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Muschamp lobs grenade at SEC officiating

JACKSONVILLE -- And so it has comes to this.

In a season marred by injuries, offensive ineptitude, placekicking woes and defensive inconsistencies, Florida coach Will Muschamp is now pointing fingers at Southeastern Conference officials. 

The Gators -- penalized seven times for 75 yards in the 23-20 loss to UGA -- rank last in conference in penalties for the third straight season, and Muschamp is not happy about it.   

(courtesy usatoday.com)

Despite the Gators consistently lacking discipline or composure at key moments, Muschamp lobbed some sort of pseudo-conspiracy at the league office following UF's third-straight loss to UGA. 

"Whatever the call, they call," he said. "In the last 24 years, the University of Florida, we've led the SEC in penalties 20 out of 24 [years], either first or second. That was long before I got here. So it's interesting. But it is what it is." 

Muschamp could be fined for his comments. 

The annual Cocktail Party was chippy and full of skirmishes -- as always -- with a combined 13 personal fouls -- seven committed by UF. 

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Lol....blame the officials.

That guy looks psycho!

Maybe if the coach weren't such a jackass on the sidelines... Can't imagine anyone wanting to play for this guy.

Lol at gators playing for pride. Thats usually saved for the last game with no chance of bowl eligibility. Maybe the see the writing on the wall.
Vandy=possible lose
South carolina= lose
Georgia Southern=possible lose
FSU= definite lose
We will give you the georgia game so that leaves you at 5-7. Pride my a55!

wwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,, Canes gifted the game to FSU. Waaaaahhhhhh, we were injured. Waahhhhh, it was too loud. Waaaahhhh, it was too dark.

Face it, maggots, you were pounded by an injury depleted awful UGA team. Canes lost to a potential NC team. Where does the shame really lie.

Will be watching the Commodes pound you for Homecoming. What other excuses can you possibly come up with? You seem to have exhausted them all, including now the officiating.

Maybe the cleats were too tight?

Looking forward to seeing FSU pound MOF into dust in December again. Good thing you guys wimped out of the ACCCP last year like you did, that would've made 3 butt-kickings by FSU in 365 days.

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