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Florida: A loathsome offensive (team) you can't stop watching

GAINESVILLE -- Cover your eyes...or don't. 

The GatorNation's mindset right now: somewhere between Stockholm syndrome and a revolution. 


Some fun facts...

* Georgia Tech has more passing touchdowns than UF.

* Michigan has -69 yards rushing the past two weeks, but the Wolverines still average just one-fourth of a yard per carry less than the Gators. On a related note, Brent Pease and Al Borges both protect the quarterback with the exact same (in)efficiency.

* Wake Forest has as many offensive touchdowns as Florida.

* The Gators are barely better at kicking field goals than Purdue or Virginia Tech, while barely worse than USC, FAU or Kansas. 

* Florida has two four-game losing streaks since 1990 -- both under Muschamp

* Florida’s red zone offense is less than one percent better than the self-proclaimed schematic genius’ (Mr. Charlie Weis).  

* The combined record of UF’s four wins: 15-23.

* Florida has allowed as many rushing touchdowns as Boston College and Louisiana-Lafayette.

* UF has more penalties during its four-game losing streak than seven teams in the country have all season.

* Florida’s meat-grinder attack has allowed 40 more tackles for loss than Stanford’s smashmouth offense. Also, UF has more negative yardage than Kansas. 

Yup, Amanda Bynes has a better 2013 resume. Oh, and UF still has two top-12 teams remaining on the schedule. Seriously, it’s almost impressive how bad Florida has been this season.

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Good thing U posted this story and not me jesse....why dont they call for U to leave? Must be a gator thang and I dont understand.

I love how jesse always finds a funny way to rub it in. Saves me ALOT of typing. Thanks jesse,U are doing a bang up job!

I don't care who wins or loses. I'm just telling it how I see it.

Dang jesse....U ought to run for office. Could use some people in DC like U.

Down retard boy, down. Don't get all excited and wet the floor little one. Jesse is merely stating the obvious. We all know this we are not delusional retards like you.

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