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Dead man walking?

GAINESVILLE -- Brent Pease appears resigned to his fate.

During a somber press conference Tuesday, Florida’s besieged offensive coordinator was peppered with hot-seat questions instead of how to score on No. 2 Florida State’s hotshot defense.

Pease said he hopes to return to the Gators in 2014 and believes he’s earned the right do so, but the embattled coach acknowledged his murky future with the team. 

“I think you look at the first year and some of the situations and knowing the body of work and not just a game-to-game basis and situations we’ve been under [this season]. I hope any evaluations are looked at that way,” Pease said in his defense. “But I understand things, too. It’s not like, I know you’ve got to win and have success. If it’s not meant to be… I came into this with friends, and I’m walking out of it with friends.”

During a lengthy press conference -- possibly Pease’s final meeting with the local media with numerous reports regarding his future employment -- UF’s second-year coordinator spoke softly but candidly, handling a number of tough questions with dignity and grace.

Inundated with inquires regarding the fans’ ever-deafening criticism, Pease said, “That’s how it is. If it's coming my way, then it's coming my way. You've just got to kind of take the blows."

Florida’s attack ranks in the bottom-20 nationally in scoring offense (No. 111), total offense (No. 113) and red zone offense (No. 118), but it’s been a unit decimated by injuries. The Gators have lost two quarterbacks, three offensive tackles and a starting tailback to season-ending injuries.

Although head coach Will Muschamp has received a public vote of confidence from the school’s administration, Pease -- and the rest of UF’s offensive staff -- has not. After Florida dropped its sixth-straight game Saturday -- a mind-blowing defeat to Division 1-AA Georgia Southern -- Muschamp called UF’s offensive woes “infectious.”

Muschamp has cited the team’s injury list as a reason to skirt complete culpability for UF’s woeful 4-7 season, and Pease was asked if he’s feeling scapegoated despite the same facts.

"I don't know,” he said. “That's a tough question to answer. … You can always address that question later.”

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VIDEO: Pease on the offense's "infectious" role, his future, why he deserves to return in 2014 and more.



Muschamp (Wednesday on Pease): "When you lose three offensive tackles, two quarterbacks, a 1,000-yard rusher and a receiver, it makes it very difficult. Very difficult to call plays. Brent's a good playcaller and an outstanding football coach. It's been frustrating for all of us, including him, our production offensively this year."

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