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Gator Grades: Empty Cocktail

JACKSONVILLE -- Before I re-watch the tape (later in the week) of Florida’s 23-20 defeat to division Georgia, here are some rapid reaction grades.


It took Florida 9+ quarters -- spanning three games and all losses -- for the Gators to score an offensive touchdown against Georgia. Aside from Tyler Murphy's 83-yard pass to Quinton Dunbar (which somehow the wideout did not score on), the Gators totaled just 43 the rest of the first half.

Freshman tailback Kelvin Taylor showed brief flashes, but the offensive line -- albeit steady in pass protection -- failed to open up any gaping holes for UF's tailback. Murphy was again inaccurate and sluggish in his decision-making, but he played pretty well after halftime (capitalizing on short fields) and made some key plays with his legs. 

While not totally "inept," UF's offense was hardly the "explosive, confident bunch" coach Will Muschamp teased earlier in the week.    


For a defense (suddenly) accustomed to slow starts: Todd Gurley -- injured and all -- tallied 121 yards and two touchdowns on his first five touches of the game.


The sophomore tailback finished with 100 yards on the ground (his second game against the Gators eclipsing the century mark) on 17 carries. Once again, Florida's linebackers struggled. 

But Gurley eventually ran out steam (and was slowed by his high-ankle sprain), and it allowed Florida's defense to catch their breath. The third quarter was a dominating effort: five plays, a fumble recovery, a safety (blind-side sack) and two total yards allowed.

The 4th-down stop early in the fourth quarter was another huge play, and yet, when Florida needed its defense (allegedly a suffocating third down unit) to give the ball back to the offense, it couldn't. The Bulldogs' eight-minute drive, a repeat of their game-sealing drive over South Carolina, was demoralizing for defense built on toughness and swagger. 


Georgia -- who has the SEC's worst special teams -- outplayed Florida's unit Saturday afternoon. The Gators left six points on the field with a pair of missed field goals, while UGA's Marshall Morgan was a perfect 3-for-3. Frankie Valdez was 1-of-2, while Austin Hardin -- Florida's long kicker -- short-changed a 47-yard attempt by a good 3-5 yards short. Oey. 

Johnny Townsend pinned the Dawgs deep twice (including setting up the safety). Brian Poole was flagged for a blatent block in the back on one return and the Gators got away with another obvious holding call on Solomon Patton's long run back.

Thoughts? Comments?

Have at it.

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If we actually had a kicker who deserved to be wearing a college football uniform, we would've won the game. I think Muschamp needs to be figuring that out real quickly. As bad as Sturgis has been for the Dolphins, he never missed in college. Our kickers couldn't hit the ocean standing on the beach.

I'm proud of our football team. They showed heart and played tough in the 2nd half... had me believing.

I don't care so much about wins and losses. I care about the Gators playing with passion, and they did that in the 2nd half.


P.S. Wow, where are the Cane trolls huh? Oh yeah, they got a dose of reality last night. Man those scrUbs got their butts handed to them.

Yeah it was fun to watch. Luckily for them they quickly jump back into a joke of a schedule, so they'll be back very soon with inflated egos and a false sense of greatness.

The whole passing me needs to be rework. The very thing that Georgia could not do is what we needed to do "Pass it deep an often". On one play the qb was trying to pass but the wide outs were blocking. They didn't show any heart until Patton made a play and kicked, punched, and scratched his for few extra yards after that one catch. I've said it before, this team can't come from behind. FUS is still there. I hate to say if it's 6-7 Will's gotta go.

you guys are the real joke, here.

first of all, i seem to remember a game in september where the canes kicked your buttocks.

then when you guys lose to georgia, you come in here an talk smack about the canes losing to fsu.

talk about lame... look in the mirror. i think the canes are still ranked in the top25, where are the gators again? i can't seem to find them anywhere...

Y'all have to play the seminoles too soon....might as well go ahead and add the L now. Even with Georgia southern on deck , its not an automatic W. U may not even get bowl eligibility. 4-4 lol...and y'all wanna talk smack. SC=L, Vandy=L,FSU=L,Gs=?, still not eligible. Fsu,Miami, and central fla will have the advantage in recruiting.

Not only do we not have a kicker, we don't have a QB. Tough to score without those two.
Then the D could not get off the field in the 4th. Guess Easly made that big of a difference, amazing we lose one player and the whole unit deteriorates.

cool stupid cane,
this year anyone can beat us, so your point is moot, and you did not kick our butts. as a matter of fact we dominated you and you are lucky to have won that game thanks to all the unforced turnovers.
It is Moron cane "fans" like you that have been here all year talking smack, so again, you dish it now shut up and take it. Frauds and cowards.
sid The Moron cane the Queen moron herself, you may lose to lowly VaTech and Pitt so watch out. Good for you you don't play USC or Vandy those would be 2 sure L for the cane frauds.

Unforced turnovers jlo....still in denial lol. But U are rightabout 1 thing....anyone can beat Ufelons.U are also right that we may lose to vt and pitt buuuuuuut.....our record will still be better than yours. U STILL AREN'T BOWL ELIGIBLE LOL...

Momma said gators are so honary cause they gots all dem teeth and no toothbrush. She has no excuse for the fans because they have no teeth. Maybe its because they cant produce a normal kid with their sisters and cousins.

Got 4-4?

Fire pease! He sucks. Can't evaluate talent. Can't coach up players to their mi.imal potential. Cant score on a depleted defense. We lost a home game to an overrated georgia team again. Call it what you will, but it is still a home game!

Muschamp is gone after this season. He needs to be fired now! We need to get charlie strong back. He alone will be our savior.

Hey sidcane, we know the Gators are a lousy squad this year. Muschamp needs to go.

Nonetheless, the U still sucks, even if you did beat us on a down year by five measly points.

Must be embarrassing to have your rears handed to you on national television by your ACC rivals!

The U is back! Right.

To all the Cane trolls, this is a Gator blog. We'll talk trash about whoever we wish here. At least we have the decency to keep it on OUR blog.

21 - 16 (sidcane), I'd rather lose by 5 than by 27.

Canes suck! End of story. And the best part is, we get to watch the Canes get ripped apart again in the ACC Championship game. Love it!

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