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Notebook: With Murphy doubtful, Mornhinweg in line for second start

GAINESVILLE -- Redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy (AC shoulder sprain) remains day-to-day and is unlikely to practice early this week, so Florida is preparing to start redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg for the second game in a row.

The Gators (4-6, 3-5 Southeastern Conference) host Georgia Southern (6-4, 4-4 SoCon) on Saturday (2 p.m., PPV) hoping to snap a five-game losing streak.

Murphy attempted some light throwing Sunday, but his session was short due to lingering soreness.

“It was just painful,” Murphy said. “There wasn’t much velocity on the ball. ... It wasn’t coming out pretty.”

Florida coach Will Muschamp said the team is moving forward with the notion Mornhinweg will start again, and if Murphy were able to play it would be “a bonus.”

Bleacherreport.com(Courtesy bleacherreport.com)

Morhinweg was 9-of-12 for 107 yards and an interception in his first-career action in Florida’s 19-14 loss to South Carolina on Saturday. 


Sophomore left tackle D.J. Humphries (MCL sprain) remains doubtful for Saturday’s game, according to Muschamp.

“I'll probably know more Tuesday or Wednesday whether or not he'll be able to play, but it looks doubtful at this time,” Muschamp said.

Meanwhile, cornerback Marcus Roberson -- suspended against South Carolina for violating unspecified team rules -- fulfilled his punishment even though the junior was unlikely to play in Columbia with a lingering ankle injury. Muschamp said the team hopes to get Roberson back this weekend.

Freshman wideout Ahmad Fulwood (shoulder) left Florida’s loss to USC, but is “fine” and not expected to miss any time.

“We had no other significant injuries from the game,” Muschamp said. “We had a couple guys banged up, but everyone should be available for this weekend.”


No longer a marquee matchup this season, the Sunshine State showdown -- normally reserved for primetime -- is scheduled for an early afternoon kickoff.

Florida will host No. 2 Florida State at noon on Nov. 30, the Southeastern Conference announced Monday. The game will be televised on ESPN.

The last time to two teams played at noon was in 2006, when No. 4 Florida tripped up unranked FSU 21-14 in Tallahassee. 


“Shoot I didn’t even see what happened there, I’m not even quite sure what happened still. I just saw him with the bloody fingers.”

-- Mornhinweg on Muschamp punching a chalkboard sometime during Florida’s loss to USC.

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Draw up more than 12 passing plays this week please. Skyler needs some game time experience. I like his completion percentage but he needs more attempts, more yards, less INTs and hopefully a few TDs.
Go Gators!

Agree with JLS.

This is actually a positive, as it allows Morninhweg to get experience against an easy opponent. Hopefully, they'll allow him to throw a lot, and we'll get to see his potential.

Not only do I believe the Gators have a good shot at upsetting FSU, but I believe the Gators will have an amazing squad next year.

At quarterback alone, we'll have three starters vying for the position, plus Will Grier coming in.

Look at how Auburn went from zero to hero so quickly.


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- What Alexander Hamilton routinely said to James Madison during their leisure time. According to the county's most ignorant history teach, Suicyco.

Jim Gallo... waiting all night and day to take a crack at me. He's mad he got OWNED yesterday.

What do you do for a living again???

How would you define "owned"? Because you made some assumptions about me yet couldn't refute my points? That makes me owned? You may have some degrees but, as as been stated before, they are useless diplomas.

Maybe that is why you are so angry and have to resort to your ghetto-speech and justify it with the banal "that's how we speak in Miami" although most literate and mannered people in Miami don't speak like that.

Now, if you want to say that it is how they speak in "da hood" or in "da trailerpark" I would agree.

Suicyco, teaching tomorrow's leaders or leading them from behind with his slang ghetto-talk?

This coach is a loose cannon . He is a defensive coordinator and nothing more. Hopefully he doesn't hit one of the players before its all over. You guys are idiots if you think we can upset fsu. Ga.so. maybe,but not fsu. We will not score moe than 6 points on them. Their defense is too good. Best defense we will see all year. Our offensiveline is trash and cannot protect our qbs. Oh well ,regroup and wait for next sept.

I'm sure Alexander Hamilton and Voltaire used terms like "Gayturd". Stupid hypocrite. Get back to cleaning toilets!

Mikey B: Florida will upset FSU. SUICYCO has spoken.

You don't hear me justifying its use, or claiming it is the way "people in Miami speak, yo," or anything near that.

You, on the other hand, are someone who is supposed to be teaching tomorrow's leaders, who claims to have two degrees, but talks like a ghetto snake.

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Favorite play in the Duke - UM game was when Duke had the ball and it was fourth and inches, and homeboy ran for about 40 yards for a touchdown.

That UM defense got OWNED the same way I OWNED Jim Gallina.

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I was offered a job as a MDPS history teacher but turned it down. Was not ignorant enough.

Suicyco sounds like the delusional gator fans that Jesse wrote about last week. Beat FSU, please get off the crack you almost sound as ignorant as Jlo and Gatoraluminum.

Spermier, a new name. Wonder who could you be. New name same crapola. Gatoraluminum?
Chances are FSU is going to beat us. However an upset is possible, so my man in not delusional, not an idiot and not on crack. He is just open to the possibility.
You are the ignorant and pathetic one, camping out on our blog, spreading your filth while we are discussing our team. No one is interested in your opinion.
Good job Jesse putting a clamp on that long winded, pseudo intellectual, atheist clown, if you don't control him he will keep spouting off his crap just like he did with Matt Watts.
Mickey b our O line is not trash, it's a makeshift bunch battling a rash of injuries. They are doing fine considering, shame on you for demeaning them.
Go Gators!!

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