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ICYMI: Playing for pride

For a second November in three seasons, Florida is resigned to silver linings and moral vicories and no longer talking about Atlanta. 

(courtesy bleacherreport.com)

A brief tease...

"GAINESVILLE -- After weeks of questionable bluster and bravado, the Gators have officially resigned to reality.

Following Saturday’s 23-20 loss to Georgia, Florida finally stopped talking about its long-shot Southeastern Conference Championship aspirations.

There will be no trip to Atlanta. No snapping a two-game losing to a division archrival and -- with a date looming with No. 2 Florida State -- likely no winning any state bragging rights.  

The 2013 season is lost for the once-mighty Gators, and a proud program is now in the desperate position of having to beat Vanderbilt on homecoming to probably reach bowl eligibility.

Just a year removed from an 11-1 regular season and BCS berth, coach Will Muschamp’s team is reeling and simply playing for pride now.

"We're going to fight until the last game of the season,” redshirt junior tailback Mack Brown said. “No quit."

The Gators (4-4, 3-3 SEC) -- on a three-game losing streak for the second time in three seasons -- must win twice in their remaining four games just to reach bowl eligibility.

Florida hosts Vanderbilt on Saturday (noon, ESPN2) before travelling to No. 12 South Carolina. The Gators finish the season in The Swamp with FCS Georgia Southern (Nov. 19) and the suddenly unstoppable Seminoles (Nov. 26). 

Quarterback Tyler Murphy said the season “stinks” and that he never imagined the year unraveling so quickly.

“We’ll do our best and try and knock everybody else off,” Murphy said dejectedly Saturday. ..."

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OH well, Gatr Trash. There's always next year when your QB will be Driskell and all your best defensive players will leave.


Canes lose but remain in top 15.

Gatr Trash loses and falls to 40's.

The Vandy Commode beatdown looms. Tell us how hard it is playing in the SEC LEast again, please. I want to hear how a crap UK, UT, Vandy, UGA, Ole Piss, Missy St., Arky lost to Rutgers, is tough competition.

Please? Just one more time. Instead of cheering "SEC," just say what you mean: "Bama-LSU," "Bama-LSU."

Whitetrash Nation cheers for other teams. Naturally.

BCS Standings
1 Alabama 8-0
2 Florida State 8-0
3 Oregon 8-0
4 Ohio State 9-0
5 Stanford 7-1
6 Baylor 7-0
7 Clemson 8-1
8 Missouri 8-1
9 Auburn 8-1
10 Oklahoma 7-1
11 Miami (FL) 7-1
12 South Carolina 7-2
13 LSU 7-2
14 Oklahoma State 7-1
15 Texas A&M 7-2

6 SEC teams to 3 ACC teams
Lots more than just Bama and LSU
That is competition, 6 top teams. Competition is NOT just 3 good teams and your sorry team only plays one of them. Your sorry team is still over rated and over ranked at #11, more room for you to fall.


Yeah, and 3 of those are behind all of the ACC teams and just barely hanging on. LSU will be out after Bama beats them down. Auburn will lose too so it is really just 4 vs. 3.

How is that perceived supremacy, Whitetrash Nation?

Your UFraud is over-rated at #45. Can't wait to see jlo's posts next year about how the UFirstdegreefelony can make it to Atlanta. Jlo, not even Jesee takes you seriously anymore. You are such a douche. And he called you jlo.

Same ol' fem moron.

My mistake for pointing out facts to a Moron.

Jim Gallo still talking trash even though his team just got spanked like a red-headed step child. Hilarious!! You guys finally play a decent team and everyone sees what kind of team you actually have. Thank god you don't play anybody else, or you would've been out of the top 25 a long time ago. Keep talking though, at least you've got something to get excited about.

gatordumb posting on canes blogs but blast canes fans for posting on this blog. Total douche move but expected from a hillbilly loser and quote " gator alum " riggghttt. Probably never left your moms house now get off of her computer before she beats you with her broom.

Hit a nerve D? Reality hurts! Never posted on a cane blog in my life. I'm not even close to the loser you are. I definitely go on cane blogs and read the truth spoken by cane fans, b/c it's great comedy! But sorry I'm not you, I don't post on other teams blogs. A total douche move is exactly what you're doing. Making up lies to make yourself feel better about what you do.

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