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Gator Grades: Shellacked

GAINESVILLE -- No. 2 Florida State (predictably) smoked Florida 37-7, mercifully ending the Gators’ brutal season (seven straight losses and no bowl game). With a roaring ‘War Chant’, the Seminoles took over The Swamp en route to their 12th win -- and now just one victory away from Pasadena. Saturday’s rapid reaction grades on UF’s abysmal performance.


Florida tallied under 200 yards for just the second time this season. The Gators nearly had as many drives of four plays or less (6) then first downs (8). Trey Burton’s shoulder injury hurt -- limiting UF’s Wild-Gator attack -- but considering Saturday was Florida’s “bowl game,” there were no additional wrinkles. It was hardly a kitchen-sink game plan. UF was just 1-of-11 on third down. Yikes.


Last week, the Gators didn’t allow a single completion. On Saturday, Jameis Winston -- sublime all afternoon -- shredded Florida for 327 yards and three scores. Wideout Kelvin Benjamin (219 yards, three touchdowns) was unstoppable. Florida actually played inspired, spirited defense to start the game (two sacks, an interception, lone field) before FSU’s 96-yard touchdown drive jumpstarted the blowout. UF also wore down up front, as FSU rushed for 153 yards -- 142 after halftime. The Seminoles gashed the Gators on third down, converting 9-of-15.


Another missed field goal (DRINK), but the coverage units were again solid. Freshman punter Johnny Townsend pinned a 46-yard kick at the 4-yard line, while Solomon Patton had another long kickoff return.

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The MVP for FSU is Mousechomp.

At least the season is officially over.LMAO.......0-2 with ACC,0-1ACC,0-1 against whatever conference Georgia south plays in. Its teams like U that make the state of Florida look bad. Your game is weak!

Gators done ran off all their fans. Gator done!

We need Ron zookeeper back . Wah,wah,wah! Muschump must go . Pease must go. Our recruiting classes with all their talent suck! Fire somebody.

Back to back home blowouts....forgot to "reload"? Georgia southern has 20 less schollys to start the season and they lost more to injuries than U. LMAO. Now if that ain't bad coaching,I don't know what is! Your coaches suck worse than your players. Kentucky is laughing at U and they lost to a divll school too.

season was over before it started.. Next year will be the same. gators have no game....

And the canes do? lol! The delusions are alive and well. As sorry and depleted as our team is, including our 3 starting LBs out and the noles still didn't drop over 40 on us. The first time they didn't do it all season. You losers are about as delusional as it gets! Enjoy watching Duke, lol playing in the ACC championship. Congratulations on 10 years and counting of accomplishing nothing. You should be proud and definitely should be running your mouths! Idiots!

Good thing Jimbo took it easy on his buddy Muschump. FSU was on cruise control could have easily put up 80 points against that pathetic defense of uf. Get used to this type of record gator fans, it what a truck stop exit school is all about.

Gator dumb, didn't we put up more on that FSU D ? We have more game than ufelons we're going bowling. Well at least U have time to find some commits that will actually attend your school. Thought they lined up to get in there? U will be lucky to close with 15 recruits on signing day and 3/4 of them only because they aren't smart enough to get into the school they wanted to. 4-8WOW! UUUUUUUUUUUUUU SUCK! Lol

LOL, USF could beat U. Signs have been pointing to a ufelony decline , and now U have almost reached your destination. Nice to see no-one has been fired yet. More to come next season.

Guess ya'll will be back on the SEC SEC SEC bandwagon the next9 months. Georgia southern ? Really? Maybe it a conspiracy to weaken FSU's schedule? Did ya'll take a dive in that game? Gator fans are not proud! Instead of gator pride , its gonna be gator hide. Good thing ya'll aren't going to a bowl. Just another shot at a letdown.

Like I said, the delusions are alive and well. Congrats on having a better record than the gators. I guess that's an accomplishment. LOL!

Georgia southern? Really? They had 20 less scholarships and more injuries. They were technically down 39 players compared to any divl school and you still lost at home. LMAO. Good thing ya'll had a full team when we played you. Loosers! You couldn't even compete on the divll level. Georgisoutheast is still celebrating. Only way they won was out coaching muschump.....the only way. And yet no-one has been fired.

Outcoached by a divll team.....shame,shame,shame.

lmao...coach in waiting, more like coach in hiding

Just got back from a few days of relaxation with family and friends.
Hope all my gator faithful had a great Thanksgiving.
Glad this season is over so we can make the needed changes in the offense and come back strong next year.
Jesse hope you had a good weekend. I see you kept working and posting stories. I also noticed you had a following of Morons all weekend long.
While we were enjoying time off with friends and family the pathetic Morons were posting crap on our site 24/7. This only validates what I have said all along, sid The Moron cane, fake Jim Gallo et all have no friends, no family and no life. Jesse, GatorClause and the Gator fans that post here have become their sole reason for living. Very sad and pathetic.

Here's to another good basketball season in progress and to a retooling of the football team's offense.

While our team is down this season, the SEC still rules. We could not do our part this season but every other SEC team took care handily of their ACC rivals.
Vandy beat Wake and would be the #1 team in the ACC coastal for the past 3 years in a row
Georgia beat GaTech
USC beat Clemson the second best ACC team cannot compete in the SEC East.

Another fact for you to ponder is who is playing on rivalry Saturday.
The day where the traditional rivals play each other.
Ohio State- Michigan, USC-UCLA, and of course UF-FSU among others.
And who does the cane trash play on rivalry Saturday?
Well, they don't. They played on Friday. At Pitt
Pitt is the cane trash traditional rival? No, they have no marquee rival. Last year they played Duke on this date.
Shows you that the cane trash is not counted as a marquee team with a marquee rival. If you ask them they would say their big rival is FSU. Yet FSU plays us every year on rivalry Saturday. The cane trash is an after thought. Just a nugget for you to ponder.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator!

21-16...and ur corching staff is in shambles JLO

Lol jlo denial and diversion are symptoms. Away for the weekend? To where the moon where they dont get a signal to your free government pnone that doesnt have internet capabilities? Talk about pathetic. Almost as pathetic as losing to ga southern at home who has 20 less scholly's and more injured ayers. Gonna have to start playing divlll ooc. Your team sucks and u are not a fan or U would have been here for your so-called team.

JLS clemson beat georgia and recently beat LSU in a bowl so saying clemson cant compete in the east is just stupid when you look at the records. They are 3-2 against the sec in these last 2 seasons.

SEC is talking about bringing Missouri into the west and giving ole miss to the sec easy.

To think it took the seceasy to make Missouri look good after being a punching bag in the big 12.

Nice post JLS. You pretty much said it all.

Jim Gallo and sidcane spent Thanksgiving holiday typing crap on the Gator Clause. Sad.


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