (3-5 SEC)
Years: 3
Overall record: 22-15
School record: 22-15
Three-year record: 22-15
Salary: $2,928,000
Buyout: $8 million
Football ratio (percentage of the athletic department's overall revenue derived from football): 58.9%
Subsidy (percentage of the athletic department's budget that comes from John Q. Taxpayer): 3.5%
Dreaded vote of confidence? Yes.

You guys need to hire Charlie Strong as your head coach.

Is this what they mean when they say" you cant coach this kind of stuff,you either have it or you don't"?

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