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Gator Grades: Cover your eyes

GAINESVILLE -- Florida paid $550,000 just to get embarrassed by Georgia Southern. The Eagles shocked the Gators 26-20 on a picturesque -- unless you were wearing orange and blue -- Saturday afternoon in The Swamp. Here’s some rapid reaction grades on UF’s harrowing (and historic) defeat.


Florida jumped to a 10-point lead and then sneezed. The Gators gained just 279 total yards against a GSU-team that had allowed 30+ points to Appalachian State and Wofford. Coordinator Brent Pease had little faith in redshirt freshman quarterback Skyler Mornihinweg – and with good reason. The redshirt freshman nearly tossed three interceptions on his first five passes and demonstrated his accuracy issues, questionable arm-strength and footwork concerns.

UF’s rushing attack didn’t fair much better either though. Aside from a dominant first drive (which again stalled in the red zone), Florida couldn’t run against a front that averaged just 260-pounds. Will Muschamp's postgame "talent" rant was embarrassing, but if the triple-option is such a great equalizer perhaps Florida should consider running it to wake up its anemic beggared offense. 


The Gators didn’t allow a single completion. The good news ends there. GSU gained 429 yards on the ground -- the fourth-most yards allowed UF history. Those other teams? 1996 Nebraska, 1979 Alabama (one of Bear Bryant's national championship teams) and a Georgia squad led by Hershel Walker. The Eagles may run the triple-option, but you’d be hard-pressed (or insane) to find someone who’d confuse them with the aforementioned teams. Florida -- struggling with assignments, discipline and gap control throughout its lengthy losing streak -- couldn’t stop GSU’s dive, veer, pitch, reverse, anything. The triple-option is plenty tricky to prepare for, but Florida looked like it'd never seen it before -- even in practice.


Another missed field goal (blocked), poor punt coverage, a shanked punt. Really, aside from Solomon Patton’s 54-yard kickoff returns Florida’s third unit again disappointed.   

***** VIDEO *****

Muschamp talks Florida's soul-crushing loss to GSU.


Thoughts? Comments? 


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Yeah, I've got a thought and a comment. Fire Everybody !


Laaaaaaaaaaaaaughing Mao! Great performance against an outdated offense. Even more unimpressive performance bythe offense by a divll defense. Cant make this sstuff up!

Soul crushing loss...lmao. Way to put it into perspective Jesse!

U guys might want to reload before next week.....lmao! And y'all wanna rag on losing to Duke?Deeeeeeeelusional!

With only 15 scholarship players available and barely able to field a team, what do you expect? Losing to Duke with everyone but 2 players is pathetic! Talk about delusional!

Gatordumb... Research before u speak. They lost 19 scholarship players to injuries. And they still dominated ufelons

Gatordumb...where was your other 70 scholly players? 15 available... ?

They were divll....divll. GT would make yall look pathetic. I would say acc sucks and the gators cant compete, but yall dont compete with anyone.


Historic defeat....now thats something you dont hear every da..... Decade

Less than 10 moron posts so far. I expected a lot more.
GatorAlum I hear you about the injuries, but no one else wants to talk about that. The way I figure we field a squad with very young players and backups and this second half of the season is nothing more than a scrimmage for those young players to get game time experience. You cannot expect this team to do anything at all, if FSU hangs 100 points on us so be it.
That will only expedite the needed changes in the coaching staff so we can regroup next season.
Go Gators!!

No comment. You are right. You have been right all season.

Just got back from the moon. Whaaaaaat? Georgia southeast? Vaunted sec D? Reloaded team? Coach boom?

4-8.....niiiiice! Let the decommiting commence.

GA Southern are only allowed 65 scholarship players (per D 2 rules) and 19 of those 65 didn't even play.....you gaytors are pathetic!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


Woof woof.....

So I stand corrected . Where were the other 46 scholly players? That makes it even more pathetic. They started the season with 20 less scholly players and 19 out. Thats 39 less scholly players than the gators are allowed. Thats just bad coaching. And to think yall are calling for Goldens head on our blogs.lmao.

Next year, same coaches lesser crew

I cant believe axle Foley hasnt given his vote of confidence again yet!

OK that last post was not me, and that makes 10 more Moron posts. Go ahead get your hard on and enjoy it while you can.
We will be back well before you climb out of your mediocrity.

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