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Decimated: Injury bug strikes again

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s M.A.S.H. unit is running out of space.

Left tackle Tyler Moore is the latest UF player sidelined for the season after the sophomore Nebraska-transfer fractured his right elbow in a scooter accident Tuesday night.

“It’s unfortunate, but somebody else needs to step up and play productive football,” coach Will Muschamp said. “In all these situations, I feel for the player.”

Moore -- UF’s ninth player and sixth starter to suffer a season-ending injury in 2013 -- had surgery to repair a gruesome compound fracture Wednesday morning.

“Tyler was riding home on a scooter, and he came around a curve there and the back tire came out from underneath him,” Muschamp said.

Moore, who started six games this season, struggled mightily in a dismal performance against Missouri and the right tackle was actually benched early last week. But after starting left tackle D.J. Humphries sprained his left MCL in practice, Moore reentered the starting lineup and rebounded with his best performance of the season against Georgia.

(Tyler Moore | Courtsey media.247sports.com)

“I felt pretty good, especially playing a new position I haven’t played in I don’t know how long,” Moore said Tuesday before practice. “I havent played that in a long time. In a new position and only having a few days to get ready, I felt good.”

Muschamp said starting left guard Max Garcia -- UF’s most consistent linemen all season -- would shift to tackle, while veteran reserve Kyle Koehne (a senior) would play left guard.  

Florida hosts Vanderbilt on Saturday at noon. 

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Forget the injuries. If we only had a kicker.......

Amazing. Un precented the number of injuries this year.


Lol...riding a scooter. Dont those things have weight limits? Its muschamps fault. Oh well, offense can only fall five spots and then its rock bottom. Nowhere to go but up from there.

What a idiot and douchebag you are, don't you have anything else to do you loser A hole.

Not at the moment...lol!

WOW,4-4 vandyvs.4-4 gators...basically seeing who is worse.

lmao...turdville sucks

Vandy wins by 17 this weekend, book it dano.

^^^^^^^^^ If you really believe that you should definitely jump on the Vandy money line at +315

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