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Rush defense faltering

GAINESVILLE -- For six weeks, Florida’s defensive front controlled the line of scrimmage, but following consecutive sobering performances against LSU and Missouri, a once proud unit is searching for answers.

The Gators -- minus dominant defensive tackle Dominique Easley -- can no longer stop the run. After surrendering just a single 100-yard rusher all last season (ironically this week’s foe: Georgia tailback Todd Gurley), Florida has allowed two different tailbacks (LSU’s Jeremy Hill and Missouri’s Henry Josey) to clip the century mark during its recent two-game losing streak.

In Missouri’s 36-17 win, the Tigers rushed for 205 yards and two touchdowns -- the most yardage in 22 games against a Will Muschamp defense.

“Very safe to say (that won’t happen again). That’s not characteristic of us,” junior linebacker Michael Taylor said. “That’s not what we allow and that’s a one-time thing. I can guarantee you that won’t happen again.”


The Gators still rank first in the conference in total defense (273.1 y/g), rushing defense (100.71 y/g), passing defense (172.4 y/g) and third down defense (27 percent), but following multiple shaky performances -- especially stopping the run -- their confidence is admittedly wavering.  

“It’s shocking,” cornerback Marcus Roberson said. “But we can only move forward and focus on the next game and just try and keep the total yards [down].”

Said sophomore defensive end Dante Fowler Jr.: “I feel like our defense is still a great defense. But once you lose a game or two you kind of lose your confidence. And all we've got to do is just get our swagger back. I feel like once we get our swagger back, and get our confidence back up, we're going to be back to how we were at the beginning of the season.”

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Once the offense pulls its weight then the defense won't be put in a hole.

Lol...swagger.....swag is a U thing! They dont understand.just like the fourth quater four fingers....they think it means its the fourth quater when it really means we own the fourth! Such a naive fan base and team....

Swag is a u thing?? Hard to have swagger when you're the #7 team and 22 pt dogs!! Swag left the u a long time ago!! Overrated, it's a u thing!!

Right, GatRTrahAlum. Hare to have swag when you are undefeated and #7 in the country. Riiiiiiiight,.

So we are 3 TD dogs on the road to the #3 team that may end up as national champs.

The Gatr Trash is a 3.5 dog to the crap 4-3 Georgia team full of injuries. That is far worse. And you will be 30 pt dogs to the Noles at home.

Piss poor, Gatr Trash. The UGA Beatdown looms.

Lol acc beatdown looms too....fsu and UM loses in the same season? maybe yall can get lucky and land in a bowo with ucf, then we will know where U stand....still laughing

Dante Fowler Jr. needs to sit down and shut up.... Take your L's like a man and quit your fake showmanship!!

Damn my tenure here was fasttttt

Jim, it's the FIRST time in college football history that 2 top 10 teams are meeting and 1 is a 3 td underdog. That is far far far worse than an unranked team being a 3 point dog. I mean it really isn't a surprise that they are that big of an underdog. Everyone but cane fans know what kind of team you have. It's called reality, something you cane fans haven't been living in for the last 3 months. I'm really looking forward to you guys disappearing for a while.

Another reality is 7-0.... some reality haters are not recognizing.

And by the way....we are not here because we are 7-0...we are her because of gator fans trolling our blogs and we beat U with our 117th ranked defense. A win or lose tonight isnt going to change that. Plus we still have the legally obligated game against U and the seminoles that U couldnt weasel your way out of to place your team 4th best in the state. 1 year like i said. I dont know how long the other bloggers will be here but its fun reading their comments ,as it puts a smile on my face occasionally no matter how dumg they sound....lmao

I dont know how long the other bloggers will be here but its fun reading their comments ,as it puts a smile on my face occasionally no matter how dumg they sound....lmao

And they sound dumb indeed, just like you. But that is expected from a bunch of Morons. Sid The Moron Cane is the president of the Moron fan club. Maybe you should move from Bunnel down the Miami that way you won't get beat up by all the Gator fans there and maybe you will be able to find a woman after all these lonely 43 years. Probably not. Loser.

Lil JLS tisk tisk, calling names makes you look ignorant but I guess you are used to that. Miami owns the gator and FSU owns the gator, now UCF will own the gators. What say you eh!

Calling names is what you Morons have been doing for years, you dish it so now shut up and take it. The only one that is owned is you by FSU, when was the last time you beat them? We beat them last season, how about you?
What I say is that when you finally play a good team you get blown out, just like last year.
You are exposed as the frauds you are.

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