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Notebook: "Make some plays," injury updates & Muschamp on the media

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s sputtering offense barely managed 20 points in Saturday’s humiliating loss to Georgia Southern, and now the freefalling unit must prepare for the nation’s No. 2 scoring defense: archrival Florida State.

UF ranks last in the Southeastern Conference in scoring (19.9) and total offense (327.9 yards per game), but redshirt freshman quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg said the offense must execute better and play with more confidence considering the sizeable mismatch. 

“We gotta make some plays,” Mornhinweg said. “We’ve got to go out, execute and put points on the board.”

FSU has allowed more than 17 points just one time all season, while the Gators haven’t scored more than 20 points in nearly eight weeks. 


Quarterback Tyler Murphy (shoulder) is questionable for Saturday’s rivalry game, while sophomore left tackle D.J. Humphries (MCL sprain) remains doubtful.

Junior cornerback Marcus Roberson (ankle) is expected to play, as is sophomore defensive end Jon Bullard (knee swelling).

Starting middle linebacker Michael Taylor, injured in the loss to GSU, is out with a Grade 2 MCL sprain, but the injury will not require surgery. However, freshman linebacker Alex Anzalone, also hurt in the loss, will have offseason shoulder surgery.


“I love you guys. … I don’t have any problem with anybody. Everybody has an opinion and everybody is certainly entitled to that. That’s part of it. That’s part of the job. I don’t have any issue with that. … If it’s personal to me, then maybe I’ve gone a little over the edge in those situations. That’s who I am. I say what’s on my mind, I tell you the way it is. I won’t beat around it or anything. I don’t have any problem with anybody sitting in the room. I really don’t, from the stand point of you’ve got jobs to do. And sometimes your opinion may be different from mine. One of my favorite sayings, and if you’ve worked with me before, it’s ‘let’s agree to disagree.’ And that’s fine. I’m involved in day-to-day operation of the program. You’ve got to see the big picture of where we are and more than anything where we’re headed. It’s been very frustrating, and it’s all on me. I get all that and we need to improve and get better, and that’s what we’re going to do. But I ain’t got any problem with any of you.”

-- Will Muschamp, on his relationship with the media 


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Dayum, on top of losing, the Ga Southern boys pounded your weakling team. Beat you to a pulp.

Whew, good thing all these tough players are back for more next year...errrrr....wait.

Lol....can you fix your players blocking each other in games? Keep these coaches! Don't change a thing.

"Hey, all we need is a kicker to make some kicks. Go Gators."


Jlo the h-mo.

we suck big time....4-8 the U has never been this bad

Waaaaaahhhhhh, we were inured.

Waaaaaaaaaaah, the refs penalize us.

Waaaaaaaaaaah, Driskel sucks.

Waaaaaaaaaaah, the other team is mean.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah, our fans suck.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah, I can't think of another excuse but I'm sure jlo by the time he reads this will.

We are the boys of old Florida!

So we have the usual multiple Moron posts to start the day, nothing else to do all day for the low life S.O.B.
Good experience for Skyler coming up, hopefully we can give him some time to make some throws.
Good thing that Saturday will be the end to this miserable season so we can start the healing and regrouping process and look forward to 2014.
Read somewhere that Kerwin Bell is in consideration for the OC position. Being a disciple of Spurrier that would be some good news.
Have you heard anything about this Jesse?

Gallo, I saw you mentioned me in a previous comment. Nice to know you haven't forgotten about me. I really got into your head, didn't I? You probably haven't been able to sleep at night, tossing and turning, haunted by my words.

Listen dude, the Gator football team has fallen to some low depths. There's no denying that.

Nevertheless, I'm quite curious as to how you manage to find the time to post on the Gator Clause, all day, all night, and all weekend long. That's truly amazing... and sad.

Jim Gallo: no job, no wife, no family, no life.

Did ya'll ever think the not Jo Gallo may be self employed? I am and can post anytime I like.
J, do U really think Bell is gonna help an offense that blocks itself? U cant fix stupid. Kind of lime U stopping using words like virgin and douche Never gonna happen. Heckled ,Bell is ducking the Florida gators like Emmit Smith did. 4-8 Wow!. Sucks to be U! And the worst part is, all of the same players aging now for the most part are coming back. Ouch! And coaches to boot!

Posted by: and U say our coaching is bad? lmao

Tough to understand what you are trying to say between all the spelling errors and the poor syntax. "Self employed" can mean many things, and a lot of them not good. Still even if you are a professional or a financially independent tycoon your despicable behavior and your 24/7 crap posts are a reflection of a low life, no good, low intelligence, pathetic excuse for a human being S.O.B. A self employed A hole and an imbecile to boot.
We will be back sooner than you can shake your decade of mediocrity.

"your despicable behavior and your 24/7 crap posts are a reflection of a low life, no good, low intelligence, pathetic excuse for a human being S.O.B. A self employed A hole and an imbecile to boot."

WOW. Don't be angry at me, Jlo you h-mo. I didn't cause your Gatr garbage team to suck. I know it is the only thing you have in your life but wow, tell us how you really feel.

BTW, you fem, Kerwin Bell didn't play under Spurrier. He was a GA under Spurrier for one year. Hardly makes him a "disciple" but I guess when you are ignorant, desperate, a member of the most disgusting trailertrash fanbase in the country, you grab at anything you can.

"We will be back sooner than you can shake your decade of mediocrity."

Almost missed this nugget of wisdom from the blog maggot. Yeah? How? With a gutted O-line, depleted defense and, the best part, Driskel and Murphy are back for more. Maybe DeBose with his 3 catches per year can help you at least defeat the FCS team you will face.

Sorry, spellchecker

jlo is his being his little biattch self. Your gators suck for the next few years, live with it. The canes are 9-3 and on the rise with the ncaa cloud completely lifted and all the 4 & 5 star recruits will not go to the U.
Back on top where we belong and uf, well where they are usually, the dregs of the weak sec.

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