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Muschamp talks recent disappointments, previews Vanderbilt

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Will Muschamp talked about the Gators "getting over the hump" in close (and big) games -- placing their failures squarely on his shoulders. 

UF's third-year coach then previewed Vanderbilt (noon, SEC Network) -- suddenly a massive game for a UF team desperate to reach bowl eligibility. 



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Gatr Trash: Zero SEC titles, Zero SEC LEast titles, 5 years and counting.

BWWWHAHHHAHAH. The maggots are on tilt.

Antidynasty in the makings

Quit living in the past, Gatr maggots. Timmy Jump Pass Jesus ain't walking through that door.

Makes you long for the days of the Zooker, don't it?

LOL Gallo....nice to see you here too...can you give me one of those long boring pointless list for the gators like you do on the Cane blogs?

Wow! Look at these numbers below yeeeesh!

Fsu will put up 60+ on that sorry gator defense, cant wait. Jlo however will be preaching time of possession and wish for a field goal kicker and 3rd string RB in the NFL.

JLO and Gatordumb talked about how Muschump was such a great recruiter and coach. How he was such a better coach than Golden.
How ya feeling about that now losers.

Dang , just watched the video and he sounded like he was at an FFA Convention. Did you notice they got tired of listening to that garbage and just cut the feed? Guy dont sound like head coach material. Maybe the wrong person resigned?

I cut the feed...

You should also cut all these Morons out.

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