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Notebook: Ghastly red zone numbers, coin toss musings

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s offense has scored just 14 touchdowns on 31 red zone attempts -- good for No. 118 in the country (45.16 percent) and 20 percentage points lower than the national average (65 percent).

For a team struggling to generate explosive plays, red zone efficiency is key, and yet the Gators are one of the worst offenses in the country inside opponents’ 20-yard line.

“I think we’ve been good about getting in there. Our percentages show that,” offensive coordinator Brent Pease said. “But we’re not getting there enough. We do need more touchdowns. We get in situations where we settle.”

(courtesy gamedayr.com)

Or come away with nothing.

Thanks to weekly kicking woes and inconsistent playcalling, the Gators rank last in the SEC -- scoring on just 70.97 percent of trips inside opponents’ 20-yard line.

Florida tallied points on 3-of-4 red zone opportunities in the loss to Georgia last Saturday.

Pease acknowledged the offense’s fear of getting stuck behind the sticks influences his playcalling close to the end zone.

“Sometimes you want the big play. You want to immediately score the touchdown instead of OK, we’ve got to get four yards on this play and keep grinding on them, set up a pass off it,” he said. “Probably trying to hit a big play, but if we don’t get it executed we’re in a bad second down or third down situation.”


Florida has won the coin toss four times this season, deferring possession until the second half every time -- including its current three-game losing streak.

Despite a defense constantly surrendering early leads, coach Will Muschamp detailed his coin flip thought process.

"It's game-to-game first of all. It's not something we always try to do,” said Muschamp on deferring. “Sometimes we don't win the toss and they defer or they take the ball. But it's, the other situation Saturday and the last ballgame [Missouri] I believe there's a wind factor. We wanted the win in the fourth quarter. And sometimes the wind comes through the stadium from the north side back through the south end zone, and we wanted to make sure we had the wind in the fourth quarter Saturday. It's a game-to-game thing.


“No because in the heat of the game a lot of stuff can happen. It’s all a matter of keeping our composure. A lot of the times we will get 15-yard penalties and like I said before, if it’s for a personal foul, like [Jon] Bostic’s hit last year in the Sugar Bowl, I mean that’s a perfect [hit], but that’s a penalty. You can’t take that away from him because I wouldn’t have held up either. I mean, like, or a facemask or something like that, it’s just, in the heat of the moment and you’re going to make a tackle, no telling where you can grab. But if it’s something like shoving after the play or, you know, something extracurricular, that’s stuff that we don’t need. That’s stuff that’s detrimental to the team, you know, but we just gotta play through it and keep our composure.”

-- Junior linebacker Michael Taylor on perception Florida is an undisciplined team

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LOL.....thug team! Bunch of street criminals. Arrest records prove it.didnt he throw a punch on that play??? Man you guys suuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUck!

this is Ur last warning...

LOl at last warning....was that a message to the coaching staff?

I was wondering the same thing, 21-16...

118 isn't too bad...there are 5 teams worse than you. I believe yous guys can be to 115th by the time yous get another ACC beatdown. The difference between my team and your team is we missed bowls by choice, yous guys aren't even gonna qualify for one. Heck, even on the slim chance yous do, yous might want to think about bowing out to save some embarrassment of getting beat by a MAC team. I remember my favorite game at the swamp against memphis. Spurrier punted on a third down. After the game he said,if we cant run the ball and we cant throw the ball, might as well give it back to them. At least muschneverbeachamp hasnt resorted to that yet. Yet!

You chose not to go to a bowl in a 6-6 and 7-6 season, and you're bragging? You cane fans are an absolute joke! Then you change muschamps name, to which you can make the same stupid change to Golden's name as well, because last I checked he hasn't won squat either. You sid are the epitome of why cane fans are the biggest hypocrites in college football! The best of all, is acting like the ACC is a powerhouse. Hilarious! There's 2 good teams out of the 14! And by the way, embarrassing is being a top 10 team and needing a last second TD against 2 bottom feeders to win a game!

" You cane fans are an absolute joke."

Ummm, Gatr donkey, the joke plays at Ben Hill Griffin trash heap. Keep yer facts straight, Gomer.

GatorAlum why bother with sidgallo The Moron.

At first glance I said there is some strategy here with having the wind in the 2nd half and so forth. But the more I think about it it is hogwash. Going against the wind has not hurt our opponents at all.
You need to put the offense on the field first, if only to slow down the other team and don't start in a hole.
Better get the ball first at USC and at home against FSU or we will be playing catch up again.

Gatoralum, the difference is that Miami won 2 games with last second TD's, the gators would kill just to score a TD. Just accept the irrelevance that is uf and move on.

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