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ICYMI: Brunch Buffet (of hot links)

GAINESVILLE -- It's Thanksgiving weekend, why stop eating?

Lots of leftovers today...

* No love lost. Florida defensive tackle Damien Jacobs remembers FSU snub. Also, an updated injury report with quarterback Tyler Murphy "questionable" for the third straight week.

* Famous Jameis or bust. Gators only preparing to face Winston despite legal troubles.

* Florida is running out of linebackers.

* Longtime buddies. Will Muschamp and Jimbo Fisher go way back

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U forgot....
Will muschump seat
Pease's seat
Foley seat
recruiting decommits
Viral video of players blocking
Georgia southern football
Vandy football
gator fans
Now those are hot links
Cold links are
gator offense
gator defense
Gator coaching
uf degrees
Uf commits
Kentucky football
Arkansas football

U forgot me Jim Gallo...U forgot da gatah clawse

Man dem gatas suck. Clean house and start again. No reason to play next season. Coaches suck and returning

U see gatah fans the canes showed how to wrap up a season even with injuries 9-3 a record the gatahs wont see for years. Just think the canes are only going to get better from here, gatahs not so much.

We are gonna get whopped tomorrow

4-8 lol ranked somewhere around 80th in the country. 72 last I checked. Don't worry. U only have one more game to lose. Cant drop any lower after that. Same coaches,same gameplay,same qb, same results next year.

Lol, guy on the news just announced the gatas Seminole bball score and said tomorrows score is not expected to be that close and was trying not to laugh.

Well at least ya'll still have bball to get you through the winter,for now.

Wheres JLO and Gatordumb, seems they have abandoned their 80th ranked football team. Tough when your the 4th best team in the state I guess.
Let the FSU beat down begin, this is going to be fun.

Jo and gatordumb are on the canes blogs pretending to be canes fans. At least we don't pretend to be gator fans. Of course who would pretend to be a fan of a 4-8 team. LMAO.

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