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I spy friendly fire

GAINESVILLE -- Name this play...

BZ2r5kDIMAAOc8f.jpg-large(Courtesy @ufmark79)

No wonder Florida has such a hard time scoring more than 20 points. 

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Muschomp looks like a cartoon character when he gets mad on the sideline. Please don't fire him. He is the best recruiter for FSU, UM and the rest of the SEC.

Lmao....and I thought dno was bad. How do u end up blocking your own Guy? Someone needs to get a reporter on those two guys.

Is that what they call a gift for the defense? Did the qb call that in the huddle? Did Pease design that as a confussion attemp?wtf?

Maybe it was synthetic weed? They were laughing in the huddle and one said, you block me and I will block you.lmao!

Thats state ran teaching at its best.

Jimbo is laughing right now!

Now thats just plain bad coaching

Do the players even question these types of calls? "uh,ok coach, if thats what you say".

Now that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Not only do these dummies not know who to block but they really don't even know who is on their team.

we were running a live action blocking drill ...what's the matter with you?

Just play with 9 players on offense and eliminate these distractions.

Ohhh, Jlooooooooo.

Ohhhh, Suicycooooo. What up, homeboy yo! Just talkin' a bit of ghetto trash because that's how any Gatr Trash grad talks. Yo!

"Our fans need to get a grip."

/s/ Muscrap

"Our fans suck."

/s/ Then coach Urban Liar


/s/ Emmitt Smith's references to UFraud in the most important speech of his life.

"Couldn't have happened to a more disgusting fanbase.":

/s/ All college football's thoughts directed at the trailertrash that is UFraud fans.

The no-vagina-getting trolls are out in full force, led by General Gallo and his gallant lieutenant sidcane. No surprise there. How was your weekend gentlemen? Wasted watching football and talking to yourselves on this blog, no doubt.

The Gator football program is in a shambles. Disgusting loss and season. No excuses.

Nevertheless Gator bros, wear your Gator colors with pride. Anybody can represent their school when the football team is winning, but it takes real Gators to wear orange and blue when the team is on an awful losing skid.

For Gator alumni, UF is more than just a football team, but our alma mater. An incredible school / community where we spent four of the best years of our lives.

For Cane "fans," the UM experience involves buying a $ 10 shirt at Walmart and wearing it to an MDC campus or a bar. The shirt is worn when dah U wins, it is tucked away when dah U sUcks.

Wear your colors with pride, my fellow Gators!


"For Gator alumni, UF is more than just a football team, but our alma mater. An incredible school / community where we spent four of the best years of our lives."

Errrr. Correction: "For Gator alumni (not a badge of honor), UF is barely more than a football team, but our alma mater. An incredible trailerpark where we spent seven of the best years of our miserable lives. We hate our skewwwwl almost as bad as Emmit does.....homeboy. A Gatr education will teach you how to pepper your speech with bro, homeboy, yo and dawwwg."

And don't kid yourself, Suicyco, for the vast majority of alums and other trailertrash fans of the SEC, football is everything. You can claim otherwise but then you would be guilty of the same behavior your criticize.

No comment on the article suckio?

Suckio would rather claim that all the team needs is a kicker.

How about the emptly stadium, suckio? So much for the old "we sell out - we fill out stadium." 400K fans within a 3 hour drive of that cesspool and hardly any bothered to show.'

The Gatr Trash Nation is a hoax. We show when we win. Otherwise, not so much.

Well said SUICYCO, good post.
"Jim Gallo" wannabe, it is a badge of honor. It is a prized degree one that is coveted by many but only a select few are admitted. It is the flagship University in the Great State of Florida. It is THE best University in the State and one of the best in the whole South East. It is a beautiful campus on a beautiful college town.
All these things I mention are true no matter how many times you say otherwise and anyone who knows anything about higher education can attest to it.
No matter how many times you repeat your lies they are still lies.
No matter how many times you say the sky is pink (your favorite color) it is still blue. Now I will not get into an argument with an idiot (that would be you) over these things. I will not respond to you again now that I have set the record straight.
You, with all your different incarnations, are just a pathetic excuse for a human being. You obviously have no life, no friends, no interests (reminds me of the Bunnel Virgin) to come here so often and post the same drivel and non sense over and over. It gives you great pleasure when the Gators lose and it seems you live for that and that alone. You are one sick S.O.B. Go F*** yourself.

Lol...I.was camping with my kids and.listened go the historic gator loss on the radio. Right after my game. Was fishing when blogging. First cane game I missed in person or tv in a long time. Lol at your online blocking itself. Can u explain that? WOW! I told U from day 1 the online was the problem and the sad thing is U still cant see it even when they block each other. Better fill out those conference wit this local household from now on. FSU is gonna pull the gators panties down and give it to them good. No pun. ACC,ACC,ACC.LMAO

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