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Gator Grades: Almost

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Before I re-watch the tape of Florida's fifth-consecutive loss in a dismal 2013 season, here are some rapid reaction grades from UF's 19-14 defeat to South Carolina in Williams-Brice Stadium. 


The total yardage was nothing to sneeze at (307 yards), but coordiator Brent Pease's gameplan was brilliant considering the cirumstances (third-string quarterback, down three offensive tackles). Skyler Mornhinweg attempted just two passes before halftime, but Florida rushed for 169 yards unitizing some trickeration (direct snaps, jet sweeps, Wild-Gators), unbalanced lines and misdirection.

Unfortunately, the whole "no passing" thing caught up to UF, as USC’s nasty front-seven eventually slowed Florida's rushing attack. Still Florida moved the ball despite so many uncertainties and few expectations. 


South Carolina tallied just 377 total yards, as tailback Mike Davis and quarterback Connor Shaw were both (mostly) held in check. Shaw struggled with his accuracy and rarely made plays with his legs, while Davis was slowed by an ankle.

Florida's secondary did lose multiple receivers, but Shaw was unable to take advantage. A tight end again killed slaughtered UF's linebackers (Rory Anderson, 3 catches for 69 yards).  

Florida’s red zone defense -- especially compared to last weekend -- was fantastic. Florida forced USC into five field goal attempts, a key component in keeping the game at striking distance. Ultimately though, Florida's defense still couldn't get off the field (USC's game-sealing 95-yard touchdown drive; Shaw's fourth-down touchdown pass) when it had to have a stop. 


A well-designed but failed fake-punt (deep in own territory too), another shanked field goal (Austin Hardin's seventh missed kick this year), solid coverage units -- pretty much the same old, same old. 

Thoughts? Comments? 


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We are the boys of old Florida!

Congratulations on another stunning collapse. Way to go Gayturd Nation!

Another despicable loss in the SEC, gators just cant compete, maybe you guys should move to the new Big East Conference next year. Looking up at Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Kentucky must be tough for you but hey look at the bright side you have a great coach rigghttt?

Another despicable loss in the ACC, canes just cant compete, maybe you guys should move to the new Big East Conference next year. Looking up at NC State, Wake Forest and Duke must be tough for you but hey look at the bright side you have a great coach rigghttt?

7-3 is waaaaaaaaay better than 4-6. LOL maybe yous guys can get into a divll playoff if yous can pull an upset next week. Jimbo is laughing even in his sleep. 4th best in the state with the most taxdollars. Pathetic!

Don't kid yourself cane loser. That 7-3 record is very misleading! Had you not played a bunch of glorified high schools teams, that record would obviously be much worse. The canes suck plain and simple. Everyone but cane fans knew that all along!

7-3 is 7-3 gatordumb. Bowl eligible lmao. U have had an easy schedule with beatup half teams and still are not bowl eligible. U are going to be 0-2 against the weak athletically challenged conference. U are right about one thing though, gators are a glorified highschool team. See U in the bowl season....oh, wait a minute, no we won't! Lmao! Lol! Rotf! By the way, how is the "reloading" going for U?

UCF almost beat s carolina. What does that say about the "tough" sec this year? They also beat the same Louisville that beat U! FSU is gonna expose Bama,then what? Unless of course the powers that be wont allow it. It has happened before.

For having such a large fan base in s florida as y'all claimed in the beginning of the season, this blog sure is dead.the way U talked I thought the gator club of south florida would have more members than just jlo and gatordumb.

This blog is full of haters. Last I checked, the Canes got their tails handed to them for the third week in a row. Those clowns in orange and green can't even tackle.

Anyhow, I'm just checking in to say that I'm proud as hell of our football team. They kicked butt and looked like the rough and tough 2012 squad. Had me believing again. The run game seemed unstoppable at times, and the defense was physical and swarming.

Obviously, it wasn't enough. I wish Pease would have called for more pass plays... just enough to keep the defense honest, as they say. But it was amazing how much our offense could do with so many backups and being one dimensional.

Skyler Morninhweg did well, considering not much was asked of him.

I was very impressed with Coach Muschamp and Coach Pease. I'm hoping they'll be back next year. Not only am I very optimistic about next year, but I think the Gators (after Saturday's performance) could upset FSU in a couple of weeks.

Yes, we lost, and the season has stunk, but those Gators played tough and with great pride.

I'll take that any day.

Canes are soft little sissies who can't tackle. Nice seeing them get OWNED yet again.

Kelvin Taylor is THE TRUTH.

WILD GATOR OFFENSE - keep it coming.

Sidcane and Jim Gallo can eat a D (exactly what the Canes don't have)!!!!


Lol at suckyio....U better worry about upseting georgia southern before delusional thoughts of beating florida state. Upset FSU, that was the stupidest thing a gator said since that one guy stole a taco....upset ga southern then talk trash before your second ACC beatdown. No bowls for U, and not by choice.

No Sid, unlike you guys, all the Gator fans are at the games, not in their Mom's basement typing smack.

Anyone read the USC blogs, you'd think they lost?! Those fans are spouting all kinds of conspiracy theories about how the game played out like it did.

"Sidcane and Jim Gallo can eat a D (exactly what the Canes don't have)!!!!"

Keepin' it classy, as always, Gatr Trash. Your 6 years of undergrad in Trailerville were wasted. You went in an uncultured punk and came out the same way.

Typical. GAtr. Trash.

Haters hate, i dont know where you are from but there are no basements in florida. My sister and her husband are the only gator fans i know that have ever been to a game. The rest just drink and hunt on the weekends. Heck , alot of them dont even know who U are playing next but they wear their dollargeneral shirts with supposed pride. Hasn't your stadium been less than full since muschamp took over? we beat U straight up and U cant type anything to change 21-16. You also cant change no bowl game this year. U will be lucky to go 5-7 this year and U get driskel back next yearwith an even worse oline. Huntley is your mvp for the last 5 seasons and he doesn't even play ball,lmao!

I see your POV, the canes got it done and we didn't in September.

I presume G-ville is the furthest north anyone from your family has ventured. Kudos to your sis and bro-in law for venturing North of the Miami-Dade county line. You and your family should try getting out of S.Florida once and a while. It's a big, big world out there. This country is a patchwork of big and small cities, Gainesville of course in the latter category.

I'm sure drinking and hunting goes on in various parts of the South. As far as the half full stadium, I'm sure that came from the corbin-cane playbook of I-hate-Gators-one-liners that you all parrot-out on forums like this.

Though the fans are a little less enthusiastic of late they are still showing up to games. The Vandy debacle was a good example, full stadium...quiet, but full.

Jim Gallo, the resident hypocrite, a guy that spends his time making up middle school names for people, and making juvenile homosexual jokes, and then wishes to pontificate.

You a soft b, and you can eat a d!!!!

If I'm uncultured, don't blame my alma mater, blame the crappy, uncultured cesspool I grew up in. It's a piece of crap city called Miami, and I still live here.

Eat a d, b!!!!
If you can't fill in the blanks, ask yo mama for help.

Greetings my Gator brethren. I too am proud of the way our team fought on the road against a top opponent. We came short but we didn't quit.

For those of you that don't know let me tell you a little about our resident Miami Moron sidcane.
This loser is camped here posting multiple times on every single story under various names like "21 - 16" and many others. He hails from Bunnel just south of Jacksonville. Lives surrounded by Gator fans and has a miserable life in his home town since he has adopted the canes as his team. He is made fun of and abused every single day and has developed a deep resentment and jealousy of all things Gator.
His childhood crush dumped him for a Gator grad. He has never been able to find a woman since.
He is a 43 year old virgin with no hope of ever finding a woman.
His self described interests are " cane football and nothing else". That is why he is such a nasty, frustrated douchebag, he has been suffering for the last decade along with his sorry team.
No woman.
No interests.
No friends.
No life.
sid The Moron cane, doesn't get any lower than this.
Pond scum from Bunnel.

Lmao....dumb and dumber. Im old,single,blah blah blah....

Oh yea....eat a d? Lmao....thats just stupid.who says that?

you just typed it

Sidcane, eat a d means eat a d***.

You must live in some isolated, lily white suburb. What are you, in your sixties???

JLS, great post. So this scrub is from Bunnel? Never even heard of it. And then he starts saying that we live in double-wides and all that crap. Sidcane would probably get his hick butt beat up if he walked around Miami.

Sicane = poser

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